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March 17, 2002 - Toronto, Ontario
Toronto SkyDome

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Sunday Night Heat Match - Six-Man Tag Team Match
Scotty 2 Hotty
def. Mr. Perfect
Lance Storm
via Pinfall (3:03)
Notes: Rikishi pinned Mr. Perfect.

ON STAGE: Saliva, a crappy band, performed a track from their latest album. Go out and get it if you have a table with an uneven leg.

Match #1 - WWF Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam
def. William Regal
via Pinfall (6:19)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- William Regal lost (sniff). It's the ultimate besmirchment at the biggest show. The was setting up the Power of the Punch when RVD kicked him in the face and connected with the 5-Star.

Match #2 - WWF European Championship
Diamond Dallas Page
def. Christian
via Pinfall (6:08)
Notes: DDP defeated his former protogé, and just had to rub it in after the fact. Christian couldn't deal with losing in his hometown in front of over 60,000 people and threw a tempter tantrum.

Match #3 - WWF Hardcore Championship
DRAW Maven
(see notes)(3:17)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Goldust and Maven (a punk that shouldn't even be within 10 miles of the WrestleMania card) knocked each other down. Spike Dudley saw his opening and pinned Maven, winning the title under the 24/7 rule. Crash came out and went after Spike, and the chase was on! This wasn't over by a longshot.

ON STAGE: Drowning Pool, another crappy band (but less annoying than Saliva), performed a dumb song that "told the story" leading up to tonight's world title bout. Basically a good chance to take a leak.

BACKSTAGE: The battle raged on for the Hardcore Championship, with Al Snow joining the fray. Spike nearly escaped, but The Hurricane flew in and won the title. -TITLE CHANGE-

Match #4
Kurt Angle def. Kane via Pinfall (10:44)
Notes: Angle nailed Kane with the ring bell before the match started. What a great strategy! It's true, it's true! Angle then reversed a rollup and pinned Kane. It didn't matter that he had his leg on the ropes. OK, OK, it was somewhat controversial.

Match #5 - No Disqualification Match
The Undertaker def. Ric Flair via Pinfall (18:46)
Notes: That cheating Flair used a lead pipe and even had Arn Anderson come down to help him, but Undertaker was able to take him out, too. And 'Taker finished Flair off with the Tombstone! 10-0 and WrestleMania.

Match #6
Edge def. Booker T via Pinfall (6:32)
Notes: First Edge steals Booker T's Japanese hair endorsement deal, then he makes fun of Booker T's intelligence, and then he defeats him at WrestleMania. At least we saw a WrestleMania Spinneroonie.

BACKSTAGE: The Coach was asking The Hurricane a few questions about the Hardcore Championship when Mighty Molly came over. She was about to leave with Hurricane when she clocked him with a frying pan, made the cover, and won the title. -TITLE CHANGE-

Match #7
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Scott Hall
w/Kevin Nash
via Pinfall (9:51)
Notes: This was a handicap match for a while, because Austin had to fight off both Hall and Nash. Nash was eventually escorted from ringside, but the damage had been done. Hall hit Austin with the Stunner, but it wasn't over. Austin hit two quick Stunners, Hall flew into the air, and was pinned.

Match #8 - WWF World Tag Team Championship - Four Corners Elimination Match
Billy Gunn &
Chuck Palumbo

def. "The APA"
(Faarooq & Bradshaw)
"The Dudley Boyz"
(D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley)
w/Stacy Keibler
"The Hardy Boyz"
(Matt & Jeff Hardy)
via Pinfall (13:51)
Notes: The APA was eliminated at (3:25) when D-Von pinned Bradshaw. The Dudley Boyz were eliminated at (11:49) when Matt pinned Bubba Ray. Chuck pinned Jeff for the win after Billy nailed Jeff with the title belt.

BACKSTAGE: Mighty Molly was running off with her Hardcore Championship when Christian ambushed her and won the title. -TITLE CHANGE-

Match #9
The Rock def. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan via Pinfall (16:22)
Notes: Without a doubt, hands down, the greatest match on the card, and one of the greatest of all time. Not necessarily for the maneuvers performed, but just due to the incredible electricity and energy put off in the match. I was really hoping Hogan would pull it off, but deep down I knew the WWF could never have their new poster boy beaten up by and old dude. After the match Hogan and Rock shook hands, but Hall and Nash came out and beat up Hogan. Then Rock saved Hogan and the two posed in the ring.

Match #10 - WWF Women's Championship
def. Trish Stratus

via Pinfall (6:16)
Notes: Jazz pinned Lita.

PARKING GARAGE: Christian was getting into a car with the Hardcore Championship when Maven came up from behind and won the title. -TITLE CHANGE-

Match #11 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H
def. Chris Jericho
w/Stephanie McMahon
via Pinfall (18:41)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Drowning Pool played Triple H to the ring, making it two years in a row that Hunter went to the ring to crappy music. Triple H gave Stephanie the Pedigree during the match, and completed his comeback.

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
w/Jonathan Coachman, Michael Cole
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel, Lilian Garcia
Host at WWFNY:The Big Show
Celebrities:Saliva (band), Drowning Pool (band)
Referees/Officials:Brian Hebner, Jimmy Korderas, Mike Sparks, Teddy Long, Chad Patton, Charles Robinson, Tim White, Nick Patrick, Mike Chioda, Jack Doan, Earl Hebner, Arn Anderson, etc.

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