Royal Rumble 1988 Logo

January 24, 1988 - Hamilton, Ontario
Copps Coliseum

The first Royal Rumble was a special that aired on the USA Network. It is listed here for simplicity.

Match #1
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat def. "Ravishing" Rick Rude via DQ (17:39)
Notes: Ricky Steamboat jumped off the top rope at Rude, who pulled the referee in the way.

NEAR ENTRYWAY: In this segment, Dino Bravo (w/Frenchy Martin) attempted to benchpress a world-record 715 pounds. Jesse "The Body" Ventura was the spotter, and "Mean" Gene Okerlund was on commentary. Ventura gave Bravo a little assist on the press.

Match #2 - WWF Women's Tag Team Championship - 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
"The Jumping Bomb Angels"
(Itsuki Yamazaki & Noriyo Tateno)
def. "The Glamour Girls"
(Leilani Kai & Judy Martin)
w/Jimmy Hart
via Pinfall (15:40)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Martin pinned red at 6:10 for the first fall, red pinned Kai at 8:19 to win the second fall, and pink pinned Martin for the third fall at 15:40. I'm calling the Bomb Angels by color because I can't tell them apart.

IN RING: In this segment, Andre the Giant (w/Ted DiBiase and Virgil) and Hulk Hogan signed a contract for a World Heavyweight Championship rematch. Jack Tunney and Okerlund were also present.

Match #3 - Royal Rumble Match
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan def. (See Below) (33:25)
Notes: Duggan was the first Royal Rumble winner. Nikolai Volkoff jumped the gun a little bit and had to wait at ringside until his turn. One Man Gang was dominant, but accidentally hit Bravo out of the ring. He still was in control, but Duggan ducked under Gang's charge, and Gang went flailing over the top.

Match #4 - 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
"The Islanders"
(Haku & Tama)
def. "The Young Stallions" via Submission (14:59)
Notes: Roma was counted out at 7:52. Haku got the submission on Roma at 14:59. In between falls, Greg DeGeorge interviewed Andre the Giant, Ted DiBiase, and Virgil.

*Entrants were supposed to come down in 2:00 minute intervals. But for storytelling purposes, they sometimes have to run over/short, depending on what's happening in the ring. Individual times are from when the timer hit zero until the Superstar's feet hit the floor. Times are approximate, taken from video footage.
#Time InNameExitTime OutEliminated ByTotal
10:00Bret Hart
w/Jimmy Hart
825:44Don Muraco25:44
20:00Tito Santana210:43Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart10:43
31:57Butch Reed15:25Jake Roberts3:28
43:35Jim Neidhart622:53Hillbilly Jim19:13
55:13Jake Roberts1027:12One Man Gang21:59
66:43Harley Race416:55Don Muraco10:12
78:11Jim Brunzell520:23Nikolai Volkoff12:12
89:39Sam Houston724:23Ron Bass14:44
911:10Danny Davis1329:10Jim Duggan18:00
1012:39Boris Zhukov315:20Roberts, Brunzell2:41
1114:39Don Muraco1731:11One Man Gang16:32
1216:38Nikolai Volkoff1128:21Jim Duggan11:43
1318:05Jim DugganWINNER
1419:35Ron Bass1630:00Don Muraco10:25
1521:02B. Brian Blair926:59One Man Gang5:57
1622:32Hillbilly Jim1228:34One Man Gang6:02
1724:01Dino Bravo
w/Frenchy Martin
1832:22One Man Gang8:21
1825:27Ultimate Warrior1429:25One Man Gang, Dino Bravo3:58
1926:17One Man Gang1933:23Jim Duggan7:06
2027:30Junkyard Dog1529:48Ron Bass2:18

Commentary:Vince McMahon and Jesse "The Body" Ventura
w/Gene Okerlund, Greg DeGeorge
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
Referees/Officials:Dave Hebner, Earl Hebner, Joey Marella, Jack Tunney, etc.

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