WWE Intercontinental Championship

Most Championships:
1. Chris Jericho (9)
2(t). Jeff Jarrett (6)
2(t). Rob Van Dam (6)
4(t). Triple H (5)
4(t). Edge (5)
6(t). Razor Ramon (4)
6(t). Chris Benoit (4)
Longest Single Reign (days):
1. Honky Tonk Man (454)
2. Pedro Morales (425)
3. Randy Savage (414)
4. Don Muraco (385)
5. Greg Valentine (285)
Longest Combined Reign (days):
1. Pedro Morales (2 for 619)
2. Don Muraco (2 for 541)
3. Honky Tonk Man (1 for 454)
4. Tito Santana (2 for 443)
5. Razor Ramon (4 for 438)

1Pat Patterson1 [15-Sep-1979] [219] Note 1
2Ken Patera1 21-Apr-1980New York, NY 231
3Pedro Morales1 08-Dec-1980New York, NY 194
4Don Muraco1 20-Jun-1981Philadelphia, PA 156
5Pedro Morales2 23-Nov-1981New York, NY 425
6Don Muraco2 22-Jan-1983New York, NY 385
7Tito Santana1 11-Feb-1984Boston, MA 226
8Greg Valentine1 24-Sep-1984London, ONT 285
9Tito Santana2 06-Jul-1985Baltimore, MD 217
10Randy Savage1 08-Feb-1986Boston, MA 414
11Ricky Steamboat1 29-Mar-1987Pontiac, MI WMIII 65
12Honky Tonk Man1 02-Jun-1987Buffalo, NY 454
13Ultimate Warrior1 29-Aug-1988New York, NY SUM'88 216
14Rick Rude1 02-Apr-1989Atlantic City, NJ WMV 148
15Ultimate Warrior2 28-Aug-1989East Rutherford, NJ SUM'89 216
[Vacant] 01-Apr-1990Toronto, ONT WMVI 22 Note 2
16Mr. Perfect1 23-Apr-1990Austin, TX 126 Note 3
17Kerry Von Erich1 27-Aug-1990Philadelphia, PA SUM'90 84
18Mr. Perfect2 19-Nov-1990Rochester, NY 280
19Bret Hart1 26-Aug-1991New York, NY SUM'91 144
20The Mountie1 17-Jan-1992Springfield, NY 2
21Roddy Piper1 19-Jan-1992Albany, NY RR'92 77
22Bret Hart2 05-Apr-1992Indianapolis, IN WMVIII 146
23British Bulldog1 29-Aug-1992London, ENG SUM'92 59
24Shawn Michaels1 27-Oct-1992Terre Haute, IN 202
25Marty Jannetty1 17-May-1993New York, NY MNR 20
26Shawn Michaels2 06-Jun-1993Albany, NY 113
27Razor Ramon1 27-Sep-1993New Haven, CT MNR 198 Note 4
28Diesel1 13-Apr-1994Rochester, NY 138
29Razor Ramon2 29-Aug-1994Chicago, IL SUM'94 146
30Jeff Jarrett1 22-Jan-1995Tampa, FL RR'95 94
31Jeff Jarrett2 26-Apr-1995Moline, IN 23 Note 5
32Razor Ramon3 19-May-1995Montreal, QUE 3
33Jeff Jarrett3 22-May-1995Trois Rivieres, QUE RIW 62
34Shawn Michaels3 23-Jul-1995Nashville, TN IYH2 91
35Dean Douglas1 22-Oct-1995Winnipeg, MAN IYH4 [11m] Note 6
36Razor Ramon4 22-Oct-1995Winnipeg, MAN IYH4 91
37Goldust1 21-Jan-1996Fresno, CA RR'9685
[Vacant] 15-Apr-1996 RIW 7 Note 7
38Goldust2 22-Apr-1996San Bernadino, CA RIW 62 Note 8
39Ahmed Johnson1 23-Jun-1996Milwaukee, WI KOTR'9650
[Vacant] 12-Aug-1996 RIW 42 Note 9
40Marc Mero1 23-Sep-1996Hershey, PA RIW 28 Note 10
41Hunter Hearst Helmsley1 21-Oct-1996Ft. Wayne, IN RIW 115
42Rocky Maivia1 13-Feb-1997Lowell, MA ThRTh 74
