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June 1, 2008 - San Diego, California
San Diego Sports Arena

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Non-Televised Match (SMDN/ECW)
Matt Hardy def. Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall

Match #1 - Falls Count Anywhere Match (RAW)
Jeff Hardy def. Umaga via Pinfall (9:04)
Notes: Jeff finished off Umaga with a Swanton off the top of a semi trailer. They brawled in the ring and worked their way outside of the arena. I didn't care for this at all. Reminded me of all those lousy hardcore title bouts from 6 or 7 years ago. I'd feel a little ripped off if I were in the audience.

Match #2 - Singapore Cane Match (SMDN/ECW)
The Big Show def. CM Punk
John Morrison

Tommy Dreamer
Chavo Guerrero

w/Bam Neely
via Pinfall (8:36)
Notes: Show pinned Dreamer to get an ECW title shot. Performance enhancing drug user Shawne Marriman from the San Diego Chargers was in the crowd. Show had to fight off everyone from the get-go. When they finally got him down, they all went for the singapore canes and beat him down, eventually tossing him from the ring. Chavo inadvertently hit Merriman with a cane. CM Punk worked Chavo over and handed the cane off to Merriman to get some revenge. Miz ran in and saved Morrison from the Big Show. It's no DQ, so why not? Show was broken open at this point, and after a superplex involving the other four men, Show went to work with a cane of his own. He destroyed everyone and made the pin after a chokeslam and one huge cane shot to Dreamer's head.

Match #3 - First Blood Match (RAW)
John Cena def. John "Bradshaw" Layfield (14:19)
Notes: Ah, praise JBL. He can really put the beat down on Cena. The referee kind of went overboard here, looking at each man's face and hair after every move, and yelling "no blood!". Cena pulled an Andre and got his arms tied in the ropes. JBL pulled a whip out from under the ring, but before he could use it Cena kicked him in the nuts and freed himself. Cena then choked JBL with a chain that JBL himself had brought into the match. JBL began bleeding from the mouth and the referee ended the bout.

Match #4 - I Quit Match (RAW)
Beth Phoenix def. Melina (9:06)
Notes: Yikes. Melina did an inverted bow and arrow or something. I don't know what you'd call it, but it was hot. Melina fought valiantly, but it was an uphill battle trying to stop the Glamazon. The best Divas match I've seen in a while. Phoenix just about bent Melina in half to earn the victory. It was something.

BACKSTAGE: Usually I ignore the backstage stuff, know. Usually it's pointless filler. But the one that took place here was one of the most bizarre ones I've seen. Maybe it's the beer buzz going on right now, but Cena kicks the doctor out of his own office when Mickie James shows up, and then proceeds to flirt with her. Then Adamle comes out of the bathroom, talks about Gemini from American Gladiators, going to Tiajuana, and then hands Cena some Mamajuana. Weird stuff.

Match #5 - Stretcher Match (INTER)
Dave Batista def. Shawn Michaels (16:54)
Notes: Shawn Michaels was simply overpowered. After one Batista Bomb, Chris Jericho even came down to encourage HBK--to talk him up off the stretcher. After that, Batista let HBK crawl back into the ring. Just before the second Batista-Bomb, Batista said "I don't love you, and I'm not sorry." BAM! The match was just about over when Jericho came out again and stopped the stretcher from crossing the line. HBK rolled off and Batista got the steel steps. The spinebuster finished HBK off for good. He just didn't seem like his heart was totally in the match.

Match #6 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Last Man Standing Match (RAW)
Triple H
def. Randy Orton
Notes: Triple H finished off Orton with a sledgehammer shot to the head. I was just underwhelmed. I suppose it would have been better had Orton not broken his collarbone when Triple H dodged the RKO attempt and tossed Randy over the top rope to the outside. You could see him mouth the words "I broke my collarbone" to the ref. Right after that, Trips went for the sledge and ended things. There was some piece of trash kid that talked smack to Randy on his way up the ramp. Orton got in his face a little. I wish Randy would have smacked him. When Randy turned to him, the punk flinched and then acted all tough, knowing Randy couldn't touch him. Little shit.

Match #7 - World Heavyweight Championship - Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match (SMDN)
def. The Undertaker
Notes: Undertaker took some wicket chairshots in the early goings. He was able to take control by chokeslamming Edge nearly through a ladder. But Hawkins and Ryder showed up and fought Undertaker while Edge recovered. Both ended up going through tables. To prevent Edge from winning, Undertaker gave him the Last Ride off the ladder through two tables, one on top of the other. Undertaker tried climbing the ladder, but now Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero attacked him. Both took chair shots. Undertaker began climbing again, but Edge pushed the ladder over and Undertaker went through four tables that had been set up outside of the ring. Edge then went right up and claimed the championship.

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW), Michael Cole and Mick Foley (SMDN), Mike Adamle and Tazz (ECW)
w/Todd Grisham
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia, Tony Chimel, Justin Roberts
Referees/Officials:Chad Patton, Scott Armstrong, Marty Elias, Jack Doan, Mickie Henson, John Cone, Mike Chioda, Jimmy Korderas, Charles Robinson, SMDN GM Vickie Guerrero, etc.

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