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March 28, 1999 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
First Union Center

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Sunday Night Heat Match
def. Ivory via Pinfall (1:24)
Notes: Terri joined commentary.

Sunday Night Heat Match - Battle Royal
D'Lo Brown & Test def. Steve Blackman, Bradshaw, Brian Christopher, Disciples of Apocalypse, Droz, Faarooq, Gillberg, Godfather, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Hawk, Animal, Mideon, Public Enemy, Tiger Ali Singh, Scott Taylor, and Viscera (4:16)
Notes: The two winners of the battle royal would receive a tag team title shot later in the evening. Owen and Jarrett joined commentary. Who really cares about order of elimination for this one?

Match #1 - WWF Hardcore Championship - Triple Threat Match
Hardcore Holly
def. "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn
Al Snow
via Pinfall (7:05)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Holly pinned Snow. Gunn finished off Snow and went for a cover, but Holly drilled him with a chair. Hardcore dethroned "Dumb Ass" Billy Gunn.

Match #2 - WWF World Tag Team Championship
Jeff Jarrett &
Owen Hart

def. D'Lo Brown
& Test

via Pinfall (3:47)
Notes: Jarrett pinned D'Lo after Owen drop kicked him from the top rope. Test started getting into it with Ivory, and then PMS came down for some reason. Chaos.

Match #3 - Brawl For All Boxing Match
w/Art Gore, Manny Sutherland, Donny Dold
def. Bart Gunn
Ray Rinaldi, John Lotharo
via TKO (1st-0:46)
Notes: Butterbean put out Gunn in the first round. Referee was Vinnie Pazienza, ringside judges were Gorilla Monsoon, Kevin Rooney, and Chuck Wepner. The San Diego Chicken came out and Pazienza decked him.

Match #4
Mankind def. The Big Show via DQ (6:49)
Notes: Show wad DQed for throttling Foley with a chair. As a result of the match, Mankind was to be the referee for the main event. Wight KOed Vince McMahon after Vince verbally berated him. McMahon subsequently had Wight arrested. Also, Mankind was believed unable to referee, so Vince said that he would do so.

Match #5 - WWF Intercontinental Championship - Four Corners Elimination Match
"Road Dogg" Jesse James
def. Ken Shamrock
Val Venis

w/Ryan Shamrock, Blue Meanie
via Pinfall (9:45)
Notes: Val Venis and Ken Shamrock were both counted out at 8:21, Dogg pinned Goldust to finish it off.

Match #6
Kane def. Triple H via DQ (11:31)
Notes: The San Diego Chicken attacked Kane before the match, and Kane revealed that it was Pete Rose. Pete got another Tombstone, and his record dropped to 0-2 against Kane. Chyna betrayed Kane and used a chair on him, rejoining Triple H and DX.

Match #7 - WWF Women's Championship
def. Tori
via Pinfall (4:27)
Notes: Nicole Bass appeared and gave Sable the win.

Match #8 - WWF European Championship
Shane McMahon
def. X-Pac
via Pinfall (8:41)
Notes: Triple H and Chyna came out to counteract Test and the Mean Street Posse. The Posse had ringside seats. But Triple H and Chyna turned on X-Pac, giving Shane the victory and joining Team Corporate.

Match #9 - Hell In A Cell Match
The Undertaker
w/Paul Bearer
def. The Big Boss Man via Pinfall (9:46)
Notes: After the match, Gangrel, Christian, and Edge came down from the ceiling and lowered a noose. The Boss Man was hung from the cell.

Match #10 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship - No Disqualification Match
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
def. The Rock
via Pinfall (16:51)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Vince was on his way to referee, but WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels appeared and told him to hit the bricks. The match went through three referees, until Mankind came down to officiate. McMahon came down to ringside, and got stunned after Austin won. Jim Ross joined the King for commentary.

Commentary:Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler
w/Kevin Kelly, Jim Ross
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
National Anthem:Boyz II Men (America the Beautiful)
Celebrities:Pete Rose (baseball great), Vinny Pazienza (boxer), Boyz II Men (singers), Butterbean (boxer), Chuck Wepner (former boxer), Kevin Rooney (M.Tyson's fmr trainer), Isaac Hayes and Big Pun (singers)
Referees/Officials:Mike Chioda, Teddy Long, Tim White, Jimmy Korderas, Earl Hebner, Tony Garea, Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, Vince McMahon, etc.

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