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June 24, 2001 - East Rutherford, New Jersey
Continental Airlines Arena

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Sunday Night Heat Match - WWF European Championship
Matt Hardy
def. Justin Credible
via Pinfall
Notes: Lita had to get her shots in, and they cost Credible the match.

IN RING: Diamond Dallas Page got on the mic and tried to goad Undertaker into a fight. He then sat at ringside to wait.

Match #1 - KOTR Round 2
Kurt Angle def. Christian via Pinfall (8:16)
Notes: Shane McMahon interfered so that Kurt would have to wrestle another match before their big street fight.

Match #2 - KOTR Round 2
Edge def. Rhyno via Pinfall (8:52)
Notes: Rhyno gored an exposed turnbuckle and Edge won the match.

Match #3 - WWF World Tag Team Championship
"The Dudley Boyz"
(D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley)
def. Kane &
Spike Dudley

via Pinfall (8:32)
Notes: Bubba Ray pinned Spike. Kane was taken out by D-Von's headbutt to the groin from the top rope and Spike was easy prey for the 3D.

Match #4 - KOTR Final
Edge def. Kurt Angle via Pinfall (10:18)
Notes: Christian distracted the referee while Edge was making a cover. Later, the referee went down and Shane speared Kurt. Edge then won with his DDT and became the 9th King of the Ring.

Match #5 - WWF Light-Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy
def. X-Pac
via Pinfall (7:10)
Notes: Thank God for the fast forward button.

Match #6 - Unofficial Match
The Undertaker def. Diamond Dallas Page
Notes: This was an unofficial match in which Bikertaker beat the (bleep) out of DDP. DDP stalked 'Taker's wife and this is what he wanted. During the beating, Sara came down and videotaped the assault.

Match #7 - Street Fight
Kurt Angle def. Shane McMahon via Pinfall (25:57)
Notes: Brutal match. Shane's a hell of a competitor, but let's be honest--he can't hang with Kurt. He stuck with it for a while, but it was just a matter of time before Kurt got the better of him. Kurt showed his vicious side by putting Shane through some glass panels on the stage and then giving him the Olympic Slam from the top rope. Classic match. Best on the card.

Match #8 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
def. Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit

via Pinfall (27:49)
Notes: WCW Champion Booker T came out of the crowd and put Austin through the Spanish announce table. Book took off before security could get to him. Benoit and Jericho then fought over Austin's body, each wanting to get the pin. They took each other out and Austin was able to pull himself together enough to pin Benoit.

2001 Bracket
Qualifying and first-round matches took place on WWF programming before the PPV.
Qualifying Matches:
  • J.Hardy def. M.Hardy via pinfall. [RAW 04-Jun-2001]
  • Rhyno def. Tazz via pinfall. [RAW 04-Jun-2001]
  • K.Angle def. B.Holly via pinfall. [SMDN 07-Jun-2001; Taped 05-Jun]
  • Edge def. Test via pinfall. [SMDN 07-Jun-2001; Taped 05-Jun]
  • Christian def. Kane via pinfall. [RAW 11-Jun-2001]
  • P.Saturn def. S.Blackman via pinfall. [RAW 11-Jun-2001]
  • Big Show def. Raven via pinfall. [SMDN 14-Jun-2001; Taped 12-Jun]
  • Tajiri def. C.Holly via pinfall. [SMDN 14-Jun-2001; Taped 12-Jun]

  • 1st Round Matches:
  • K.Angle def. J.Hardy via submission. [RAW 18-Jun-2001]
  • Rhyno def. Tajiri via pinfall. [RAW 18-Jun-2001]
  • Edge def. P.Saturn via pinfall. [RAW 18-Jun-2001]
  • Christian def. Big Show via pinfall. [RAW 18-Jun-2001]

  • Commentary:Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
    w/Jonathan Coachman, Tazz
    Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savninovich
    Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
    Host at WWFNY:Billy Gunn
    Referees/Officials:Chad Patton, Jimmy Korderas, Teddy Long, Jack Doan, Mike Chioda, Mike Sparks, Earl Hebner, Steve Lombardi, Commissioner William Regal, etc.

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