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April 3, 2005 - Los Angeles, California
Staples Center

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Non-Televised 30-Man Battle Royal (INTER)
Booker T def. (See Below) (11:19)
Notes: The two shows' GMs led their Superstars down to the ring, which was a nice touch, I think. Hurricane gave Heidenreich a mask and he put it on, but thanked Hurricane with a smack to get things going. I can't tell wich Basham hit first, but they went out at the same time. There was a strong contingent of Regal fans there, chanting his name.

Match #1 (SMDN)
Rey Mysterio def. Eddie Guerrero via Pinfall (12:33)
Notes: Hear that, Eddie? Your career has now hit rock bottom. One year ago you defended the WWE Championship, and now where are you? At least you're not in a sumo match. OK match, though. Started off slow and methodical, had a few high spots, and then the reversals and near-falls came fast and furious. I can't believe Rey-Rey picked up the victory.

Match #2 - Six-Man "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match (RAW)
Edge def. Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Shelton Benjamin

w/Tyson Tomko
Notes: What do you get when you combine some of the greatest talent on the roster today, Shelton Benjamin, and ladders? A great match. Even Kane went airborne. At one point Y2J was on a ladder trying to free the briefcase when Shelton ran up another ladder, which was set up like a ramp leading towards the one Y2J was on, and clotheslined Jericho from the top. Sweet. Benoit delivered a vicious headbut to Kane from the top of the ladder. Benoit was at the top of the ladder when Edge drilled him with a chair, and Edge scampered up the ladder and picked up the win. Will he now stop bitching? Probably not.

IN RING: Eugene entered the ring and started talking about King Kong Bundy beating down midgets at WrestleMania III. Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari had to put an end to this. They entered and then beat down the mental deficient. Who would come to his rescue? None other than HULK HOGAN. Hogan cleaned house, and even delivered the dreaded "double noggin-knocker." It would have been nice if this was an actual match. A challenge could have been made, a referee run down to ringside, and ding ding. We didn't even get to see him "hulk up" or deliver the leg drop. But still a nice treat.

Match #3 (INTER)
The Undertaker def. Randy Orton via Pinfall (14:11)
Notes: Again, it started off only average, but picked up near the end. The best part was when "Cowboy" Bob Orton showed up. And yes, "The Ace" was wearing the legendary cast on his forearm. The newly- inducted Hall-of-Famer used it to clock the Undertaker, but 'Taker kicked out of Randy's pin. This caused the elder Orton to deliver a "WTF?" comment. Randy then went for the Tombstone, but Undertaker reversed it into a Tombstone of his own. It was over. 13-0. Never will be duplicated.

Match #4 - WWE Women's Championship (RAW)
Trish Stratus
def. Christy Hemme
via Pinfall (4:39)
Notes: Come on, the Raw Diva Contest bimbo didn't have a chance. Not against the lovely Trish. And Trish was looking quite good this evening. It was a quick match, and might have been mildly amusing if it weren't for the obvious gaff. Christy rolled up Trish and referee Jack Doan clearly and distinctly stopped himself from making the third and final count. Ooops. Maybe Trish used her womanly "charms" to win him over. Whatever.

Match #5 (INTER)
Kurt Angle def. Shawn Michaels via Submission (27:08)
Notes: Kurt had some sharp-looking tights on for this match. And HBK started things off with a cheap shot. He had to slap Kurt in the face. And the "You screwed Bret" chants started. Normally I don't have a problem with the chant, but people--you're in L.A. I think only Canadians have the right to make that chant, and only if WWE is IN CANADA. But it quickly died and a pro-Angle chant started. Michaels was keeping up with Kurt's wrestling prowess, displaying some moves of his own. But soon Kurt gained the advantage and Michaels had to start taking chances, which included doing a springboard off the ropes and into Kurt on top of the announce table. The pace quickened at this point. Michaels connected with his elbow from the top rope and started warming up the band. But Angle would have none of it. Shawn went for his superkick but Angle grabbed his leg and turned it into the anklelock. Shawn eventually countered with a rollup, but Angle connected with the Angle Slam. Kurt then decided to go high-risk, trying for a moonsault. He missed, so Shawn decided to try something from the top. But Angle recovered and BAM! Angle Slam from the top rope. Somehow, Shawn kicked out. Angle then talked some trash right in Shawn's face, but got a superkick to the chops for his trouble. After that, Angle played a bit of possum, waiting for the opportune moment. When Shawn least expected it, Angle slapped on the anklelock again. Shawn fought and fought, but had to tap out. Easily the best match of the evening.

