1996 Green Bay Packers Championship Ring

Packers 1996 Championship Ring (NFL)

Super Bowl XXXI Logo

Players practice, prepare, and play hard on Sundays because they want to reach the zenith of their profession...they want to be known as Super Bowl champions. Amid the lights and glamour, before a worldwide audience, players put their pride on the line. To be remembered forever as a Super Bowl champion is the best of all reasons to play in the NFL.

And to get a ring, of course.

When the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XXXI, they claimed their first world championship since winning games I and II. The Super Bowl ring they earned that season is vastly different from the first two.

Following the 1966 season, the Packers defeated the AFL's Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl I. The diamond in their ring was one karat, representative of the first Super Bowl. The top of the ring was designed to resemble a globe, inasmuch as the Packers were world champions.

Super Bowl II had three diamonds: a one karat in the middle, signifying victory in game II, and a half-karat on each side, one symbolizing Super Bowl I and the other the 1965 NFL championship. They were inlaid in green emerald.

The Super Bowl XXXI ring contains 115 diamonds, weighing 2.35 karats. The center of the ring has the Packers "G" with the word "WORLD" above and "CHAMPIONS" below. Each ring is inscribed with the player's name and jersey number, plus the team record. The design features the Packers' helmet and the word "Tradition."

Source: Super Bowl XXXII Official Game Program
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