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March 31, 1985 - New York, New York
Madison Square Garden

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Match #1
Tito Santana def. The Executioner via Submission (4:49)
Notes: Chico Santana used the figure-four leglock on the previously unbeaten Executioner.

Match #2
King Kong Bundy
w/Jimmy Hart
def. S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones via Pinfall (0:21)
Notes: Bundy avalanched Jones in the corner, followed it up with a big splash, and that was all she wrote for Jones. They announced the fall as "nine seconds," but I don't know why. It wasn't even anywhere near that time.

Match #3
Ricky Steamboat def. Matt Borne via Pinfall (4:34)
Notes: Who is Matt Borne? Some dude from Portland, Oregon, apparently. He's also the son of "Tough" Tony Borne, a former wrestler.

Match #4
Brutus Beefcake
w/Johnny Valiant
DRAW David Sammartino
w/Bruno Sammartino
via DQ (11:47)
Notes: Both men were disqualified when "Luscious" Johnny V. and the "Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino started brawling inside the ring.

Match #5 - WWF Intercontinental Championship
Junk Yard Dog
def. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
w/Jimmy Hart
via Countout (6:48)
Notes: After the match, Tito Santana came out and helped JYD.

Match #6 - WWF World Tag Team Championship
The Iron Sheik &
Nikolai Volkoff

w/Fred Blassie
def. Barry Windham &
Mike Rotundo

w/Lou Albano
via Pinfall (5:00)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Nikolai pinned Windham. Blassie tossed in his cane, which was used to whallop Windham.

Match #7 - $15,000 Body Slam Match
Andre the Giant def. Big John Studd
w/Bobby Heenan
via Pinfall (4:15)
Notes: To win the money, one needed to body slam the other. Andre slammed Studd and started to give the money away before Heenan grabbed the bag and ran off with it.

Match #8 - WWF Women's Championship
Wendi Richter
w/Cyndi Lauper
def. Leilani Kai
w/Fabulous Moolah
via Pinfall (6:10)

Match #9
Hulk Hogan & Mr. T
w/Jimmy Snuka
def. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper &
"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff

w/Bob Orton
via Pinfall (13:19)
Notes: Hogan pinned Orndorff. Billy Martin was the guest ring announcer, Liberace was the guest timekeeper, and Muhammad Ali was the guest referee.

Commentary:Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse "The Body" Ventura
w/"Mean" Gene Okerlund, Lord Alfred Hayes
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
National Anthem:"Mean" Gene Okerlund
Celebrities:Mr. T (actor), Billy Martin (Yankees manager), Liberace (musician), Muhammad Ali (boxer), Cyndi Lauper (musician), The Rockettes (dancers)
Referees/Officials:Pat Patterson, etc.

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