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January 27, 2007 - San Antonio, Texas
AT&T Center

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Non-Televised Match
JTG def. Lance Cade via Pinfall

Match #1 (INTER)
"The Hardys"
(Matt & Jeff Hardy)
def. "MNM"
(Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro)
via Pinfall (15:27)
Notes: What a great tag team MNM is. Matt and Jeff are now "The Hardys"--they've lost the "Boyz". I guess they've all grown up. Jeff pinned Nitro. It was a good, fast-paced match. It was a good way to start the event, and it reminded me of how they used to start off shows with a high-octane tag match.

Match #2 - ECW World Heavyweight Championship (ECW)
Bobby Lashley
def. Test
via Countout (7:27)
Notes: Boy was this crap. Will they kill ECW already? Test just decided that he had had enough, and walked off instead of getting back in the ring. Lashley tossed him back into the ring and delivered a running powerslam.

Match #3 - World Heavyweight Championship (SMDN)
Dave Batista
def. Ken Kennedy
via Pinfall (10:30)
Notes: Kennedy's time on the mic was brief. I guess he was all business tonight. Kennedy did a pretty good job attacking the leg of Batista during the match, and Batista hobbled out of the ring after. Batista had about three moves on offense, but still managed to defeat Kennedy with the Batista Bomb. The referee was knocked down at one point, and Kennedy had about a 9 count on Batista. Oh well.

Match #4 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Last Man Standing Match (RAW)
John Cena
def. Umaga
w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
Notes: Really good match here. I liked it a lot, and I'm not even going to bash Cena. There was a lot of good spots in the match, using the steel steps, the announce tables, and even the top ring rope. Cena was a bloody mess. At one point Umaga had Cena set up on an announce table, and then got a running start across the other tables, and tried to splash Cena. John moved out of the way, and Umaga splashed the table, crushing it. That wasn't enough to keep Umaga down. Armando undid the top ring rope and Umaga was going to use part of the steel turnbuckle on Cena, but Cena FU'ed him. After taking out Armando, Cena wrapped the rope around Umaga's neck and also put on the STFU and after some fight, Umaga was out. Highly enjoyable bout.

Match #5 - Royal Rumble Match
The Undertaker def. (See Below) (56:55)
Notes: King joined JBL and Cole to do commentary for the Rumble. Dumbass Sabu put up a table before he got into the ring, and Kane made him pay for it by chokeslamming him through it. Adios Sabu. Booker was pissed at Kane for eliminating him, so he went back into the ring and tossed Kane. Khali dominated, and tossed out a bunch of guys before getting eliminated himself by the Undertaker. It came down to two legends, and I'm glad that the Undertaker won. He deserved it. The match itself was pretty straight-forward, but enjoyable to watch.

*Entrants were supposed to come down in 1:30 minute intervals. But for storytelling purposes, they sometimes have to run over/short, depending on what's happening in the ring. Individual times are from when the buzzer went off to the Superstar's feet hitting the floor. Times are approximate, taken from video footage.
#Time InNameExitTime OutEliminated ByTotal
10:00"Nature Boy" Ric Flair15:41Edge5:41
20:00Finlay1232:51Shawn Michaels32:51
31:30Kenny Dykstra25:49Edge4:19
43:00Matt Hardy922:16Randy Orton19:16
54:30Edge2849:20Shawn Michaels44:50
66:00Tommy Dreamer312:55Kane6:55
89:00Gregory Helms516:05King Booker7:05
910:31Shelton Benjamin1433:28Shawn Michaels22:57
1012:03Kane1125:55King Booker13:52
1113:57CM Punk2241:57Great Khali18:00
1215:27King Booker
w/Queen Sharmell
1317:01Super Crazy721:47Randy Orton, Edge4:46
1418:24Jeff Hardy822:14Edge3:50
1519:55The Sandman620:42King Booker0:47
1621:27Randy Orton2749:16Shawn Michaels27:49
1723:07Chris Benoit1941:34Great Khali18:27
1824:41Rob Van Dam2141:49Great Khali17:08
2027:50Johnny Nitro1534:31Chris Benoit6:41
2129:10Kevin Thorn1635:51Chris Benoit6:41
2230:41Hardcore Holly1841:26Great Khali10:45
2332:12Shawn Michaels2956:55Undertaker24:43
2433:51"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters1737:40Rob Van Dam4:49
2535:24Chavo Guerrero2442:11Great Khali6:47
2636:56Montel Vontavious Porter2644:56Undertaker8:00
2738:28Carlito2342:04Great Khali3:36
2839:59The Great Khali2544:21Undertaker4:22
2941:23Mike "Miz" Mizanin2041:38Great Khali0:15
3043:07The UndertakerWINNER

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW), Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield (SMDN), Joey Styles and Taz (ECW)
w/Kelly Kelly
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia, Tony Chimel, Justin Roberts
Referees/Officials:Jack Doan, Mickie Hensen, Nick Patrick, Mike Chioda, Charles Robinson, Jimmy Korderas, Scott Armstrong, SMDN GM Theodore Long, Jonathan Coachman, Vince McMahon, etc.

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