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September 24, 2000 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
First Union Center

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Match #1 - Eight-Man Tag Team Match
"Right To Censor"
Steven Richards
Val Venis
Bull Buchanan
The Goodfather
def. "The Dudley Boyz"
(D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley)
"The Acolytes"
(Faarooq & Bradshaw)
via Pinfall (6:03)
Notes: Venis pinned Bubba after Richards snuck into the ring and Stevie-Kicked Bubba. But the Dudleyz and Acolytes did get their cheap shots in on Steven, and even put him through a table.

Match #2 - Strap Match
Tazz def. Jerry "The King" Lawler via TKO (5:06)
Notes: When the referee was down, Raven appeared and gave Lawler a DDT. Tazz slapped on the Tazzmission and put Lawler out. Michael Cole joined commentary due to Lawler's condition.

Match #3 - WWF Hardcore Championship
Steve Blackman
def. Test
w/Trish Stratus
Perry Saturn
Crash Holly
Al Snow
Sho Funaki

via Pinfall (10:02)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- (x3) In this match, the title could change hands an unlimited number of times during the 10 minute match. Crash won by pinning Blackman, Perry Saturn pinned Crash, and Blackman pinned Saturn.

Match #4
Chris Jericho def. X-Pac via Submission (9:04)
Notes: X-Pac came off the second rope and landed right into the Walls of Jericho.

Match #5 - WWF World Tag Team Championship - Steel Cage Match
"The Hardy Boyz"
(Matt & Jeff Hardy)
def. Edge & Christian
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Jeff escaped first, but involved himself later. Christian escaped, leaving Matt and Edge. But Jeff got involved again, and so did Lita. It ended with Edge getting a Con-chair-to to his head. Then both Hardyz exited the cage.

Match #6 - WWF Intercontinental Championship
Eddie Guerrero
def. Rikishi
via DQ (6:03)
Notes: King rejoined commentary before this match and Cole hit the bricks. Rikishi was about to defeat Eddie but Chyna stopped the referee from counting. Rikishi brought her into the ring and started beating down on her, and that is why the Phat Man was DQed.

Match #7 - No Disqualification Match
Triple H
w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
def. Kurt Angle via Pinfall (17:23)
Notes: Mick Foley was the guest referee. Kurt gave a nice rendition of "Happy Birthday" in Stephanie's honor before she entered. Stephanie kicked Kurt in the nuts and Hunter laid in with the Pedigree. Sorry, Kurt. It just wasn't meant to be.

IN RING: Shane McMahon accused Steve Blackman of running down Austin at the 1999 Survivor Series. Steve Austin came out and delivered the Stunner to Blackman, and then had a beer with Shane. Shane should have known better, because Autin gave him a Stunner as well. This was just a ploy by Shane to get some element of revenge on Blackman from SummerSlam.

Match #8 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship - Fatal Four-Way Match
The Rock
def. Chris Benoit
The Undertaker

via Pinfall (16:04)
Notes: Chris Benoit won the title by pinning the Undertaker, but was robbed AGAIN by that punk Foley. Mick came out and said the match should continue, since Undertaker's foot was on the rope. Then Rock pinned Benoit.

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
w/Kevin Kelly, Michael Cole
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
Host at WWFNY:Too Cool
Referees/Officials:Teddy Long, Chad Patton, Earl Hebner, Mike Sparks, Jimmy Korderas, Mike Chioda, Jack Doan, Tim White, Tony Garea, Sgt. Slaughter, Commissioner Mick Foley, etc.

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