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November 27, 2005 - Detroit, Michigan
Joe Louis Arena

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start: 2:12:11 2:19:29 HBK pinned Lashley
Heat Match
w/Super Crazy, Psicosis
def. Simon Dean via Pinfall (4:13)
Notes: Not much to say about this one. The other Mexicools took Simon's gym bag and distracted him, allowing Juvi to get land the Juvi-Driver or whatever.

Match #1 - WWE United States Championship - Match #1 in a Best-of-Seven Series (SMDN)
Booker T
def. Chris Benoit
via Pinfall (14:38)
Notes: The lovely Sharmell came out first and introduced her man. Not the greatest match that these two have ever had, but decent. Booker T rolled up Benoit and put his feet on the ropes, and Sharmell held the feet for good measure. Booker T goes up 1-0. Sharmell distracted Benoit earlier in the match, and that gave Book the opening he needed.

Match #2 - WWE Women's Championship (INTER)
Trish Stratus
w/Mickie James
def. Melina
w/Mercury, Nitro
via Pinfall (6:30)
Notes: Both women were smokin' hot. Melina attacked Mickie James to distract the referee. Mercury and Nitro then were going to give Trish the Snapshot when the ref caught them and ejected them. Trish ended up coming off the top rope and connecting with the Stratusfaction. Mickie James had an assist as well. Trish was on the apron and Melina was coming in to knock her off when Mickie pulled Trish out of the way. Good women's match, though. With all this Ashley crap lately, I forgot what one looks like.

Match #3 - Last Man Standing Match (RAW)
Triple H def. Ric Flair (26:59)
Notes: Trips was in the ring when Naitch made his entrance, and ran down and started things off in the entryway. Flair has his robe on for a bit, which only delayed the torture of having to watch his flabby body. Trips even busted out a screwdriver and used it on Flair's forehead. And yes, we also had to see Flair grab a handful of Trips' testicles. I hate that move. Trips had been verbally trashing Flair on the mic, and he used it to make Flair release the "hold". HHH was preparing the Raw announce table and Coach helped remove the top portion and put it aside. He grabbed his binder and stuff and got out of the way. Kind of funny. But Flair ended up backdropping HHH through the Spanish announce table. There were chairs and stairs used as well. HHH put down Flair with three Pedigrees and then finally a sledgehammer.

IN RING: Edge and Lita came to the ring and announced their new interview segment, "The Cutting Edge." Edge claimed that he would ask all the hard questions on his show, and to prove his point, he made some wisecracks about Detroit and Tigers DH Dmitri Young, who was at ringside. Young had some comebacks of his own.

Match #4 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship (RAW)
John Cena
def. Kurt Angle
via Pinfall (13:57)
Notes: Daivari was guest referee. The crowd was pretty jacked up for this match. There were "Let's go Angle" chants that were answered with "Let's go Cena" chants. Daivari was obviously partial, and kicked Cena's hand off the rope when he was trying to escape the ankle lock, and nearly DQed Cena for slapping him when Kurt had to intervene. The Angle fans prevailed in the cheering section, and huge "Cena sucks" chants were heard. Cena put on a clinic, but Daivari was knocked out early. Cena turned the tide, so then Angle clotheslined the new ref. The same thing happened after Angle missed a moonsault. He sensed Cena was getting the upper hand and took out another referee. Then a SmackDown ref came in and Kurt was upset with that. That distraction gave Cena an opening and he connected with an FU.

Match #5 (INTER)
Theodore Long
w/Palmer Cannon
def. Eric Bischoff via Pinfall (5:26)
Notes: This was bad. Now take your definition of bad and multiply it by 100 or so and then you'd have an idea of just how terrible it was. Palmer Cannon started doing some schtick on the apron, gaining the attention of both refs (there was one from each brand). Bisch then choked out Long with his black belt. The same sort of "Three Stooges" routine went on until the Boogeyman showed up. He took out Bisch, and Long made the cover. Apparently the TWO refs somehow missed this.

Match #6 - Survivor Series Match (INTER)
"Team SmackDown"
Dave Batista
Randy Orton
John "Bradshaw" Layfield
Ray Mysterio
Bobby Lashley
w/Jillian Hall, Bob Orton
def. "Team Raw"
Shawn Michaels
The Big Show
"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters
via Pinfall (24:01)
Notes: Very good traditional match. Commentary was done by all five announcers, which was interesting, but too often degenerated into a shouting match between the Raw and SmackDown crews. Lashley laid out Carlito with the Dominator, but Carlito wasn't even the legal man, HBK was. The ref was taking care of Carlito when Lashley went for the Dominator on HBK. But Kane chokeslammed Lashley while standing outside on the apron. HBK pinned Lashley at 7:18. Batista pinned Kane at 11:43 after Rey Rey first hit him with the 619 and then Batista hit him with a Spinebuster. Kane didn't leave until he and Big Show double chokeslammed Batista. Big Show pinned Batista at 12:29. In a moment of comedy, Rey Rey pinned Big Show at 14:28. Big Show was hit with a 619, an RKO, and a Clothesline from Hell. Rey finished him with a springboard from the top rope. JBL pinned Carlito at 17:35. JBL made the blind tag on Rey Rey. Rey went for a moonsault off the ropes and was caught by Carlito. But JBL was the legal man and came off the ropes with the Clothesline from Hell and took out Carlito. Mysterio also pinned Masters at 19:02 after a 619/springboard combo. Rey Rey went to the well one too many times (as Monsoon would say), because after another 619 he attempted another springboard, but HBK caught him with Sweet Chin Music. Sweet. HBK pinned Mysterio at 20:30. JBL ran in a little too quickly. He missed with the clothesline and then came off the ropes into Sweet Chin Music. HBK pinned JBL at 20:44. HBK fought valiantly, but he was running on fumes. JBL was still at ringside, and he went after Michaels with a chair. Michaels took him out, but Randy had recovered and connected with the RKO. The SmackDown locker room came out and hoisted Randy on their shoulders, but the Undertaker crashed the party. 'Taker's gong sounded and some druids brought out a casket and stood it on end. A lightning bolt flashed and the casket burst into flames. The lid flew off and out walked the Undertaker, the casket still burning. Undertaker cleared out the ring and stared down Randy in the entryway.

Commentary:Joey Styles, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Jonathan Coachman (RAW) / Michael Cole and Tazz (SMDN)
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia, Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Charles Robinson, Chad Patton, Mickie Hensen, Jack Doan, Jimmy Korderas, Nick Patrick, Mike Chioda, Vince McMahon, etc.

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