NWA/WCW/WWE United States Championship

Most Championships:
1. Ric Flair (6)
2(t). Wahoo McDaniel (5)
2(t). Lex Luger (5)
2(t). Chris Benoit (5)
2(t). Bret Hart (5)
Longest Single Reign (days):
1. Lex Luger (523)
2. Rick Rude (392)
3. Montel Vontavious Porter (343)
4. Nikita Koloff (328)
5. Barry Windham (283)
Longest Combined Reign (days):
1. Lex Luger (5 for 950)
2. Ric Flair (6 for 794)
3. Greg Valentine (3 for 512)
4. Blackjack Mulligan (4 for 460)
5. Montel Vontavious Porter (2 for 419)

1Harley Race 114-Jun-1975 Talahassee, FL 19Note 1
2Johnny Valentine 103-Jul-1975 Greensboro, NC 93
[Vacant] 04-Oct-1975 36Note 2
3Terry Funk 109-Nov-1975 Greensboro, NC 18Note 3
4Paul Jones 127-Nov-1975 Greensboro, NC 107
5Blackjack Mulligan 113-Mar-1976 Greensboro, NC 217
6Paul Jones 216-Oct-1976 Greensboro, NC 43
7Blackjack Mulligan 228-Nov-1976 Charlotte, NC [9]
8Paul Jones 3[7-Dec-1976] [Uncertain] [8]Note 4
9Blackjack Mulligan 315-Dec-1976 Charlotte, NC 204Note 5
10Bobo Brazil 107-Jul-1977 Norfolk, VA 22
11Ric Flair 129-Jul-1977 Richmond, VA 86
12Ricky Steamboat 123-Oct-1977 Charleston, SC [115]
13Blackjack Mulligan 4[15-Feb-1978] Greensboro, NC [30]Note 6
14Mr. Wrestling 1[15-Mar-1978] Greensboro, NC [25]Note 7
15Ric Flair 209-Apr-1978 Charlotte, NC 253
16Ricky Steamboat 218-Dec-1978 Toronto, ONT 104
17Ric Flair 301-Apr-1979 Greensboro, NC 133
[Vacant] 12-Aug-1979 20Note 8
18Jimmy Snuka 101-Sep-1979 Charlotte, NC 231Note 9
19Ric Flair 419-Apr-1980 Greensboro, NC 98
20Greg Valentine 126-Jul-1980 Charlotte, NC 121
21Ric Flair 524-Nov-1980 Greenville, SC 64
22Roddy Piper 127-Jan-1981 Raleigh, NC 193
23Wahoo McDaniel 108-Aug-1981 Greensboro, NC [38]
[Vacant] [15-Sep-1981] [19]Note 10
24Sgt. Slaughter 104-Oct-1981 Charlotte, NC 229Note 11
25Wahoo McDaniel 221-May-1982 Richmond, VA 17
26Sgt. Slaughter 207-Jun-1982 Greenville, SC 76Note 12
27Wahoo McDaniel 322-Aug-1982 Charlotte, NC 74
28Greg Valentine 204-Nov-1982 Norfolk, VA 163
29Roddy Piper 216-Apr-1983 Greensboro, NC 14
30Greg Valentine 330-Apr-1983 Greensboro, NC 228
31Dick Slater 114-Dec-1983 Shelby, NC 129
32Ricky Steamboat 321-Apr-1984 Greensboro, NC 64
33Wahoo McDaniel 424-Jun-1984 Greensboro, NC [21]
[Vacant] [15-Jul-1984] [84]Note 13
34Wahoo McDaniel 507-Oct-1984 Charlotte, NC 167Note 14
35Magnum T.A. 123-Mar-1985 Charlotte, NC 120
36Tully Blanchard 121-Jul-1985 Charlotte, NC 130
37Magnum T.A. 228-Nov-1985 Charlotte, NCSTCD 182
[Vacant] 29-May-1986 80Note 15
38Nikita Koloff 117-Aug-1986 Charlotte, NC 328Note 16
39Lex Luger 111-Jul-1987 Greensboro, NC 138
40Dusty Rhodes 126-Nov-1987 Chicago, ILSTCD 141
[Vacant] 15-Apr-1988 28Note 17
41Barry Windham 113-May-1988 Houston, TX 283Note 18
42Lex Luger 220-Feb-1989 Chicago, ILCTR 76
43Michael Hayes 107-May-1989 Nashville, TNMCS 15
44Lex Luger 322-May-1989 Bluefield, WV 523
45Stan Hansen 127-Oct-1990 Chicago, ILHHAV 50
46Lex Luger 416-Dec-1990 St. Louis, MOSTCD 210
[Vacant] 14-Jul-1991 42Note 19
47Sting 125-Aug-1991 Atlanta, GA 86Note 20