PIPER'S PIT: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper introduced "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and the two men did some verbal jousting, each trying to "one-up" the other. Suddenly, Carlito Caribbean Cool made an appearance. Carlito talked some smack until Piper snatched Carlito's apple and spit it in his face. Carlito attacked Piper, and eventually Austin made the save. Austin stunned Carlito out of the ring, shared some beers with Piper, and then delivered a Stunner to Piper himself.

Match #6 - Sumo Match (SMDN)
Akebono def. The Big Show (1:03)
Notes: Two big guys slapping each other around the ring. Big Show was able to lift Akebono, but that gave Akebono an opening. He tossed Big Show out of the circle and onto the floor.

Match #7 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship (SMDN)
John Cena
def. John "Bradshaw" Layfield
via Pinfall (11:26)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Worst match ever. Absolute shit. John Cena blows. JBL did have a cool entrance. His longhorn limousine was escorted by a police motorcade while $100 "Bradshaws" rained down from above. JBL's historic reign was ended. And WWE still can't get the total right. Cole said it was 242 days, saying JBL won it on June 27, 2004. Just do a quick estimate: July to March is 9 months. Multiply 9 times 30 days in a month. That would give you 270 days, way over Cole's number. WTF. Either way, it's over. And in a shitty match, to a shitty John Cena. What a douche.

ON STAGE: "Mean" Gene Okerlund introduced the Hall of Fame Class of 2005. Nikolai Volkoff was escorted by Michelle McCool, The Iron Sheik by Candice Michelle, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff by Jackie Gayda, "Cowboy" Bob Orton by Maria Kanellis, Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart by Joy Giovanni, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper by Torrie Wilson, and "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan by Stacy Keibler.

Match #8 - World Heavyweight Championship (RAW)
Dave Batista
def. Triple H
w/Ric Flair
via Pinfall (21:32)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Once again, Motorhead played Triple H to the ring. Of course, Naitch had to live up to his "dirtiest player in the game" moniker by getting in some cheap shots on Batista. Good 'ol Flair. The double-team tactic worked for a while, but Batista fought back. He even catapulted HHH into the ringpost from on top of the steel steps. Triple H was a bloody mess and Batista went to work. Triple H tried to Pedigree Batista, but Batista would have none of it. He powered out of it and hulked up. The Batista Bomb was dropped, and so was HHH.

30-Man Battle Royal
ExitNameTimeEliminated By
1The Hurricane1:05Reigns
2Luther Reigns1:34Masters, Regal, Tajiri
3Scotty 2 Hotty2:41Masters
4Sho Funaki2:44Masters
5Spike Dudley2:46Masters
6Billy Kidman2:49Masters
7Charlie Haas3:19Snitsky, Maven
8Maven3:38Booker T
9Val Venis5:04Heidenreich
10Simon Dean5:37Heidenreich
11Sylvan Grenier5:49Heidenreich
14Rob Conway6:43Booker T
15/16Doug Basham6:47Regal
15/16Danny Basham6:47Regal
17Tyson Tomko7:19Jordan
19Hardcore Holly7:36Masters
20William Regal7:40Heidenreich
21Orlando Jordan7:51Snitsky
22Paul London8:13Heidenreich
24John Heidenreich8:36Snitsky
25Gene Snitsky8:56Jindrak
26Mark Jindrak9:13Masters
28Viscera10:47Booker T
29"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters11:19Booker T
30Booker T11:19WINNER

