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July 26, 1998 - Fresno, California
Selland Arena

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Match #1
Val Venis def. "Double J" Jeff Jarrett
w/Tennessee Lee, Southern Justice
via Pinfall (7:50)
Notes: Kaientai came out and Yamaguchi-san joined commentary. The other members of Kaientai, along with Southern Justice, were sent to the back. Val got the clean victory over Double J.

Match #2
D'Lo Brown
w/The Godfather
def. X-Pac
via Pinfall (8:27)
Notes: Godfather distracted X-Pac and D'Lo hit the Sky High and the pinfall.

Match #3
Faarooq &
def. Terry Funk &
via Pinfall (6:50)
Notes: Scorpio pinned Funk. Bradshaw didn't like the outcome and laid everyone out.

Match #4
Mark Henry def. Vader via Pinfall (5:03)
Notes: Usual big man match. Henry won with a powerbomb.

IN RING: Paul Bearer, Kane, and Mankind talked some trash about the Undertaker not being at the arena. The New Age Outlaws interrupted and did their schtick. Of course, they went at it until a pack of officials broke it up.

Match #5
"The Disciples of Apocalypse"
(Skull & 8-Ball)
w/Paul Ellering
def. "L.O.D. 2000"
(Hawk & Animal)
via Pinfall (8:51)
Notes: DOA did their little switcheroo and the illegal one pinned Animal.

IN RING: Vince McMahon, Commissioner Slaughter, Gerald Brisco, and Pat Patterson announced that if The Undertaker didn't arrive on time, the fans shouldn't blame Mr. McMahon, they should blame Austin. Mr. McMahon then said that if Undertaker didn't show up, he had a replacement. He then introduced that replacement, the Brooklyn Brawler.

Match #6 - Dungeon Match
Owen Hart def. Ken Shamrock via Submission (4:59)
Notes: This match took place in the basement of the Hart Family's house and Dan Severn was the guest referee. Shamrock was knocked out with a dumbell, and Owen made him tap out by grabbing his hand. Severn, liking neither, accepted the decision.

Match #7 - WWF Intercontinental Championship - 2-out-of-3 Falls
The Rock
w/The Nation
DRAW Triple H
via 1-1 (30:00)
Notes: Rocky won the first fall by pinfall at 20:22 (with an assist from D'Lo), Hunter won the second fall with a pin at 26:35, and the time limit expired before the third fall. Helmsley had hit the Pedigree and there might have been time for a three count, but Hebner just stood there until the bell rang. Moron. Before the match, Commissioner Slaughter kicked The Nation and DX (except for Chyna) back to the dressing room.

Match #8 - Bikini Contest
Sable def. Jacqueline
w/Marc Mero
Notes: Jerry "The King" Lawler officiated the contest. Before the contest, Dustin Runnels prayed for the crowd. One of Jackie's breasts popped out in the contest. When Sable took her top off and revealed two hand prints painted on her chest, Mr. McMahon came out and covered her in his coat.

Match #9 - WWF World Tag Team Championship
The Undertaker &
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

def. Mankind &

w/Paul Bearer
via Pinfall (17:27)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Undertaker pinned Kane after a Tombstone. Austin took out Mankind while 'Taker made the pin.

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
w/Kevin Kelly, Dr. Tom Prichard
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Howard Finkel
Referees/Officials:Tim White, Jack Doan, Mike Chioda, Jimmy Korderas, Dave Hebner, Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Vince McMahon, Tony Garea, etc.

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