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November 25, 1992 - Richfield, Ohio
Richfield Coliseum

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* Denotes match 'survivor.'
Non-Televised Match
Crush def. The Brooklyn Brawler via Submission

Match #1
"The Headshrinkers"
(Fatu & Samu)
def. "High Energy"
(Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware)
via Pinfall (7:39)
Notes: Fatu pinned Owen. I don't think High Energy recovered from this loss. Afa was chowing down on a turkey leg outside the ring.

Match #2 - Nightstick Match
The Big Boss Man def. Nailz via Pinfall (5:43)
Notes: The nightstick was set up on a pole, and whomever retrieved it first could legally use it in the match. It wasn't really used that much, but the crowd was really into the match anyway.

Match #3
Tatanka def. "The Model" Rick Martel via Pinfall (11:07)
Notes: Tatanka got his 'sacred' feathers back from Martel. I thought Martel made them look good. Also during this match, an at the time unknown Doink the Clown appeared in the aisle and did his schtick.

Match #4
"Macho Man" Randy Savage
& Mr. Perfect
def. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
& Razor Ramon
via DQ (16:27)
Notes: This match was a mess, and ended with a DQ. Perfect accidentally knocked down Hebner, and got the Perfect-Plex on Razor. Marella came runing down, but that took too long. Flair made the save. Perfect then got Flair in the Perfect-Plex on Flair, but Razor had Marella distracted, so Hebner counted. Razor broke that up. It was chaos. Eventually they DQed Flair and Razor for double-teaming.

Match #5
w/Mr. Fuji
def. Virgil via Pinfall (3:44)
Notes: Yokozuna just destroyed Virgil, and squashed him like a bug with the Banzai drop.

Match #6 - Survivor Series Match
"The Natural Disasters"
(Earthquake & Typhoon)
"The Nasty Boys"
(Brian Knobbs* & Jerry Sags*)
def. "Money, Inc."
(Ted DiBiase & Irwin R. Schyster)
"The Beverly Brothers"
(Beau & Blake Beverly)
w/Jimmy Hart, The Genius
via Pinfall (16:03)
Notes: Earthquake pinned Beau at 9:25, Schyster pinned Typhoon ater a DiBiase trip at 15:55, and Saggs quickly ran in and pinned Schyster at 16:03 for the win.

Match #7 - Coffin Match
The Undertaker
w/Paul Bearer
def. Kamala
w/Harvey Whippleman, Kimchee
via Pinfall/Coffin (5:28)
Notes: Kimchee got the urn from Bearer and threw it to Kamala, but Kamala wanted nothing to do with it. Undertaker hit Kamala with the urn, pinned him, and then tossed him into the coffin to win the first ever "coffin match."

Match #8 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship
Bret "Hitman" Hart
def. Shawn Michaels
via Submission (26:38)
Notes: Michaels was the IC champ at the time, but his title was not on the line. It was still champion vs. champion, and a good match. It was also a preview of things to come. At the end of the match, in a somewhat questionable move, the WWF had Santa Claus come to the ring.

Commentary:Vince McMahon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
w/Gene Okerlund, Sean Mooney, Lord Alfred Hayes
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
Referees/Officials:Joey Marella, Mike Chioda, Earl Hebner, Jay Strongbow, Dave Hebner, etc.

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