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February 18, 2007 - Los Angeles, California
Staples Center

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Non-Televised Match (INTER)
Rob Van Dam def. Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall
Notes: RVD won after the 5-Star Frog Splash.

Match #1 - Six-Man Tag Team Match (INTER)
Chris Benoit &
"The Hardys"

(Matt & Jeff Hardy)
def. Montel Vontavious Porter
& "MNM"

(Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro)
via Submission (14:19)
Notes: Interesting team-ups here. Mercury got kind of a raw deal here. He received a few finishers, and then tapped out immediatly after Benoit locked on the Crossface. I can't blame him for that. He's already got a smashed face. But it was a good match, which is to be expected. These are all talented guys. Benoit even threw in a double German suplex.

Match #2 - WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Gauntlet Match
Chavo Guerrero
def. Gregory Helms
Jimmy Wang Yang
Shannon Moore
Sho Funaki
Scotty 2 Hotty
Jamie Noble

via Pinfall (15:49)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Scotty 2 Hotty started off with Daivari, and Scotty pinned Daivari after the Worm at 1:39. Helms came in next. Scotty went for the Worm again, but Helms had it well scouted. He countered by pulling Scotty into the ropes and then a knee to the temple and made the pin at 3:43. Funaki was quickly eliminated at 4:11 after going for a high cross body, which Helms rolled over. Shannon Moore the retard ran in, but was also dispatched by Helms via pinfall at 6:12. Jimmy Wang Yang then ended Helms' 13-month reign after rolling him up after a hurricarana at 8:02. JWY then pinned Jamie Noble after a moonsault at 11:45. The ring announcer then began to announce JWY as the winner, but Chavo Guerrero was a surprise entrant. Chavo pinned JWY after a missed corkscrew moonsault and then a frog splash.

Match #3
Finlay &
Little Bastard
def. The Boogeyman &
Little Boogeyman
via Pinfall (6:46)
Notes: Finlay pinned Boogeyman. I'm sorry Finlay had to get involved with this guy. No one give a rip about Boogeyman, so why even bother booking him? Best part of this was seeing Little Bastard get into the ring, roll up his sleeves, and get ready to take on Little Boogeyman, only to have Finlay jump up and kick Little Boogeyman in the face. Later on Big Boogeyman chased off Little Bastard, leaving Finlay able to nail Little Boogeyman with the shillelagh and make the pin.

Match #4
Kane def. King Booker
w/Queen Sharmell
via Pinfall (12:40)
Notes: Kane won after a chokeslam. About what you'd expect from these two. Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

Match #5 - WWE Tag Team Championship
Paul London &
Brian Kendrick

def. Deuce & Domino
via Pinfall (8:07)
Notes: Hmmm...I don't know why exactly, but I like Deuce 'n Domino. And especially Cherry. I just find the whole gimmick amusing. I'm not the only one, because there was a "Domino" t-shirt in the crowd. The two greasers were going for the Doomsday Device when Kendrick rolled through and pinned Deuce. Who will be the ones to end this record-setting reign? Michael Cole's voice really started giving way during this match.

Match #6 - ECW World Heavyweight Championship (INTER)
Ken Kennedy
def. Bobby Lashley
via DQ (15:26)
Notes: Lashey hit Kennedy during an interview prior to the match, so when Lashley made his entrance, Kennedy backjumped him. They brawled outside for a few minutes before things were officially underway. At some points you could hear people yelling "Lashley sucks", booing when Lashley delivered moves, and cheering when Kennedy was on offense. This just reminded me of the match last month with Kennedy-Batista. Kennedy has talent, but his opponent just fell flat. The referee got bumped and was still clearing the cobwebs when Kennedy drilled Lashley with a chair. But he recovered just in time to see Lashley grab it and use it on Kennedy, causing the DQ. They need to end ECW ASAP. Lashley hit Kennedy a few more times with the chair after the match.

IN RING: The Miz hosted the "1st Ever WWE Diva Talent Invitational". Holy crap was this terrible. Kelly Kelly, Layla El, and Brooke Adams (the ECW dames) started off by dancing in the ring. It was uncoordinated and a waste of time. Jillian Hall then came out and did some "singing". I guess this was supposed to make fun of Brooke Hogan. She made some disparaging comments on the other Divas, so Candice Michelle, Maria Kenellis, and Ariel came out and a big catfight ensued. Ashley then came out, Playboy banner and all, and to almost zero reaction at all, took her top off to reveal two painted-on Playboy bunny logos on her knocks. Miz announced her as the winner, not even bothering to poll the audience. I guess what was the point? I guess they are talented if you count paying for fake boobs and taking your clothes off as "talent." Sable '98 with the handprints this was not.

Match #7 (INTER)
John Cena &
Shawn Michaels
def. The Undertaker
& Dave Batista
via Pinfall (22:10)
Notes: Why don't they just end this damn "brand extention" already? Half the shows lately have featured combined talent anyway. Three world champions in one company is ridiculous. But this was a good match. A lot of finishers were both teased and delivered. Undertaker was tagged in and cleaned house, taking out both men on his own. He was going to double chokeslam them, but tossed HBK to Batista for a spinebuster. Undertaker chokeslammed Cena and was going to finish him off when Batista turned on Undertaker and delivered a spinebuster. Cena and Shawn then recovered to deliver Sweet Chin Music and the FU. Cena then made the pin.

Commentary:Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield (SMDN)
w/Kristal Marshall
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Charles Robinson, Jimmy Korderas, Chris Kay, Mickie Hensen, Steve Keirn, Mike Rotundo, Tony Garea, etc.

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