1. Favorite Male Performance
Eugene (Forrest Gump) 29.99 %68,295 Votes
Triple H (Braveheart) 20.72 %47,185 Votes
Undertaker (Dirty Harry) 34.96 %79,616 Votes
JBL (A Few Good Men) 14.34 %32,663 Votes
Total Votes227,759
2. Favorite Female Performance
Christy Hemme (When Harry Met Sally) 45.1 %96,942 Votes
Stacy Keibler (Basic Instinct) 47.65 %102,417 Votes
Candice Michelle (Taxi Driver) 7.25 %15,588 Votes
Total Votes214,947
3. Best On Screen Tag Team
Booker T & Eddie Guerrero (Pulp Fiction) 27.17 %57,882 Votes
Christy Hemme & Kurt Angle (When Harry Met Sally) 18.17 %38,699 Votes
John Cena & JBL (A Few Good Men) 28.13 %59,915 Votes
Ric Flair & Donkey (Braveheart) 26.53 %56,512 Votes
Total Votes213,008
4. Best Punch Line
Linda McMahon - "I'll have what she’s having." (When Harry Met Sally) 28.55 %59,239 Votes
Christian - "I love you." (Basic Instinct) 41.34 %85,781 Votes
William Regal - "Run Eugene, run!" (Forrest Gump) 30.11 %62,466 Votes
Total Votes207,486
5. Favorite Movie Trailer
Forrest Gump8.51 %17,928 Votes
Pulp Fiction4.38 %9,219 Votes
Braveheart8.87 %18,687 Votes
A Few Good Men10.12 %21,324 Votes
Dirty Harry8.83 %18,595 Votes
When Harry Met Sally7.47 %15,745 Votes
Basic Instinct12.26 %25,838 Votes
Taxi Driver39.56 %83,341 Votes
Total Votes210,677
6. NC-17 Award (Most Shocking Moment)
Undertaker blows away punk (Dirty Harry) 24.91 %51,263 Votes
Mae gets "interrogated" (Basic Instinct) 27.2 %55,991 Votes
Michael Cole gets tough (Taxi Driver) 15.12 %31,122 Votes
Eugene punches old woman (Forrest Gump) 32.77 %67,448 Votes
Total Votes205,824
7. Taxi Driver "You talking to me" Award
Batista58.26 %127,072 Votes
Big Show29.33 %63,974 Votes
Heidenreich2.08 %4,531 Votes
Gene Snitsky10.33 %22,528 Votes
Total Votes218,105
8. Best Hair
Undertaker (Dirty Harry)31.86 % 65,357 Votes
Kurt Angle (When Harry Met Sally) 23.17 %47,522 Votes
Booker T (Pulp Fiction) 27.36 %56,118 Votes
Chris Jericho (Basic Instinct) 17.61 %36,119 Votes
Total Votes205,116
9. Most Promising Movie Star
John Cena45.19 %94,489 Votes
Kurt Angle7.5 %15,685 Votes
Batista27.34 %57,179 Votes
Stacy Keibler19.97 %41,756 Votes
Total Votes209,109
Grand Total1,912,031

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW) / Michael Cole and Tazz (SMDN)
w/Gene Okerlund
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel, Tony Chimel
National Anthem:Lilian Garcia (America the Beautiful)
Celebrities: Adam Sandler ('actor'), Rob Schneider ('actor'), That Dude from the Black Eyed Peas (musician), Billy Gibbons (musician), Marg Helgenberger (actress), Motorhead (band)
Referees/Officials:Jimmy Korderas, Earl Hebner, Chad Patton, Jack Doan, Brian Hebner, Pierre Renyoyano?, Nick Patrick, Mike Chioda, etc.

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