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March 30, 2008 - Orlando, Florida
Citrus Bowl

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Non-Televised 24-Man Battle Royal (INTER)
Kane def. (See Below) (6:22)
Notes: By winning the battle royal, Kane received an ECW title shot later in the evening. Kingston tossed Kendrick across the ring, who hit Cade with a highcross body, and both men flew out. Noble was knocked over the ropes at one point, but stepped across some other eliminated wrestlers to get back on the apron. He was eliminated for real a few seconds later.

Match #1 - Belfast Brawl Match (INTER)
John "Bradshaw" Layfield def. Finlay
via Pinfall (8:37)
Notes: Oh, how nice it is to see JBL and the limo with longhorns back at WrestleMania. This was like the hardcore matches of old. Hornswoggle hit JBL with a kendo stick from behind, allowing Finlay to get in a shillelah shot. JBL did eventually get to shove Hornswoggle to the ground. Finlay dove through the ropes at JBL, but the big Texan met him with a garbage can lid to the head. JBL then found time to chuck a trash can at Hornswoggle, even better! Finlay came back and did some damage, but going through a table wasn't enough to keep JBL down. He connected with the Clothesline From Hell and that was it. I liked it.

Match #2 - Seven-Man "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match (INTER)
CM Punk def. Chris Jericho
Montel Vontavious Porter
Ken Kennedy
John Morrison
Shelton Benjamin
Notes: Morrison did a moonsault with a ladder from the top rope to the outside, and it looked great. Shelton also did a sunset flip from one ladder, getting Kennedy into a powerbomb. Kennedy was on another ladder at the time with Morrison, who was then superplexed by Kennedy. Later, Carlito and Kennedy tilted a ladder causing Benjamin to fall off the top of it and fall through a different ladder that was set up across the aisle from the apron to the security wall at ringside. Calito got in a backstabber on Y2J from the ladder, and each man really had their big move on someone else. MVP would have won it if it weren't for Matt Hardy, who came in from the crowd and delivered the Twist of Fate off the top of the ladder. Punk finally won it when he pulled Y2J's leg through the ladder, causing him to fall back and be trapped. Punk reached up and made history.

ON STAGE: Howard Finkel introduced the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame class, Jack & Gerry Brisco, Gordon Solie (represented by his family), Rocky Johnson, High Chief Peter Maivia (also represented by family), Eddie Graham (represented by his son Mike), Mae Young and finally Ric Flair (represented by his children).

Match #3 (INTER)
Dave Batista def. Umaga via Pinfall (7:07)
Notes: Not much going on here, kind of slow. There was a strong pro-Umaga contingent ringside. Umaga was posted, allowing Batista to land the spinebuster and Batista-bomb. GM Regal and Asst. GM Long were onhand to introduce their combatants.

Match #4 - ECW World Heavyweight Championship (SMDN/ECW)
def. Chavo Guerrero
via Pinfall (0:11)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- GM Estrada did the ring announcing for this match. Chavo came out first, and was looking back up the ramp at Kane's pyro when Kane snuck into the ring from behind. The match began, and after a big chokeslam, Kane was the new ECW Champion. Finally Kane has a good 'Mania moment.

IN RING: The WWE fulfilled the wishes of 50 kids at 'Mania through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Raven Symone was in the ring and recognized the WWE and showed the kids to the cameras.

Match #5 - Career Threatening Match (INTER)
Shawn Michaels def. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair via Pinfall (20:23)
Notes: So the career of Ric Flair has come to a close. Thanks, Ric. And how fitting was it that the referee for the match was Little Naitch, Charles Robinson. At points this match was quite the chop-fest. HBK brought out some of the big moves, doing a springboard that Flair dodged, causing HBK to land quite awkwardly on the announce table. It looked like the edge caught him right in the gut. To Flair's credit, it took three superkicks to finally put him out. After the second, Flair got up, still determined to fight. HBK was in the corner, said "I'm sorry" and "I love you", and then put Flair down with the third superkick. HBK quickly left, leaving Flair to soak up the standing ovation. He kissed his family and then made the walk out one last time. Space Mountain is now closed.

Match #6 - Lumberjill Match (RAW)
Melina &
Beth Phoenix

w/Santino Marella
def. Ashley Massaro &
Maria Kanellis
via Pinfall (5:58)
Notes: The Glamazon pinned Maria. This was promoted as a lumberjack match, but I thought with the women it was always a lumberjill match. Oh well. Snoop Dogg was the MC and came out first, riding down to the ring in what looked like a Mercedes golf cart. The ladies had an ok match, and Santino involved himself, pulling Maria off of a pin. This caused the Jerry Lawler to talk over there and deck Santino, but it didn't matter. The Glamazon finished Maria off. Santino was in the ring alone with Maria when Snoop Dogg got off his throne at ringside and took out Santino. Then he planted a kiss right on Maria. Oh, and about halfway through the match, the lights went out, and they relied on spotlights to illuminate the ring area. The show went on, though. Lumberjacks were Jillian Hall, Mickie James, Victoria, Maryse, Layla, Kelly Kelly, Katie Burchill, Cherry, Eve and Michelle McCool.

