1987 Washington Redskins Championship Ring

Redskins 1987 Championship Ring (NFL)

Super Bowl XXII Logo

The Washington Redskins contracted Tiffany & Company to produce their Super Bowl XXII rings. Tiffany had designed many prestigious sports prizes, including the Lombardi Trophy, the Belmont Stakes Trophy, and the 1980 Olympics medals, but this was their first Super Bowl ring.

Tiffany's finished product is a 30 pennyweight ring with a total diamond weight of 140 points. The face of the Redskins' ring is centered with a diamond football, flanked by two diamond Super Bowl trophies symbolizing Washington's two Super Bowl victories in the 1980s under head coach Joe Gibbs. It is the first Super Bowl ring made entirely out of precious gemstones, to the exclusion of synthetic ones.

The ring's two shanks are carved in bas-relief, similar to a coin. One side of the ring features the recipient's name (and number if applicable) and the Redskins' helmet. The opposite side displays the official Super Bowl XXII logo under the banner, "Hail to the Redskins." Three famous Washington, D.C. structures--the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, and the Lincoln Memorial--also appear with the logo. Each ring is enclosed in a natural pigskin case, with Tiffany & Company gold stamped on the exterior and the Redskins logo inside.

Gibbs presented a ring to each member of the organization at the team's headquarters last August 5 [1988].

Source: Super Bowl XXIII Official Game Program
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