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Back in college I decided to teach myself how to create a website, initially to fulfill a job requirement. From there I decided to take it a step farther and do a site on a subject that I love--football. More particularly, the Super Bowl. At the time, there wasn't a single site that combined the kind of detailed information I sought to provide. I started including more and more information, updated the appearance of the site, went from free hosting to paying for it on my own, and here we are.

Since the start of this site, the Internet has exploded in many ways. There are many sites that have the information presented here, but I still think I do it better than most. Much information is displayed in a clear and concise format, free of advertisements and junk. And the information on championship rings is hard to find elsewhere. Not only the Super Bowl rings, but the conference championship rings as well as some pre-Super Bowl ones.

So look around, and visit the sitemap to get a clear view of what I exactly have online. Also, take a look below and see if you could possibly contribute any of the information I have requested. I'll be willing to give you credit, for whatever that's worth! ;) Any information or comments can be sent to me at Thanks, and as always, go Steelers!


  • The championship ring descriptions have been taken from various game programs, unless otherwise cited. See each ring's page for specifics.
  • CBS Sportsline provided valuable information on the games.
  • provided some stats and MVP photos.
  • MVP Profiles and Games I-VII summaries were taken from:
    "Total Super Bowl." Edited by Bob Carroll, Michael Gershman, David Neft, David Pietrusza, Matthew Silverman, and John Thorn. Harper Collins Publishers, 1998.
  • Information was taken from:
    "The Official National Football League 1999 Record & Fact Book." Edited by Chris McCloskey and Matt Marini. Workman Publishing, 1999.
  • Games VIII-XXXII summaries taken from:
    "The Sports Encyclopedia: Pro Football." David Neft, Richard Cohen, Bert Sugar. St.Martin's Press, 1974,1976,1978,1982,1987-1998.
  • Ring Images taken from several sources, including:, Collector's Attic, Inc., Heritage Auction Galleries,,, as well as various news sources and Ebay.
  • Thanks

    Thanks to the following people for their help (listed alphabetically).
    • Sean Boardman
    • Eric Cline
    • Geir Guttormsen
    • Craig W. Haney
    • Benjamin Muschel
    • Steve from NY!
    • Bob Thoma
    • Anyone else that I've forgotten!

    Desired Game Weather/Conditions Information

    • SBXXIX: Weather and conditions (Miami)
    • SBXXVII: Weather and Conditions (Pasadena)
    • SBXXIII: Weather and conditions (Miami)
    • SBXXII: Weather and conditions (San Diego)
    • SBXXI: Weather and conditions (Pasadena)
    • SBXIX: Weather and conditions (Stanford, CA)
    • SBXVIII: Weather and conditions (Tampa)
    • SBXVII: Weather and conditions (Pasadena)
    • SBXVI: Weather and conditions (Pontiac, MI)
    • SBXIV: Weather and conditions (Pasadena)
    • SBXIII: Weather and conditions (Miami)

    Desired Championship Ring Information

    • 1971 Miami Dolphins AFC Championship ring image and manufacturer
    • 1972 Washington Redskins NFC Championship ring manufacturer
    • 1976 Minnesota Vikings NFC Championship ring image and manufacturer
    • 1979 Los Angeles Rams NFC Championship ring manufacturer
    • 1982 Miami Dolphins AFC Championship ring manufacturer
    • 1984 Miami Dolphins AFC Championship ring image and manufacturer
    • 1988 Cincinnati Bengals AFC Championship ring image and manufacturer
    • 1989 Denver Broncos AFC Championship ring image and manufacturer
    • 1991 Washington Redskins Super Bowl ring (expanded info)
    • 1992 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring (expanded info)
    • 1993 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring description
    • 1994 San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl ring description
    • 1995 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring description
    • 1998 Denver Broncos Super Bowl ring (expanded info)
    • 2002 Oakland Raiders AFC Championship ring image and manufacturer
    • 2003 Carolina Panthers NFC Championship ring image and manufacturer
    • 2007 New England Patriots AFC Championship ring image and manufacturer
    • 2009 Indianapolis Colts AFC Championship ring manufacturer
    • Any clean, better images or information on pre-Super Bowl era championship rings

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