48Rick Rude 119-Nov-1991 Savannah, GACOC [392]
[Vacant] [15-Dec-1992] [27]Note 21
49Dustin Rhodes 111-Jan-1993 Atlanta, GA [124]Note 22
[Vacant] [15-May-1993] [107]Note 23
50Dustin Rhodes 230-Aug-1993 Atlanta, GA 119Note 24
51Steve Austin 127-Dec-1993 Charlotte, NCSTCD 240
52Ricky Steamboat 424-Aug-1994 Cedar Rapids, IACOC 25
53Steve Austin 218-Sep-1994 Roanoke, VAFB <1Note 25
54Jim Duggan 118-Sep-1994 Roanoke, VAFB 100
55Vader 127-Dec-1994 Nashville, TNSTCD 117
[Vacant] 23-Apr-1995 56Note 26
56Sting 218-Jun-1995 Dayton, OHGAB 148Note 27
57Kensuke Sasaki 113-Nov-1995 Tokyo, Japan 44
58One Man Gang 127-Dec-1995 Nashville, TNSTCD 33Note 28
59Konnan 129-Jan-1996 Canton, OH 160
60Ric Flair 607-Jul-1996 Daytona Beach, FLBATB 141
[Vacant] 25-Nov-1996 NTRO 34Note 29
61Eddie Guerrero 129-Dec-1996 Nashville, TNSTCD 77Note 30
62Dean Malenko 116-Mar-1997 Charleston, SCUNC 85
63Jeff Jarrett 109-Jun-1997 Boston, MANTRO 73
64Steve McMichael 121-Aug-1997 Nashville, TNCOC 25
65Curt Hennig 115-Sep-1997 Charlotte, NCNTRO 104
66Diamond Dallas Page 128-Dec-1997 Washington, DCSTCD 112
67Raven 119-Apr-1998 Denver, COSPST 1
68Bill Goldberg 120-Apr-1998 Colorado Springs, CONTRO 77
[Vacant] 06-Jul-1998 Atlanta, GANTRO 14Note 31
69Bret Hart 120-Jul-1998 Salt Lake City, UTNTRO 21Note 32
70Lex Luger 510-Aug-1998 Rapid City, SDNTRO 3
71Bret Hart 213-Aug-1998 Fargo, NDTHUN 74
72Diamond Dallas Page 226-Oct-1998 Phoenix, AZNTRO 35
73Bret Hart 330-Nov-1998 Chattanooga, TNNTRO 70
74Roddy Piper 308-Feb-1999 Buffalo, NYNTRO 13
75Scott Hall 121-Feb-1999 Oakland, CASB9 25
[Vacant] 18-Mar-1999 Lexington, KYTHUN 24Note 33
76Scott Steiner 111-Apr-1999 Tacoma, WASPST 85Note 34
77David Flair 105-Jul-1999 Atlanta, GANTRO 35Note 35
78Chris Benoit 109-Aug-1999 Nampa, IDNTRO 34
79Sid Vicious 112-Sep-1999 Winston-Salem, NCFB 42
80Bill Goldberg 224-Oct-1999 Las Vegas, NVHHAV 1
81Bret Hart 425-Oct-1999 Phoeniz, AZNTRO 7
[Vacant] 01-Nov-1999 Minneapolis, MNNTRO 7Note 36
82Scott Hall 208-Nov-1999 Indianapolis, INNTRO 41Note 37
83Chris Benoit 219-Dec-1999 Washington, DCSTCD 1Note 38
84Jeff Jarrett 220-Dec-1999 Baltimore, MDNTRO 27
[Vacant] 16-Jan-2000 Cincinnati, OHSO 1Note 39
85Jeff Jarrett 317-Jan-2000 Columbus, OHNTRO 84Note 40
[Vacant] 10-Apr-2000 Denver, CONTRO 6Note 41
86Scott Steiner 216-Apr-2000 Chicago, ILSPST 84Note 42
[Vacant] 09-Jul-2000 Daytona Beach, FLBATB 9Note 43
87Lance Storm 118-Jul-2000 Auburn Hills, MINTRO 66Note 44
88Terry Funk 222-Sep-2000 Amarillo, TX 1
89Lance Storm 223-Sep-2000 Lubbock, TX 36
90General Rection 129-Oct-2000 Las Vegas, NVHHAV 12Note 45
91Lance Storm 310-Nov-2000 London, ENGNTRO 16
92General Rection 226-Nov-2000 Milwaukee, WIMAY 49
93Shane Douglas 114-Jan-2001 Indianapolis, INSIN 22Note 46
94Rick Steiner 105-Feb-2001 Tupelo, MSNTRO 41
95Booker T 118-Mar-2001 Jacksonville, FLGRD 128
96Kanyon 124-Jul-2001 Pittsburgh, PASMDN 48Note 47
97Tajiri 110-Sep-2001 San Antonio, TXRIW 13
98Rhyno 123-Sep-2001 Pittsburgh, PAUF'01 29
