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August 29, 1988 - New York, New York
Madison Square Garden

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Match #1
"The British Bulldogs"
(Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid)
DRAW "The Fabulous Rougeaus"
(Raymond & Jacques Rougeau)
via Time Limit (11:18)
Notes: Even though I can't imagine an 11 minute time limit, that is the decision that was announced. Whatever.

Match #2
Bad News Brown def. Ken Patera via Pinfall (6:36)
Notes: Bad News used the Ghetto Blaster on Patera, and that was all she wrote.

Match #3
"Ravishing" Rick Rude
w/Bobby Heenan
def. Junk Yard Dog via DQ (3:56)
Notes: Rude had some great tights which had JYD airbrushed on them. But later on, he pulled those tights down to reveal some other tights with Jake Roberts' wife on them. Roberts came out and attacked Rude, and got JYD disqualified.

Match #4
"The Powers of Pain"
(Barbarian & Warlord)
def. "The Bolsheviks"
(Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov)
via Pinfall (4:44)

BROTHER LOVE SHOW: Brother Love's guest was "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. While talking, that pig Duggan hocked all over Brother Love. Horrible.

Match #5 - WWF Intercontinental Championship
The Ultimate Warrior
def. The Honky Tonk Man
w/Jimmy Hart
via Pinfall (0:32)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- That idiot Warrior ends the reign of the "greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time." What a tough break for Honky. He didn't even know who he was going to be facing, and out comes the Warrior and jumps him before the match officially began. Chump.

Match #6
Dino Bravo
w/Frenchy Martin
def. "The Rock" Don Muraco via Pinfall (1:17)
Notes: Muraco was distracted by Frenchy and his "USA is not OK" sign.

Match #7 - WWF World Tag Team Championship
(Ax & Smash)
w/Mr. Fuji, Jimmy Hart
def. "The Hart Foundation"
(Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart)
via Pinfall (8:11)
Notes: Smash pinned Hart. Ax used Jimmy Hart's megaphone on Bret Hart, allowing Smash to get the pinfall.

Match #8
The Big Boss Man
def. Koko B. Ware
via Pinfall (5:56)
Notes: Actually, a rather exciting and fun match.

Match #9
Jake "The Snake" Roberts def. Hercules via Pinfall (10:08)
Notes: Jake was a little preoccupied with Rick Rude, but got his head back into the match just in time to pull out the victory over Herc.

Match #10
Hulk Hogan &
"Macho Man" Randy Savage

w/Miss Elizabeth
def. "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
& Andre the Giant

w/Bobby Heenan, Virgil
via Pinfall (14:48)
Notes: Hogan pinned DiBiase. Jesse "The Body" Ventura was the guest referee and didn't want to make the pinfall. He hesitated, but Macho forced his hand to get the win. Liz had taken off her skirt to distract DiBiase, Andre, and Ventura, letting the Mega-Powers capitalize.

Commentary:Gorilla Monsoon and "Superstar" Billy Graham
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
Referees/Officials:Joe Marella, Earl Hebner, Tim White, etc.

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