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March 29, 1998 - Boston, Massachusetts

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Match #1 - Tag Team Battle Royal
"The Legion of Doom"
(Hawk & Animal)
def. (See Below) (8:24)
Notes: Kurrgan came and eliminated the Truth Commission. Barry Windham came and eliminated Chainz. Mark Henry stayed in the match longer than he was supposed to, since D'Lo was eliminated. 8-Ball or Skull eliminated the Godwinns after they were themselves eliminated. The LOD received a title shot for their victory.

Match #2 - WWF Light Heavyweight Championship
Taka Michinoku
def. Aguila
via Pinfall (5:57)
Notes: Taka retains his title in a pretty good match.

Match #3 - WWF European Championship
Triple H
def. Owen Hart
via Pinfall (11:28)
Notes: The DX band played Triple H to the ring, which sounded horrible. Sadly, it wouldn't be the last time the WWF used a live band at a WrestleMania. Chyna was handcuffed to WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter for the match. However, she threw powder in his eyes and was able to give Owen a low blow, costing him the match.

Match #4 - Mixed Tag Team Match
"Marvelous" Marc Mero
& Sable
def. TAFKA Goldust &
Luna Vachon
via Pinfall (9:10)
Notes: Sable pinned Luna after the TKO.

Match #5 - WWF Intercontinental Championship
The Rock
def. Ken Shamrock
via DQ (4:49)
Notes: Tennessee Lee introduced "Double J" Jeff Jarrett and Gennifer Flowers. Flowers served as the guest ring announcer. Ken Shamrock originally defeated the Rock via submission, but the decision was reversed and Shamrock DQed when he refused to release the anklelock on Rock. It looked as if Faarooq was going to help Rock, but he stopped and walked off.

Match #6 - WWF World Tag Team Championship - Dumpster Match
Cactus Jack &
Chainsaw Charlie

def. "The New Age Outlaws"
(Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- In a hardcore match, Cactus and Chainsaw threw the Outlaws into a dumpster in the back and won the tag titles.

Match #7
The Undertaker def. Kane
w/Paul Bearer
via Pinfall (16:56)
Notes: Pete Rose was the guest ring announcer for this contest. He insulted the crowd and then got Tombstoned by Kane. In a classic bout between these two titans, Undertaker Tombstoned Kane three times to get the win. Kane wasn't done though, because Kane gave 'Taker a Tombstone of his own onto a steel chair.

Match #8 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
def. Shawn Michaels
w/Triple H, Chyna
via Pinfall (20:01)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Triple H got involved right at the beginning, so the referee sent him and Chyna to the back. The referee got knocked down, and the men were battling without an official. Michaels went for the superkick, missed, countered the Stunner, went for another superkick, but couldn't avoid the Stunner a second time. Special enforcer Mike Tyson leaped into the ring and made the three count. Michaels got up and got in Tyson's face and Tyson laid him out. Welcome to the Stone Cold era.

When one man was eliminated, his partner was also eliminated. * - Indicates the man actually thrown out, if known.
ExitNameTimeEliminated By
1"Los Boricuas"
Savio Vega* & Miguel Perez
2Sniper & Recon1:33Kurrgan
3Steve Blackman & Flash Funk*2:01Hawk
4Bradshaw & Chainz*2:11Barry Windham
5"Nation of Domination"
D'Lo Brown* & Mark Henry
2:30Skull or 8-Ball
6"The Quebecers"
Jacques* & Pierre
2:30Headbanger Mosh
7"Nation of Domination"
Faarooq & Kama Mustafa*
8"Los Boricuas"
Jesus Castillo* & Jose Estrada
3:12Mark Henry
9"Rock 'n Roll Express"
Ricky Morton* & Robert Gibson
3:18Phineas Godwinn
10"The Headbangers"
Mosh & Thrasher*
4:01Bob Holly
11Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor*4:34Bart Gunn
12"Disciples of Apocalypse"
Skull & 8-Ball
6:12Henry Godwinn
13"The Godwinns"
Henry O. & Phineas I. Godwinn*
6:278-Ball or Skull
14"New Midnight Express"
Bob Holly & Bart Gunn
w/James E. Cornette
15"The Legion of Doom"
Hawk & Animal

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich, Tito Santana
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
National Anthem:DX Band (America the Beautiful)
Celebrities:Mike Tyson (boxer), Gennifer Flowers (personality), Pete Rose (baseball great), Vinny Pazienza and Marvin Hagler (boxing greats)
Referees/Officials:Jimmy Korderas, Jack Doan, Tim White, Mike Chioda, Tony Garea, Pat Patterson, Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter, Mark Yeaton, etc.

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