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January 23, 2000 - New York, New York
Madison Square Garden

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Match #1
Tazz def. Kurt Angle via TKO (3:15)
Notes: Tazz used his "Tazzmission," which to some was a controversial maneuver. Angle was choked out and the referee awarded the match to Tazz.

Match #2 - Tag Team Table Match
"The Hardy Boyz"
(Matt & Jeff Hardy)
def. "The Dudley Boyz"
(D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley)
Notes: Too bad the Dudley Boyz had to lose this one. Great uses of the tables here, especially when they set up tables right in the tunnel and jumped off from the seats above. It was a great match, but like I said, too bad the Hardyz won.

Match #3 - Miss Rumble 2000 Swimsuit Competition
Mae Young def. Ivory, Terri, Jacqueline,
B.B., Luna, The Kat
Unanimous Decision
Notes: Jerry "The King" Lawler officiated the event, with the judges being Sgt. Slaughter, Tony Garea, Fabulous Moolah, Johnny Valiant, "Classie" Freddie Blassie, and Andy Richter. Mae Young was a late entry and ended up taking her top off. It wasn't pretty.

Match #4 - WWF Intercontinental Championship - Triple Threat Match
Chris Jericho
def. Hardcore Holly
via Pinfall (7:28)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE*- *Chyna and Jericho were co-champions going into the match, and whomever won would be the undisputed champion. Jericho pinned Chyna. I was rooting for the Superheavyweight the whole way. He was at a huge disadvantage because Jericho and Chyna were helping each other out at times.

Match #5 - WWF World Tag Team Championship
"The New Age Outlaws"
(Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)
def. "The Acolytes"
(Faarooq & Bradshaw)
via Pinfall (2:35)
Notes: Gunn pinned Bradshaw after X-Pac ran down and changed the momentum.

Match #6 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship - Street Fight
Triple H
w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
def. Cactus Jack
via Pinfall (26:49)
Notes: A truly brutal match in every sense of the word. There was barbed wire, tacks, chairs, and more. Triple H won after two Pedigrees, the final one being on top of the thumbtacks.

Match #7 - Royal Rumble Match
The Rock def. (See Below) (51:47)
Notes: Kaientai was upset at not being entered into the Rumble, and got involved in the action several times. They were promptly thrown out every time. Not wanting to fight Rikishi by himself, Boss Man waited the 1:30 outside the ring until Test forced him in. The Mean Street Posse attacked both Acolytes as they entered the match. Rock elminated X-Pac, but Pac was able to re-enter because the referees were breaking up a fight between the New Age Outlaws and Kane. Show was throwing Rock over, but both men went almost at the same time. Rock's foot touched first, but he held onto the ropes and the refs erroneously awarded the match to him.

*Entrants were supposed to come down in 1:30 minute intervals. But for storytelling purposes, they sometimes have to run over/short, depending on what's happening in the ring. Individual times are from when the timer hit zero until the Superstar's feet hit the floor. Times are approximate, taken from video footage.
#Time InNameExitTime OutEliminated ByTotal
10:00D'Lo Brown36:08Rikishi6:08
20:00Grandmaster Sexay47:42Rikishi7:42
66:35Scotty 2 Hotty57:42Rikishi1:07
78:37Steve Blackman69:27Rikishi0:50
912:11The Big Boss Man1537:10The Rock24:59
1013:53Test1740:44Big Show26:51
1115:24The British Bulldog1330:51Road Dogg15:27
1217:11Gangrel1840:49Big Show23:38
1318:55Edge1433:54Al Snow, Val Venis14:59
1420:45Bob Backlund923:03Chris Jericho2:18
1522:36Chris Jericho1026:36Chyna4:00
1624:16Crash Holly1639:21The Rock15:05
1725:47Chyna1126:40Big Boss Man0:53
1827:24Faarooq1227:53Big Boss Man0:29
1928:57"Road Dogg" Jesse James2548:04Billy Gunn19:07
2030:28Al Snow2447:52The Rock17:24
2132:06Val Venis2044:00Kane11:54
2233:46Prince Albert2145:12Kane11:26
2335:18Hardcore Holly2247:16Al Snow11:58
2436:50The RockWINNER
2538:32Billy Gunn2648:16Kane9:44
2640:11The Big Show2951:47The Rock11:36
2741:42Bradshaw1942:17Road Dogg, Billy Gunn0:35
2944:58The Godfather
2347:40Big Show2:42
3046:32X-Pac2848:38The Big Show2:06

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
w/Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
Referees/Officials:Jimmy Korderas, Jack Doan, Teddy Long, Mike Sparks, Chad Patton, Tim White, Earl Hebner, Sgt. Slaughter, Tony Garea, Dave Hebner, Mark Yeaton, etc.

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