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August 15, 2004 - Toronto, Ontario
Air Canada Centre

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Sunday Night Heat Match (SMDN)
Rob Van Dam def. Rene Dupree
via Pinfall (9:38)
Notes: Wow, a Heat match that lasted longer than 4 minutes. They even had to go to a commercial during the match. The crowd was hugely behind RVD.

Match #1 - Six-Man Tag Team Match (SMDN)
"The Dudleyz"
Spike Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Bubba Ray Dudley
def. Rey Mysterio
Billy Kidman
Paul London
via Pinfall (8:07)
Notes: Spike was running around barking orders, acting like a big shot. Oh wait, Hardcore Holly is the Big Shot. London and Kidman had some great moves, the best one being London running and leaping off of Kidman's back, over the top rope to the outside, landing on Bubba. Kidman nearly won it, but fell prey to the 3D, and Spike picked up the scraps and pinned Billy.

Match #2 (RAW)
Kane def. Matt Hardy via Pinfall (6:09)
Notes: Lita was introduced first, and she stood at ringside. Lita agreed to marry the man that won the match, making this a "Til Death Do Us Part" match. Lita did her part to try and help Matt win. She brought the ring bell into the ring and then distracted the ref while Matt used it on Kame. But it wasn't enough. Kane chokeslammed Matt from the top rope and that was all she wrote. I think Lita was on the receiving end of a "slut" chant. Either way, Kane and Lita are on their way to the altar.

Match #3 - WWE United States Championship - Match #1 in a Best-of-Five Series (SMDN)
John Cena
def. Booker T
via Pinfall (6:26)
Notes: Although Cena defeated Booker by pinfall, this was just the first match in a best-of-five series. So Cena went up 1-0. Booker T performed the Spinneroonie, which the crowd loved, but it left him wide open for the FU. Cena landed it perfectly, and it was over.

Match #4 - WWE Intercontinental Championship - Triple Threat Match (RAW)
def. Chris Jericho

via Pinfall (8:26)
Notes: Despite being the champion, and despite being in his hometown, the crowd really didn't give a crap about Edge. Y2J took out Batista with the springboard, but Edge quickly connected with the spear and pinned Y2J.

Match #5 (SMDN)
Kurt Angle
w/Luther Reigns
def. Eddie Guerrero via Submission (13:37)
Notes: Captain America personified really took it to Eddie. Kurt just dissected Guerrero's leg, and even began to unlace Eddie's boot. Later, Son of Hebner went down, and Eddie used his boot on Kurt. He then scored with the frog splash, but Kurt kicked out of that. Angle eventually slapped on the anklelock, and there was no way Eddie could take that kind of punishment for very long. Kurt could not be denied at the WWE's version of the summer games. A mere eight years ago he brought home the gold. The Canadian crowd was mainly pro-Angle. Crowd was very weird for this event.

Match #6 (RAW)
Triple H def. Eugene via Pinfall (14:06)
Notes: Triple H did some pretty sneaky things during the match. Must have been taking notes from Naitch. He used Lilian Garcia as a shield at one point, tossed her to the ground and kicked Eugene when he went to her aid. He also faked a knee injury to the point the ref almost stopped the match, only to knock Eugene out of the ring. Crowd hated Eugene, with "Eugene sucks!" chants echoing throughout the arena. But they changed their tune when Eugene flipped off Hunter and gave him the Stunner, and later did his version of Hulk Hogan's leg drop. Ric Flair eventually came out, but after involving himself the ref sent him to the back. William Regal came up behind Flair, who was yelling at the referee on his way out, and laid him out cold with the brass knucks. Eugene was watching this go down, giving Hunter a chance to gather himself. When Eugene turned around, he was greeted with a Pedigree.

"Match" #7 - Diva Dodgeball (RAW)
"Team Dream"
Joy Giovanni
Amy Weber
Tracie Wright
Maria Kanellis
Christy Hemme
Michelle McCool
def. "Team Diva"
Trish Stratus
Gail Kim
Stacy Keibler
Molly Holly
Notes: For some reason, Diva contestant Carmella DeCesare was not in attendance, so Team Dream started off one short. But they still prevailed in this segment, held in the Toronto Raptors' practice facility inside the building.

Match #8 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship (SMDN)
John Bradshaw Layfield
w/Orlando Jordan
def. The Undertaker
via DQ (17:36)
Notes: JBL did not back down from the Undertaker, and showed no signs of intimidation. He went to work on 'Taker's knee, doing some major damage. The referee was knocked down, allowing JBL to use the title belt on 'Taker. Jordan got involved a few times, most importantly right at the end. Jordan was going to use the belt on Undertaker again, but 'Taker kicked him in the face and instead used the belt on JBL. The referee recovered just in time to see this, and called for the bell. Undertaker was pissed off and slammed JBL onto the hood of his limo, breaking the windshield. Undertaker started to leave, but decided he hadn't done enough. He dragged JBL to the top of the limo, and then chokeslammed JBL through the roof into the car. 'Taker left and JBL was carted out on a stretcher. Crowd didn't seem into the match itself, since they were doing the wave during the match.

Match #9 - World Heavyweight Championship (RAW)
Randy Orton
def. Chris Benoit
via Pinfall (20:08)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Best match of the night, I think. Orton really rose to the occasion here, and he had a great look of determination as the bell rang to start things off. At one point I thought Benoit was legitimately hurt, perhaps seriously. Benoit saw Orton on the outside of the ring, and catapulted himself through the ropes at Orton. Randy dodged it, and Benoit went head first into the security barrier. It looked rough. The crowd was pro-Orton, which surprised me. And it was a title match in Canada with Hebner as the ref, so the "You screwed Bret!" chants were dusted off for another night. It was a great match, but it should be watched to fully appreciate it. Randy fought out of several submission holds and connected with the RKO out of nowhere and became the youngest champion in WWE history. Benoit was leaving the arena but went back into the ring. In an unexpected show of class, Orton took Chris's outstretched hand and shook it. The era of Orton has begun.

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW) / Michael Cole and Tazz (SMDN)
w/Todd Grisham, Jonathan Coachman
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia, Howard Finkel, Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Jimmy Korderas, Mike Chioda, Charles Robinson, Chad Patton, Jack Doan, Nick Patrick, Earl Hebner, GM Eric Bischoff, GM Theodore Long, etc.

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