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November 26, 2006 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
First Union Center

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* - Denotes match 'survivor.'
Non-Televised Match
Carlito def. Charlie Haas via Pinfall

Match #1 - Survivor Series Match (RAW)
Ric Flair*
Dusty Rhodes
Sgt. Slaughter
Ron Simmons

w/Arn Anderson
def. "The Spirit Squad"
via Pinfall (10:33)
Notes: Ron Simmons was tripped by Mitch, so he went outside the ring after him. Mitch backed into Anderson, who posted him. The referee then said Simmons was counted out at 1:54. The referee then put out Mitch, since he tripped Simmons. Simmons dragged Mitch to the back, and then the referee sent Arn packing for posting Mitch. Sarge slapped the Cobra Clutch on Nicky, but Kenny came into the ring. Rhodes fought him off, but with the distraction, Johnny delivered a kick to Slaughter's head, and put Nicky on top for the pin at 6:28. Rhodes then came in and pinned Nicky at 6:56. After dodging an attack in the corner, Kenny rolled up Rhodes for a pin at 8:24. Flair managed to pin Mikey at 9:15, and then Kenny with an inside cradle at 9:50. Johnny then succumbed to the Figure Four at 10:33. The Spirit Squad then attacked Flair.

Match #2 - WWE United States Championship (SMDN)
Chris Benoit
def. Chavo Guerrero
w/Vickie Guerrero
via Submission (8:24)
Notes: Didn't really get into this match. Benoit went for the Sharpshooter but Chavo kicked him off right into Vickie. She fell off the apron, and then Benoit got in the Crossface.

Match #3 - WWE Women's Championship (RAW)
Mickie James
def. Lita
via Pinfall (8:20)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Decent enough of a match. Mickie connected with a thunderous DDT and won the title from Lita. Lita taunted the crowd a bit, but then Cryme Tyme make their way down to the ring. Prior to the bout, they were seen sneaking into Lita's dressing room. And now we found out why. They started selling some of Lita's personal items, including Monistat and a vibrator. JBL bought a pair of panties for $100, but they ended up getting thrown to the crowd. This whole thing was mildly amusing, but it went on too long. What a farewell for Lita. We see Trish go out with class and dignity, but not so for Lita.

Match #4 - Survivor Series Match (INTER)
Triple H*
Shawn Michaels*
CM Punk*
Matt Hardy*
Jeff Hardy*
def. Randy Orton
Mike Knox
Gregory Helms
Johnny Nitro

w/Melina, Kelly Kelly
via Pinfall (11:33)
Notes: DX was in the ring, and Kelly teased taking her top off. Knox got in HHH's face, but then turned around right into Sweet Chin Music. Michaels pinned Knox at 0:41, and then asked his teammates who that guy was. Team RKO got in some offense, but CM Punk made Nitro tap out to the Anaconda Vise at 4:58. Crowd was really behind CM Punk in this match. Helms made a good showing for himself, but then went down after HHH gave him a spinebuster, Matt delivered the Twist of Fate, and Jeff connected with a Swanton. Matt pinned Helms at 9:25. At this point, Orton and Edge tried walking off, but the Hardys put an end to that. All hell broke loose then, officiating wise. Everyone was in the ring laying in shots, and Michaels pinned Edge at 10:38. Orton tried running into the crowd, but he was retrieved. Triple H pinned Orton after a Pedigree at 11:33.

Match #5 - First Blood Match (SMDN)
Ken Kennedy def. The Undertaker (9:24)
Notes: Kennedy started bleeding from the mouth, but MVP came down to the ring with a towel. He wiped the blood from Kennedy's mouth, and also cleaned up what had spilled onto the mat. But he then did a 180 and threw Kennedy back into the ring to a waiting Undertaker. MVP wasn't done, though. He came into the ring with a steel chair, fought off the ref, and nailed the Undertaker. It looked like it was an accident--that MVP wanted to hit Kennedy. The chairshot busted open the Undertaker, and the referee called for the bell. 'Taker went after MVP, but Kennedy jumped him and delivered a beating. Kennedy got on the mic and was talking some trash, but the Undertaker grabbed him by the throat and ended up laying out Kennedy with one of the worst (in a good way) chairshots ever. Undertaker kept on with the beating, and didn't stop until Kennedy was Tombstoned.

Match #6 - Survivor Series Match (INTER)
John Cena*
Bobby Lashley*
Rob Van Dam
def. The Big Show
Montel Vontavious Porter

w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
via Pinfall (12:35)
Notes: Match erupted into chaos rather quickly. Cena and Umaga started out, but Umaga went nuts and used one of the monitors on Rob Van Dam, causing a DQ at 0:56. Kane chokeslammed MVP and RVD then hit him with the Frog Splash and made the cover at 5:31. Test quickly ran in and kicked RVD in the face, and pinned him at 5:40. Dumbass Sabu went on a tear and eliminated Test via pinfall at 6:20. Big Show came in and quickly finished off Sabu and pinned him at 6:36. Big Show and Kane faced each other in the ring, and then the Little Bastard ran through. When the ref chased him away, Finlay drilled Kane with his shillelagh. Big Show then made the pin at 7:26. Lashley got some revenge on Finlay by pinning him at 10:29. The Little Bastard was nearly FU'ed at this point, but Show kicked Cena in the face. That would have been fun to see. Show fought valiantly, but Lashley and Cena were too much. Cena was able to FU the Big Show and pinned him for the win.

Match #7 - World Heavyweight Championship (SMDN)
Dave Batista
def. King Booker
w/Queen Sharmell
via Pinfall (13:57)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Batista came out first, and attacked the King when it was his turn. Batista laid in some shots outside the ring before the match was officially underway. Not a whole lot to write home about with this one. Sharmell slipped Booker the belt, but then Batista nearly powerbombed her. He just tossed her aside. Booker lunged at Batista with the belt, but Batista dodged him and ended up using the belt himself. He made the pin, and we have a new champion.

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW), Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield (SMDN)
w/Todd Grisham, Kristal Marshall
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia, Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Chad Patton, Jimmy Korderas, Jack Doan, Mike Chioda, Mickie Hensen, Charles Robinson, Chris Kay, Nick Patrick, SMDN GM Theodore Long, etc.

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