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February 15, 2004 - San Francisco, California
Cow Palace

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Sunday Night Heat Match - Six-Man Tag Team Match
def. Billy Kidman
Paul London
Ultimo Dragon
via Pinfall (5:35)
Notes: Tajiri pinned Dragon. A decent match for Heat.

IN RING: Recent Playboy cover girls Sable and Torrie Wilson opened up the show and welcomed everyone to the event.

Match #1 - WWE Tag Team Championship - Handicap Match
Riksihi &
Scotty 2 Hotty

def. Shaniqua &
"The Basham Brothers"

(Doug & Danny Basham)
via Pinfall (8:16)
Notes: Rikishi pinned Shaniqua in the corner after a Banzai Drop. SPLAT. Shaniqua did have one good move. When Scotty was doing his worm schtick, it was W! O! R! Clothesline from the apron!

Match #2 - Blindfold Match
Jamie Noble def. Nidia via Submission (4:25)
Notes: Only Jamie had to wear the blindfold, since he was wrestling a girl. Nidia toyed with him a bit, but Jamie ended up cheating to win. He pulled up the hood and saw Nidia on the top rope, and then went and threw her off. He slapped on a Dragon Sleeper and it was over.

Match #3
"The Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team"
(Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas)
def. "The APA"
(Faarooq & Bradshaw)
via Pinfall (7:21)
Notes: Benjamin pinned Bradshaw. Bradshaw hit Haas with the Clothesline From Hell, but he did it with his injured arm. Brad went down as well, and when he arose, he received Shelton's boot to his chin. Shelton was the legal man, and made the cover.

IN RING: Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar confronted Raw Superstar Bill Goldberg, who was sitting ringside. Goldberg ended up giving Brock the jackknife and was subsequently handcuffed and carted off by security. Hardcore Holly ran to the ring to try and get a piece of an injured Brock, but Lesnar and Heyman escaped. What was Hardcore doing there? He had a match, which brings us to...

Match #4
Hardcore Holly def. Rhyno via Pinfall (9:56)
Notes: Rhyno gored Hardcore out of the ring, but I think it just pissed off Hardcore. He got back into the ring and laid out the retarded Man-Beast with the Alabama Slam and won the match.

Match #5 - WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero
w/Chavo Guerrero, Sr.
def. Rey Mysterio
w/Jorge Paez
via Pinfall (17:22)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Chavo, Sr. grabbed Rey's leg and prevented the springboard, so Paez knocked him out. The ref didn't like this one bit, and sent Jorge back to the locker room. Too bad, because Chavo, Sr. ended up pushing Rey Mysterio off the top rope, allowing Chavo, Jr. to score the pinfall.

Match #6 - Triple Threat Match
Kurt Angle def. The Big Show
John Cena
via Submission (12:18)
Notes: Kurt Angle caused John Cena to submit to the anklelock and won the #1 Contender slot at WrestleMania. Each man is worthy of the slot, but I didn't think it would go to Cena or Show. I bet these two will have a U.S. Championship bout at WrestleMania, and I'm sure that will be good. And Angle will be going for his 5th WWE World Heavyweight Championship, being in the main event of 'Mania for the second straight year.

Match #7 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Eddie Guerrero
def. Brock Lesnar
via Pinfall (30:06)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Brock started out dominant, but Latino Heat fought back. But in the end, it was Goldberg that decided the outcome of the match. Hebner took a boot to the chops and went down (the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree), and Brock went and grabbed the title belt. Goldberg entered the ring and speared Brock, having escaped those tough security guards. Eddie went for a cover but Brock kicked out, and nearly hit Eddie with the F5. But Guerrero turned it into a DDT onto the gold, connected with the Frog Splash, and Hebner recovered again just in time to count the fall.

Commentary:Michael Cole and Tazz
w/Josh Mathews
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Brian Hebner, Jimmy Korderas, Nick Patrick, Charles Robinson, Tony Garea, etc.

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