Match #7 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match (RAW)
Randy Orton
def. Triple H
John Cena

via Pinfall (14:09)
Notes: Some marching band played Cena to the ring, which was...interesting. Trips had Cena on his shoulders and I thought a Doomsday Device was coming, but Orton just came off the top in a cross body. The lights went back to normal when Orton did a double DDT. Triple H had to grab Orton's hand and pull him to the ropes from the outside to ensure that he didn't tap out to the STFU. Later on when Orton was in the STFU again, Triple H pulled Cena's arm off and locked it into a Crossface. The match was pretty quick and good, but ended when Triple H Pedigreed Cena. Orton then kicked Trips in the head and made the pin on Cena.

Match #8 - No Disqualification Match (RAW)
Floyd "Money" Mayweather def. The Big Show via KO (11:36)
Notes: The kind of danced around a bit and threw a few punches, until Mayweather went to his corner to get a drink of water from a large chalice. Big Show did not like this show of disrespect, and nailed the handler. Mayweather was scrappy, and jumped on Show's back in an attempt to choke him out. Big Show was able to get him off and then stomped on his hands. Floyd's entourage did not like that. They liked it less when Big Show stepped on him and delivered a sidewalk slam. Show was dropping elbows when the posse pulled Mayweather out of the ring. Show had to fight off the posse and throw Mayweather back into the ring, but some dude from the posse hit Show with a chair. Show chokeslammed him but Mayweather took the chair and delivered some shots. Big Show caught him, but Floyd hit him with a low blow. Floyd delivered a few more chair shots before taking some brass knucks that were around the neck of one of his posse and delivering the knockout blow. Show could not get to his feet before the 10-count, giving Floyd the win.

Match #9 - World Heavyweight Championship (SMDN)
The Undertaker
def. Edge
via Submission (23:50)
Notes: Teddy Long wheeled out Vickie when Edge came out, but did not go any further than the stage. She kissed her man Edge, and he went on his way to meet destiny. The match started off a bit slowly, but built nicely. 'Taker had all his vintage moves here, including the leap over the top rope to the outside. Edge pretty much reversed all the finishing attempts the Undertaker threw at him, and Edge drilled him with a tv camera. He could do that because referee Korderas took an Undertaker boot to the face. Edge tried to give the Tombstone but Undertaker reversed that into a Tombstone of his own. At this point referee Charles Robinson did a mad dash down to the ring but only to deliver a two-count. Hawkins and Ryder appeared at this point, but 'Taker chokeslammed one on top of the other. Edge used the distraction to get in a spear, but it still wasn't enough. He connected with another one but hesitated for just a moment, allowing Undertaker to lock in that triangle choke of his, causing Edge to tap out.

24-Man Battle Royal for ECW Title Shot
ExitNameTimeEliminated By
3"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan1:07Khali
4Stevie Richards1:29Burke
5Elijah Burke1:40Kane
6Mike "The Miz" Mizanin1:56Noble
7/8Jimmy Wang Yang2:49Henry
7/8Shannon Moore2:49Henry
10Val Venis2:57Snitsky
11Trevor Murdoch3:11Festus
13Brian Kendrick3:34Kingston
14Lance Cade3:35Kendrick
15Kofi Kingston4:07Henry
16Cody Rhodes4:20Palumbo
17Jamie Noble4:49Palumbo
18Chuck Palumbo4:54Khali
19The Great Khali5:14Hardcore, Henry, Snitsky, Dreamer
20Hardcore Holly5:21Snitsky
21Tommy Dreamer5:22Henry
22Gene Snitsky5:53Henry
23Mark Henry6:22Kane

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW), Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman (SMDN), Joey Styles and Tazz (ECW)
w/Kim Kardashian, Mike Adamle, Todd Grisham
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia, Justin Roberts, Howard Finkel
National Anthem:John Legend (America the Beautiful)
Celebrities:John Legend (singer/musician), Kim Kardashian ("actress"), Freddie Prinze, Jr. (actor), Raven Symone (actress), Snoop Dogg (rapper)
Referees/Officials:Jack Doan, John Cone, Mickie Henson, Chad Patton, Mike Posey, Charles Robinson, Marty Elias, Mike Chioda, Scott Armstrong, Jimmy Korderas, Tony Chimel, etc.

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