99Kurt Angle 122-Oct-2001 Kansas City, MORAW 21
100Edge 112-Nov-2001 Boston, MARAW 6
[Retired] 12-Nov-2001 Greensboro, NCSUR'01 622Note 48
101Eddie Guerrero 227-Jul-2003 Denver, COVNG'03 84Note 49
102The Big Show 119-Oct-2003 Baltimore, MDNM'03 147
103John Cena 114-Mar-2004 New York, NYWMXX 114
[Vacant] 06-Jul-2004 Winnipeg, MANSMDN 21Note 50
104Booker T 227-Jul-2004 Cincinnati, OHSMDN 68Note 51
105John Cena 203-Oct-2004 East Rutherford, NJNM'04 2Note 52
106Carlito Caribbean Cool 105-Oct-2004 Boston, MASMDN 42Note 53
107John Cena 316-Nov-2004 Dayton, OHSMDN 105Note 54
108Orlando Jordan 101-Mar-2005 Albany, NYSMDN 173Note 55
109Chris Benoit 321-Aug-2005 Washington, DCSUM'05 58
110Booker T 318-Oct-2005 Reno, NVSMDN 35Note 56
[Vacant] 22-Nov-2005 Sheffield, ENGSMDN 49Note 57
111Booker T 410-Jan-2006 Philadelphia, PASMDN 40Note 58
112Chris Benoit 419-Feb-2006 Baltimore, MDNWO'06 42
113John B. Layfield 102-Apr-2006 Rosemont, ILWMXXII 51
114Bobby Lashley 123-May-2006 Bakersfield, CASMDN 49Note 59
115Finlay 111-Jul-2006 Minneapolis, MNSMDN 49Note 60
116Ken Kennedy 129-Aug-2006 Reading, PASMDN 42Note 61
117Chris Benoit 510-Oct-2006 Jacksonville, FLSMDN 222Note 62
118Montel Vontavious Porter 120-May-2007 St. Louis, MOJD'07 343
119Matt Hardy 127-Apr-2008 Baltimore, MDBKL'08 84Note 63
120Shelton Benjamin 120-Jul-2008 Uniondale, NYGAB'08 240Note 64
121Montel Vontavious Porter 217-Mar-2009 Corpus Christi, TXSMDN 76Note 65
122Kofi Kingston 101-Jun-2009 Birmingham, ALRAW 126
123Mike Mizanin 105-Oct-2009 Wilkes-Barre, PARAW 224
124Bret Hart 517-May-2010 Toronto, ONTRAW 7
125R-Truth 124-May-2010 Toledo, OHRAW 21Note 66
126Mike Mizanin 214-Jun-2010 Charlotte, NCRAW 97Note 67
127Daniel Bryan 119-Sep-2010 Rosemont, ILNOC'10 176
128Sheamus 114-Mar-2011 St. Louis, MORAW 48
129Kofi Kingston 201-May-2011 Tampa, FLER'11 Champ


1 Harley Race defeats Johnny Weaver in a ficticious national tournament to win the title.
2 The title is vacated when Valentine's career ends in a plane crash on 04-Oct-1975.
3 Defeats Paul Jones in the final of a 16-man tournament.
4 Location and date uncertain. 07-Dec assumed.
5 Petitioned the NWA and had the title returned.
6 Actual date uncertain. 15-Feb assumed.
7 Actual date uncertain. 15-Mar assumed.
8 Vacates the title after winning the NWA Tag Title on 12-Aug-1979.
9 Defeats Ricky Steamboat in the final of a 12-man tournament.
10 Title vacated sometime in Sep-1981 when McDaniel is injured by Abdullah the Butcher. 15-Sep-1981 assumed.
11 Defeats Ricky Steamboat in tournament final.
12 Awarded the title due to McDaniel being injured.
13 Title held up because of Tully Blanchard's interference in the title win. 15-Jul-1984 assumed.
14 Defeats Manny Fernandez in a tournament final.
15 Magnum is stripped of the title for attacking NWA President Bob Geigel.
16 Defeats Magnum T.A. in a best-of-seven series. Later, on 28-Sep-1986, would defeat Wahoo McDaniel to unify the NWA National Heavyweight Title.
