1970 Baltimore Colts Championship Ring

Colts 1970 Championship Ring (NFL)

Super Bowl V Logo

General manager Don Klosterman supervised the design of the Colts' ring, working closely with Josten's Ken Westerlund.

A white gold horseshoe surrounds a full karat diamond, which is set in an unusually large (16mm wide by 14mm high) fire blue spinel. Within the horseshoe are seven five-point blue sapphires, vapor-plated on the back to make them more luminous. On the left shank is each recipient's name, number, and position, the Colts' helmet, and the final score of the game (16-13). The right shank has the year (1970), the Super Bowl trophy, and the inscription "Super Bowl V."

The ring, which is made of 10k gold and weighs 26 pennyweight, is unique because of the complicated inverted bezel.

NOTE: It is a possibility that not all rings had the full-carat diamond and that some were made of 14k gold (Thanks to Bill Farrar).

Source: Super Bowl XV Official Game Program (edited)
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