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February 20, 2005 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mellon Arena

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Sunday Night Heat Match
Hardcore Holly &
Charlie Haas
def. Rene Dupree &
Kenzo Suzuki

via Pinfall (4:58*)
Notes: Holly pinned Suzuki after the Alabama Slam. I missed the beginning of the match, so the time is just what I had on tape. Hardcore really seemed to have the crowd behind him.

Match #1 - WWE Tag Team Championship
Eddie Guerrero &
Rey Mysterio

def. "The Basham Brothers""
(Doug & Danny Basham)
via Pinfall (14:51)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- The Co-Secretaries of Defense lost the titles. No matter. Being one of only a handful of tag teams on SmackDown, I'm sure they'll have them again in a month or two. Eddie pinned Doug after some lying, cheating, and stealing involving the title belts.

IN RING: Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson joined commentary for the first "event" in the SmackDown Rookie Diva 2005 Contest. Joy Giovanni, Rochelle Loewen, Lauren Jones, and Michelle McCool all competed for this prestigious title. Up first, the evening gown competition. Quick! Run to your computer and vote!

Match #2
Booker T def. John Heidenreich via DQ (6:48)
Notes: John read a poem before the match. Reminds me of the Genius. John got himself disqualified by throttling Booker in the throat with a chair. He then tried pinning Booker in the ring. Not much to write about here. What do you expect from a match that was made 3 days prior?

Match #3 - WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Six-Man Elimination Match
Chavo Guerrero
def. Sho Funaki
Paul London
Spike Dudley
Shannon Moore

via Pinfall (9:41)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Funaki and London started things off. London pinned Funaki at 1:36, Spike at 1:57, and Moore at 3:34 after a cool 450-degree splash. Akio was counted down at 6:57 when he didn't rise to his feet within a 10-count. London tried "hulking up" but Chavo used the ropes to secure the pin. London looked like he raided the Ultimate Warrior's closet for the match, wearing leggings with tassels. Moore looked like a reject from "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome." Too bad Tina Turner didn't accompany him to the ring. And that a$$hole Spike Dudley wore a Tom Brady jersey to the ring. I hate the Patriots.

IN RING: It was the second round of the SmackDown Rookie Diva 2005 Contest. Torrie and Dawn were in the ring for the "talent" portion of the contest. Joy gave Torrie a massage, Rochelle told a terrible joke, Lauren danced to what sounded like a cheap knockoff of "Highway to the Danger Zone" from the movie Top Gun. Michelle at least had the common sense to wear an outfit with some Steelers logos on it. Since Dawn Marie was berating all the other contestants, Michelle decided that her talent would be to bodyslam Dawn. And remember: go to now and vote!

Match #4
The Undertaker def. Luther Reigns
w/Mark Jindrak
via Pinfall (11:44)
Notes: Traditional "big man" match. Luther did have a nice counter to the Undertaker's first Tombstone attempt. But he only delayed the inevitable. Tombstone, 1, 2, 3.

IN RING: It was the third and final round of the SmackDown Rookie Diva 2005 Contest. Torrie hosted this part, which was the swimsuit contest. Joy came out in a Ben Roethlisberger jersey (which looked incredible on her), but quickly disrobed. She had some great, uh...moves, too. If you saw it, you know what I mean. Michelle wasn't bad either, but the other two sucked. Joy and Michelle received the most cheers, and Torrie went to the online results to determine the winner. Joy received a whopping 65% of the vote, Michelle 18%, Rochelle 11%, and Lauren 6%. Joy wins it all. Like that's a surprise. She's the only girl who had any airtime on WWE programming before this contest. How can you have a contest for the "rookie Diva" when 75% of the contestants haven't done shit yet (and probably never will)?

Match #5
John Cena def. Kurt Angle via Pinfall (19:20)
Notes: John earned the clean victory over Kurt and goes on to fight for the title at WrestleMania 21. Angle did some damage, but Cena escaped the anklelock on several occasions. Bad wheel and all, Cena connected with the FU and Angle was pissed off.

Match #6 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match
John "Bradshaw" Layfield
def. The Big Show
via Escape (15:08)
Notes: The barbed wire played no part whatsoever in this match, unless you count JBL cutting his finger on it within the first five minutes. Both men did bleed quite a bit, however. But it was caused by the cage, not the wire. Orlando Jordan and the Bashams used a wire cutter to open a hole in the cage, and passed the cutter to JBL. Theodore Long put an end to that, chasing the Cabinet members away. JBL tried cutting the barbed wire, but dropped the cutter. After that, nothing too ground-breaking until Big Show chokeslammed JBL through the ring from the top rope. From the top, through the ring, straight to hell. Big Show then tore the chain off of the door and walked through the door and onto the steel steps. The bell rang, and the match was over. Chimel grabbed the mic and proclaimed that the winner...and STILL WWE Champion...was John "Bradshaw" Layfield! While the Big Slow lumbered through the door, JBL crawled out from underneath the ring and won via escape. What a brilliant move. After all that, JBL still had the wherewithall to pull that off. Of course, Big Show had to get in some cheap shots, but the Cabinet made the save. Batista finally made his appearance, and took all of them out. JBL was crawling to the back when Cena decided to get in some cheap shots of his own on the champ. He tossed JBL into some equipment and then gave him a spinebuster into some steel beams. Then Cena from the aisle and Batista from the ring pounded their chests and admired each other from afar. Chumps.

Commentary:Michael Cole and Tazz
w/Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Josh Mathews
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Brian Hebner, Nick Patrick, Jimmy Korderas, Charles Robinson, GM Theodore Long, etc.

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