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February 19, 2006 - Baltimore, Maryland
First Mariner Arena

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Heat Match
The Boogeyman def. Simon Dean via Pinfall (1:56)
Notes: Poor Simon. He started out with such promise. But he never got a chance to show what he can do. He's just in one squash match after another.

Match #1 - WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Tornado Rules Match
Gregory Helms
def. Kid Kash
Super Crazy
Sho Funaki
Brian Kendrick
Paul London
Scotty 2 Hotty

via Pinfall (9:43)
Notes: Typical cruiser match. Seemed as though everyone would do their finisher or a big move, but then get taken out by someone else just before they won the match. Kid Kash hit the Dead Level on Psicosis, but Super Crazy did a moonsault on Kash as he went for the pin. They rolled out of the way and Helms snuck in for the pin on Psicosis.

Match #2
John "Bradshaw" Layfield
w/Jillian Hall
def. Bobby Lashley via Pinfall (10:58)
Notes: Before the match, Finlay was backstage and grabbed Kristal. He wanted to pick a fight and took her to the ring. This brought out Lashley, and the two started brawling. JBL saw his chance to capitalize, made his entrance, and the match began while Finlay was escorted out. OK match for two big men. Finlay came through the crowd and tossed Chimel into the ring, distracting the ref. He then clocked Lashley with the shillelagh. JBL capitalized and connected with the Clothesline from Hell, and Lashley's undefeated streak is over.

IN RING: Dave Batista came to the ring and said he loves the fans, will be back soon, and when he comes back, he's taking back the title he never lost. All that usual garbage. Good reaction for him. People love the Animal.

Match #3
Matt Hardy
& Tatanka
def. "MNM"
(Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro)
via Pinfall (10:28)
Notes: Matt was billed as wrestling with a "mystery partner" that turned out to be Tatanka. The crowd was speechless, but soon got into it. Tatanka pinned Mercury after a Samoan drop. At the same time Hardy took out Nitro with the Twist of Fate. Non-title matchup, though.

Match #4 - WWE United States Championship
Chris Benoit
def. Booker T
via Submission (18:13)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Booker took the mic and said he would forfeit the title due to his not being 100%. He even started walking away, but Benoit said he wouldn't accept it by forfeit. Sharmell got in Benoit's face, and slapped him a few times. At this point Booker came back to the ring and jumped Benoit from behind, starting the match. It was a really good match, especially for Booker being injured. Benoit slapped on the Sharpshooter, but when Book wasn't tapping right away, he turned and slapped on the Crossface. Booker tapped seconds later. In the back, Benoit was greeted by all the faces, including Rey Mysterio, Chavo, and Vickie Guerrero. They were all happy and Benoit said Rey has to beat Randy for Eddie and all that crap.

Match #5
Randy Orton def. Rey Mysterio via Pinfall (17:28)
Notes: Great match, especially since Orton dominated most of the time. And, of course, Orton won. Rey Rey tried to squeeze some more energy from Eddie's memory, but it wasn't enough on this night. He battled back, and momentum seemed to be going his way. He went for the 619, but Orton was watching him on the Titantron. Randy ducked at the right moment, Rey whiffed, and Randy schoolboyed Rey. Orton also grabbed onto the ropes for good measure, and the match was history. Dumbshit Mysterio was left in the ring with a shocked look on his face as Randy walked up the ramp in victory. Rey paced in the ring for 5 minutes, and kept saying "no!", as if all that would change anything. And, in contrast to Benoit, there were no joyous Superstars in the back to greet Rey Rey. Chavo and Vickie were there, and Rey said he let everyone down, including Eddie. Chavo told him to keep his chin up, and everyone hugged, cried, said it would all be okay, and I had to go vomit. Rey walked away and got the cold shoulder from all the other guys that an hour earlier were so happy for Benoit. Rey Rey walked down a long hallway and pounded the walls. What a tool. Oh, at least he's Mexican. If you ever forget that, just read his stomach. It's tattooed there for just such an emergency.

Match #6 - World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle
def. The Undertaker
via Pinfall (29:37)
Notes: Outstanding match. There was brawling. There was wrestling. It had it all. Both men really put on a great match, and it was the way a championship match should be. No run-ins, no ref bumps, etc. The ref even counted the men when they left the ring, and they had to repeatedly break the count when the action was outside the ring. Nice attention to detail that is often neglected. Undertaker had Kurt Angle in a Triangle Chokehold when Angle rolled over and pinned the Undertaker. There was some confusion as to the outcome, though, as Undertaker thought he had won. I guess the thought Angle gave up or something. But Kurt was given the title and announced as the winner. Undertaker got in Kurt's face and told him that he had Kurt's number and that he wasn't done with him yet. This was easily the best match of the night. It lost a few points because Rey Rey wasn't crying at the end, but a fantastic match nonetheless.

Commentary:Michael Cole and Tazz (SMDN)
w/Kristal Marshall
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Jimmy Korderas, Nick Patrick, Chris Kay, Charles Robinson, GM Teddy Long, etc.

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