17 Rhodes is suspended for attacking Jim Crockett, vacating the title.
18 Defeated Nikita Koloff in a 7-man tournament final.
19 Vacates after winning the WCW World Title.
20 Defeated Steve Austin in a tournament final.
21 Vacates due to injury. 15-Dec-1992 assumed.
22 Defeated Rick Steamboat in a tournament final.
23 Title held up in May of 1993, after a match with Rick Rude. The two have several rematches. 15-May-1993 assumed.
24 Defeated Rick Rude in a rematch.
25 Won the title via forfeit over the injured Steamboat.
26 Stripped by WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel.
27 Defeated Meng in a tournament final.
28 Awarded the title when Sasaki vacated it after a defending it against Gang.
29 Vacated due to injury.
30 Defeated Diamond Dallas Page in a tournament final.
31 Vacates title after winning the World Title on 06-Jul.
32 Defeated Diamond Dallas Page in a tournament final.
33 Stripped by WCW President Ric Flair.
34 Defeated Booker T in a tournament final.
35 Steiner was stripped of the title, and the title was given to David Flair by WCW President Ric Flair.
36 Vacated the title.
37 Defeated Bret Hart, Bill Goldberg, and Sid Vicious in a Texas Tornado Ladder match.
38 Hall was stripped due to an injury, and Benoit defeated Jeff Jarrett in a ladder match.
39 Stripped of title due to a concussion.
40 Given back the title by WCW Commissioner Kevin Nash.
41 Declared vacant by Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo.
42 Defeated Sting in a tounament final.
43 Stripped of the title.
44 Defeated Mike Awesome in an 8-man tournament final.
45 Defeated Lance Storm and Jim Duggan in a handicap match.
46 Wins First Blood rules, chain above ring match.
47 Booker T and the Alliance give the title to Kanyon. Match aired 26-Jul-2001.
48 On 17-Nov-2001, Edge defeated Test to win the WWF Intercontinental Title, unifying the two.
49 Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Benoit in a tournament final to revive the title for SmackDown.
50 John Cena was stripped by SmackDown GM Kurt Angle for violating his probation. Events aired 08-Jul-2004.
51 Booker T won an 8-man elimination match also involving John Cena, Rene Dupree, Charlie Haas, Luther Reigns, Rob Van Dam, Billy Gunn, and Kenzo Suzuki. Match aired 29-Jul-2004.
52 Defeated Booker T by winning a best-of-five series of matches, 3-2. Match #1 was at SummerSlam, #2 and #4 aired on SmackDown, #3 took place in Australia, and #5 took place at No Mercy.
53 Match aired 07-Oct-2004.
54 Match aired 18-Nov-2004.
55 Match aired 03-Mar-2005.
56 Match aired 21-Oct-2005.
57 Title vacated due to a simultaneous pin and two different referees each counting the fall. Match aired 25-Nov-2005.
58 Booker T became injured while leading a "Best-of-Seven" series, 3-1. Randy Orton was allowed to substitute for Booker in the series. Benoit won the next two matches on SmackDown to make it 3-3, but eventually lost to Randy Orton, giving the vacant title to Booker T. Match aired 13-Jan-2006.
59 Match aired 26-May-2006.
60 Match aired 14-Jul-2006.
61 Match aired 01-Sep-2006.
62 Match aired 13-Oct-2006.
63 On the 23-Jun-2008 episode of RAW, Matt Hardy and the title were drafted to ECW.
64 Shelton Benjamin took the title back to SmackDown with his victory.
65 Match aired 20-Mar-2009. Title switched brands when MVP was drafted to Raw on 13-Apr-2009.
66 Bret Hart vacated the title to become Raw GM and made a match between Miz and R-Truth to become the new champion.
67 Defeated R-Truth in a Fatal Four Way match that also included John Morrison and Zack Ryder.

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