43Owen Hart1 28-Apr-1997Omaha, NE RIW 97
44Steve Austin1 03-Aug-1997East Rutherford, NJ SUM'9763 Note 11
45Owen Hart2 05-Oct-1997St. Louis, MO IYH18 35 Note 12
46Steve Austin2 09-Nov-1997Montreal, QUE SUR'97 29
47The Rock2 08-Dec-1997Portland, ME RIW 265 Note 13
48Triple H2 30-Aug-1998New York, NY SUM'9840
[Vacant] 09-Oct-1998 3 Note 14
49Ken Shamrock1 12-Oct-1998Uniondale, NY RIW 125 Note 15
50Val Venis1 14-Feb-1999Memphis, TN IYH27 29
51Road Dogg1 15-Mar-1999San Jose, CA RIW 14
52Goldust3 29-Mar-1999East Rutherford, NJ RIW 14
53The Godfather1 12-Apr-1999Detroit, MI RIW 43
54Jeff Jarrett4 25-May-1999Moline, IL RIW 60 Note 16
55Edge1 24-Jul-1999Toronto, ONT 1
56Jeff Jarrett5 25-Jul-1999Buffalo, NY FL'992
57D'Lo Brown1 27-Jul-1999Columbus, OH RIW 20 Note 17
58Jeff Jarrett6 22-Aug-1999Minneapolis, MN SUM'9956 Note 18
59Chyna1 17-Oct-1999Cleveland, OH NM'99 56
60Chris Jericho1 12-Dec-1999Fort Lauderdale, FL ARM16
61Chris Jericho/Chyna1/2 28-Dec-1999Richmond, VA SMDN 26 Note 19
Chris Jericho2 23-Jan-2000New York, NY RR'00 35 Note 20
62Kurt Angle1 27-Feb-2000Hartford, CT NWO'00 35
63Chris Benoit1 02-Apr-2000Anaheim, CA WMXVI 30 Note 21
64Chris Jericho3 02-May-2000Richmond, VA SMDN 6 Note 22
65Chris Benoit2 08-May-2000Uniondale, NY RIW 42
66Rikishi1 20-Jun-2000Memphis, TN SMDN 14 Note 23
67Val Venis2 04-Jul-2000Fort Lauderdale, FL SMDN 55 Note 24
68Chyna3 27-Aug-2000Raleigh, NC SUM'00 8 Note 25
69Eddie Guerrero1 04-Sep-2000Lexington, KY RIW 78 Note 26
70Billy Gunn1 21-Nov-2000Fort Lauderdale, FL SMDN 19 Note 27
71Chris Benoit3 10-Dec-2000Birmingham, AL ARM'00 42
72Chris Jericho4 21-Jan-2001New Orleans, LA RR'01 72
73Triple H3 03-Apr-2001Oklahoma City, OK SMDN 7 Note 28
74Jeff Hardy1 10-Apr-2001Philadelphia, PA SMDN 6 Note 29
75Triple H4 16-Apr-2001Knoxville, TN RIW 34
76Kane1 20-May-2001Sacramento, CA JD'01 36
77Albert1 26-Jun-2001New York, NY SMDN 26 Note 30
78Lance Storm1 23-Jul-2001Buffalo, NY RIW 27
79Edge2 19-Aug-2001San Jose, CA SUM'01 35
80Christian1 23-Sep-2001Pittsburgh, PA UF'01 28
81Edge3 21-Oct-2001St. Louis, MO NM'01 15
82Test1 05-Nov-2001Uniondale, NY RAW 13
83Edge4 18-Nov-2001Greensboro, NC SUR'01 63 Note 31
84William Regal1 20-Jan-2002Atlanta, GA RR'02 56
85Rob Van Dam1 17-Mar-2002Toronto, ONT WMXVIII 35 Note 32
86Eddie Guerrero2 21-Apr-2002Kansas City, MO BKL'02 36
87Rob Van Dam2 27-May-2002Edmonton, ALB RAW 63 Note 33
88Chris Benoit4 29-Jul-2002 RAW 27
89Rob Van Dam3 25-Aug-2002Uniondale, NY SUM'02 22 Note 34
90Chris Jericho 516-Sep-2002Denver, CO RAW 14
91Kane2 30-Sep-2002Houston, TX RAW 20
92Triple H5 20-Oct-2002Little Rock, AR NM'02 N/A
