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August 27, 1995 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Civic Arena (aka The Igloo)

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Match #1
Hakushi def. 1-2-3 Kid via Pinfall (9:27)
Notes: A high-flying, decent match.

Match #2
Hunter Hearst Helmsley def. Bob "Sparkplug" Holly via Pinfall (7:10)
Notes: Hunter continues his undefeated streak while Bob wishes this gimmick would die.

Match #3
"The Smoking Gunns"
(Billy & Bart Gunn)
def. Jacob & Eli Blu
w/Uncle Zebekiah
via Pinfall (6:09)
Notes: Billy pinned whichever after leaping from the top rope.

Match #4
Barry Horowitz def. Skip
via Pinfall (11:21)
Notes: Skip started talking smack to Hakushi when he came down to ringside. Hakushi went to the top rope, jumped over Skip and Horowitz, and rolled out of the ring. In the confusion, Horowitz got the quick inside cradle for the win. Oh yeah, Sunny looked incredible.

Match #5 - WWF Women's Championship
Bertha Faye
w/Harvey Whippleman
def. Alundra Blayze
via Pinfall (4:37)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Bertha won the title, and boy, was Harvey happy.

Match #6 - Casket Match
The Undertaker
w/Paul Bearer
def. Kama
w/Ted DiBiase
Notes: A Tombstone made Kama casket-ready, and 'Taker got his revenge on the man who turned the urn into a giant gold bling bling.

Match #7
Bret "Hitman" Hart def. Isaac Yankem, DDS via DQ (16:07)
Notes: Yankem and Lawler tied Hitman's neck in the ropes, and beat and choked him out, causing the DQ.

Match #8 - WWF Intercontinental Championship - Ladder Match
Shawn Michaels
def. Razor Ramon
Notes: Ramon went for the Razor's Edge, but Michaels back dropped him out of the ring. Razor was spent and down for the count, and Michaels went up the ladder and retrieved the belt. It took him two tries. The first time he kind of jumped off the ladder and grabbed it, but the belt wouldn't come off, and Michaels fell to the mat empty handed. The second time was the charm.

Match #9 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship
def. King Mabel
via Pinfall (9:14)
Notes: Hebner did his thing and got knocked out, allowing Mo to come in and help Mabel. Lex Luger came out and ran off Mo. Diesel got the snot kicked out of him for nearly the whole match, and won it with a clothesline off the second rope.

Commentary:Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler
w/Dean Douglas, Dok Hendrix, Todd Pettengil, Jim Ross
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Justin Roberts
Referees/Officials:Tim White, Jack Doan, Mike Chioda, Earl Hebner, Rene Goulet, Tony Garea, Gerald Brisco, etc.

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