WCW Hardcore Championship

1Norman Smiley 121-Nov-1999 Toronto, ONTMAY 51Note 1
2Brian Knobs 111-Jan-2000 Erie, PATHUN 27
3Bam Bam Bigelow 107-Feb-2000 Tulsa, OKNTRO 13
4Brian Knobs 220-Feb-2000 San Francisco, CASB10 8
5"Three Count"
(Evan Karagias)
(Shane Helms)
(Shannon Moore)
128-Feb-2000 Minneapolis, MNNTRO 20Note 2
6Brian Knobs 319-Mar-2000 Miami, FLUNC 22
[Vacant] 10-Apr-2000 Denver, CONTRO 6Note 3
7Terry Funk 116-Apr-2000 Chicago, ILSPST 36Note 4
8Shane Douglas 122-May-2000 Grand Rapids, MINTRO 1Note 5
9Terry Funk 223-May-2000 Saginaw, MITHUN 13Note 6
10Eric Bischoff 105-Jun-2000 Atlanta, GANTRO 1
11Big Vito &
Johnny The Bull
106-Jun-2000 Knoxville, TNTHUN 13Note 7
12Big Vito 119-Jun-2000 Billings, MTNTRO 35Note 8
13Lance Storm 124-Jul-2000 Cleveland, OHNTRO 21
14Carl Oulett 114-Aug-2000 Kelowna, BCNTRO >1Note 9
15Norman Smiley 214-Aug-2000 Kelowna, BCNTRO 43
[Vacant] 26-Sep-2000 Wilkes-Barre, PATHUN 6Note 10
16Reno 102-Oct-2000 San Francisco, CANTRO 35Note 11
17Crowbar 106-Nov-2000 Chicago, ILTHUN 41
18Terry Funk 317-Dec-2000 Washington, DCSTCD 28
19Meng 114-Jan-2001 Indianapolis, INSIN 7Note 12


1 Defeated Brian Knobs for the title.
2 The three men won a handicap match against Knobs.
3 Title declared vacant by executives Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo.
4 Defeated Norman Smiley.
5 Was never a sanctioned match.
6 Terry Funk teamed with Norman Smiley to defeat Helms.
7 Bischoff gives the title to them as co-champions.
8 Defeats Johnny The Bull to become sole champion.
9 Title given by Lance Storm.
10 Mike Sanders strips Smiley of the title.
11 Sgt. AWOL defeated Reno in a tournament final, but Mike Sanders reverses the decision.
12 Defeated Funk and Crowbar in a three-way match. Title vacant and abandoned when Meng (Haku) goes to the WWF on 21-Jan-2001.

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