[Retired] 20-Oct-2002Little Rock, AR NM'02 210 Note 35
93Christian2 18-May-2003Charlotte, NC JD'03 50 Note 36
94Booker T1 07-Jul-2003Montreal, QUE RAW 34
95Christian3 10-Aug-2003Des Moines, IA 50
96Rob Van Dam4 29-Sep-2003Chicago, IL RAW 28 Note 37
97Chris Jericho6 27-Oct-2003Fayetteville, NC RAW [10m]
98Rob Van Dam5 27-Oct-2003Fayetteville, NC RAW 48 Note 38
99Randy Orton1 14-Dec-2003Orlando, FL ARM'03 210
100Edge5 11-Jul-2004Hartford, CT VNG'04 57
[Vacant] 06-Sep-2004Wichita Falls, TX RAW 6 Note 39
101Chris Jericho7 12-Sep-2004Portland, OR UF'04 37 Note 40
102Shelton Benjamin1 19-Oct-2004Milwaukee, WI TT'04 244
103Carlito Caribbean Cool1 20-Jun-2005Phoenix, AZ RAW 90
104Ric Flair1 18-Sep-2005Oklahoma City, OK UF'05 155
105Shelton Benjamin2 20-Feb-2006Trenton, NJ RAW 69
106Rob Van Dam6 30-Apr-2006Lexington, KY BKL'06 15
107Shelton Benjamin3 15-May-2006Lubbock, TX RAW 41 Note 41
108Johnny Nitro1 25-Jun-2006Charlotte, NC VNG'06 99 Note 42
109Jeff Hardy2 02-Oct-2006Topeka, KS RAW 35
110Johnny Nitro2 06-Nov-2006Columbus, OH RAW 7
111Jeff Hardy3 13-Nov-2006Manchester, ENG RAW 98
112Umaga1 19-Feb-2007Bakersfield, CA RAW 56
113Santino Marella1 16-Apr-2007Milan, ITALY RAW 77
114Umaga2 02-Jul-2007Dallas, TX RAW 62
115Jeff Hardy4 02-Sep-2007Columbus, OH RAW 190 Note 43
116Chris Jericho8 10-Mar-2008Milwaukee, WI RAW 111
117Kofi Kingston1 29-Jun-2008Dallas, TX NOC'08 49
118Santino Marella 217-Aug-2008Indianapolis, IN SUM'08 85 Note 44
119William Regal 210-Nov-2008Manchester, ENG RAW 70
120CM Punk 119-Jan-2009Rosemont, IL RAW 49
121John "Bradshaw" Layfield 109-Mar-2009Jacksonville, FL RAW 27
122Rey Mysterio 105-Apr-2009Houston, TX WMXXV 63 Note 45
123Chris Jericho 907-Jun-2009New Orleans, LA ER'09 21
123Rey Mysterio 228-Jun-2009Sacramento, CA BSH'09 65
124John Morrison 301-Sep-2009Cleveland, OH SMDN 103 Note 46
125Drew McIntyre 113-Dec-2009San Antonio, TX TLC'09 161 Note 47
126Kofi Kingston 223-May-2010Detroit, MI OTL'10 66
127Dolph Ziggler 128-Jul-2010Laredo, TX SMDN 160 Note 48
128Kofi Kingston 304-Jan-2011Tucson, AZ SMDN 77 Note 49
129Wade Barrett 122-Mar-2011Columbus, OH SMDN Champ Note 50


1 Actual date uncertain. The May 2001 issue of WWF Magazine gave 15-Sep-1979 as the date. Pat Patterson supposedly defeated Ted DiBiase in a tournament final in Rio de Janeiro.
2 Ultimate Warrior vacated the title after he won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.
3 Mr. Perfect defeated Tito Santana in the final of an eight-man tournament.
4 Michaels was stripped of the title for 'missing title defenses' according to WWF Magazine. That same night, Ramon defeated Rick Martel as the last two combatants in a Battle Royal.
