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March 23, 1997 - Rosemont, Illinois
Rosemont Horizon

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Free-For-All Match
Billy Gunn def. Flash Funk
via Pinfall (7:05)
Notes: Yippee.

Match #1 - Four-Team Elimination Match
"The Headbangers"
(Mosh & Thrasher)
def. "The Godwinns"
(Henry O. & Phineas I. Godwinn)
w/Hillbilly Jim
"The Black Jacks"
(Bradshaw & Windham)
Doug Furnas & Philip LaFon
via Pinfall (10:38)
Notes: The Black Jacks were counted out first at 4:46, and Furnas/Lafon were counted out at 4:50. Mosh pinned Phinneas to get the win.

Match #2 - WWF Intercontinental Championship
Rocky Maivia
def. The Sultan
w/Iron Sheik, Bob Backlund
via Pinfall (9:44)
Notes: After Rocky won, Rocky Johnson came out to save him from the Sultan/Sheik/Backlund beatdown. Honky Tonk Man joined commentary.

Match #3
Hunter Hearst Helmsley
def. Goldust
via Pinfall (14:27)
Notes: Man, the guys were ripping into Chyna during this match. Chyna started going after Marlena to break up Goldust's momentum.

Match #4 - WWF World Tag Team Championship
Vader &

w/Paul Bearer
DRAW Owen Hart &
The British Bulldog

via Dbl Countout (15:50)
Notes: Mankind slapped the Mandible Claw on the Bulldog, and wouldn't let it go, even after they tumbled out of the ring. Since they were the legal men, they were counted out.

Match #5 - Submission Match
Bret "Hitman" Hart def. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin via TKO (22:03)
Notes: This was a hell of a match, probably the best of this era. Austin was tough, but Bret beat the snot out of him and got the Sharpshooter on. With blood pouring down his face, Austin tried to break it, but to no avail. Shamrock stopped the match because Austin was unconscious. Bret then made his heel turn by laying in a few cheap shots after the bell until Ken Shamrock intervened.

Match #6 - Chicago Street Fight
Ahmed Johnson &
"The Legion of Doom"

(Hawk & Animal)
def. Faarooq
Savio Vega

w/Nation of Domination
via Pinfall (10:46)
Notes: Animal pinned Crush. The match itself wasn't bad, but the fact that it followed such a magnificent contest didn't help it.

Match #7 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker
def. Sycho Sid
via Pinfall (21:19)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- That bastard Shawn Michaels joined commentary, and his 'injured' knee looked quite fine. Before Sid and 'Taker got going, Bret Hart came out and vented a little bit until Sid powerbombed him. Bret came back down to ringside and hit Sid with a chair, and then got in Sid's face on the apron. Sid grabbed him, and Bret just dropped, pulling Sid's throat down onto the top rope. This was right in front of Hebner, but I guess that wasn't powerful enough for a DQ. But it was enough for Undertaker to get in the Tombstone, and it was over.

Commentary:Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
w/Todd Pettengil, Dok Hendrix
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
French: Raymond Rougeau, Jean Brassard
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
National Anthem:N/A
Referees/Officials:Mike Chioda, Earl Hebner, Jack Doan, Jimmy Korderas, Mark Yeaton, Pat Patterson, Dave Hebner, Rene Goulet, Gerald Brisco, etc.

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