5 Title was held up on 26-Apr-1995 due to a controversial decision with Bob Holly. That same night, Jeff Jarrett defeated Holly in a rematch.
6 Douglas was awarded the title via forfeit from the injured Michaels.
7 Savio Vega defeated Goldust illegally, vacating the title for one week.
8 Goldust defeated Savio Vega in the rematch.
9 Ahmed Johnson vacated the title due to kidney injuries.
10 Marc Mero defeated Faarooq Asad in the finals of a tournament.
11 Austin could not defend his title (08-Sep-1997), so WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter started a tournament that very night to determine the new champ.
12 Owen Hart defeated Faarooq in the finals of the tournament.
13 The Rock was awarded the title when Austin refused to defend it.
14 HHH could not defend the title due to injuries.
15 A tournament was held, and Ken Shamrock defeated X-Pac in the finals
16 Match aired 31-May-1999.
17 Match aired 02-Aug-1999.
18 Jeff Jarrett won both the IC and European titles from D'Lo Brown.
19 Chris Jericho and Chyna pinned each other. Match aired on 30-Dec-1999. Stephanie McMahon, on the 03-Jan-2000 RIW, decided that they were co-champions.
20 Chris Jericho pinned Chyna in a triple threat match with Hardcore Holly.
21 Chris Benoit pinned Chris Jericho in a triple threat match with Kurt Angle.
22 Match aired on 04-May-2000.
23 Match aired on 22-Jun-2000.
24 Match aired on 06-Jul-2000.
25 Chyna pinned Trish Stratus in a mixed tag match between Chyna & Eddie Guerrero and Val Venis & Trish Stratus.
26 Guerrero pinned Chyna in a triple threat match with Kurt Angle.
27 Match aired 23-Nov-2000.
28 Match aired 05-Apr-2001.
29 Match aired 12-Apr-2001.
30 Match aired 28-Jun-2001.
31 Edge was the WCW U.S. Champion, and the two titles were unified.
32 On 25-Mar-2002, Rob Van Dam was drafted to Raw as part of the Brand Extension, taking the title with him.
33 On 22-Jul-2002, Rob Van Dam defeated European Champion Jeff Hardy in a ladder match on RAW, absorbing the European Championship.
34 On the 26-Aug-2002 episode of RAW, a hardcore match was held between Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam. Whichever man won the match would be the IC Champion and the Hardcore Title would become extinct.
35 Kane wrestled Triple H title-for-title, winner-take-all. Triple H won, became the World and IC Champion, and the IC title was absorbed into the World Heavyweight Championship.
36 Christian won a battle royal, defeating Val Venis, Booker T, Chris Jericho, Test, Kane, Rob Van Dam, Lance Storm, and Goldust.
37 Defeated Christian in a ladder match.
38 Raw GM Steve Austin ordered an immediate rematch in a steel cage.
39 Raw GM Eric Bischoff stripped Edge due to an injury.
40 Chris Jericho defeated Christian in a ladder match.
41 Benjamin pinned Rob Van Dam in a handicap Texas tornado match in which both the WWE and Intercontinental Championships were on the line. RVD was teamed with John Cena against Triple H, Benjamin, and Chris Masters. If any of their opponents pinned them or caused them to submit, RVD or Cena would lose their respective title to that person.
42 Nitro pinned Benjamin in a Triple Threat match also involving Carlito.
43 Match aired on 03-Sep-2007.
44 Marella won the title in a tag team match with Beth Phoenix, who also won the Women's title by defeating Kofi Kingston & Mickie James.
45 Title switched brands when Mysterio was drafted to SmackDown on 13-Apr-2009.
46 Match aired on 04-Sep-2009.
47 On the 07-May episode (taped 04-May, N.Charleston, SC) GM Teddy Long stripped and suspended McIntyre, and even began a title tournament that night to crown a new champion (K.Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall, Christian def. Cody Rhodes via pinfall). The next week on 14-May (taped 11-May, Buffalo, NY), Kofi even defeated Christian via pinfall in the "final". In the midst of his celebration, McIntyre returned with a letter from Vince McMahon, overruling Teddy Long and reinstating McIntyre as champion.
48 Match aired on 06-Aug-2010.
49 Match aired on 07-Jan-2011.
50 Match aired on 25-Mar-2011.

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