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July 24, 2005 - Buffalo, New York
HSBC Arena

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Sunday Night Heat Match - WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London
def. Nunzio
via Pinfall (2:34)
Notes: London was flying all over the place, and put down Nunzio with the Shooting Star Press. Every time I see that move, I think about how WWE missed the boat with Kidman.

Match #1 - WWE Tag Team Championship
Road Warrior Animal
& John Heidenreich

def. "MNM"
(Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury)
via Pinfall (6:47)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Wow. I can't believe these dudes won the titles. This is the oddest championship team-up in recent memory. A spike-wearing Animal, and Heidenreich I half expect to put a swastika on his tights and start wrestling Captain America. LOD and Heidenreich chants could be heard at various times. Animal pinned Mercury after a wicked-looking Doomsday Device.

Match #2
Booker T
def. Christian via Pinfall (11:36)
Notes: Crowd did some chanting here as well, about 60-40 in Captain Charisma's favor. Both men had chants, but the crowd booed Booker at points when he connected with a maneuver on Christian. That gives Christian the edge. Booker won with a scissors kick from the second rope.

Match #3 - WWE United States Championship
Orlando Jordan
def. Chris Benoit
via Pinfall (14:23)
Notes: This was his the toughest test to date, and OJ passed with flying colors, earning a pinfall victory over the "Rabid Wolverine." OJ took off a turnbuckle pad and, as you would expect, made sure Benoit's face was properly introduced to it. Pretty decent technical match, but crowd wasn't into it as much as the other matches. They did give Benoit a huge ovation after the match as he left.

Match #4
The Undertaker def. Muhammad Hassan
w/Khosrow Daivari, Sympathizers
via Pinfall (8:05)
Notes: Hassan talked a bit on the mic befor the match and then had his men surround the ring as the match began. And they did get involved during the rather weak match. After a quick chokeslam, 'Taker pinned Hassan and fought off all the sympathizers. Daivari was thrown through the front of the announce table. And if all of that wasn't enough, Undertaker chokeslammed Hassan onto the steel entryway. He then removed a floor plate on the stage, and then powerbombed Hassan through it to the floor below. Hassan bled out the back of his head as some officials finally decided to come out and help him. Under has now pretty much "killed off" two characters at the Great American Bash. Paul Bearer and now Hassan. I don't think anyone will want to wrestle him at next year's event. On a serious note, I'm a bit disappointed to see WWE cave into the pressure and drop the storyline.

Match #5 - Six-Man Tag Team Match
"The Mexicools"
Juventud Guerrera
Super Crazy
def. "The Blue World Order"
Stevie Richards
The Blue Meanie
via Pinfall (4:53)
Notes: Psicosis pinned Richards. Next match, please... Well, the best part was when the Mexicools gave the Spanish announce team a gift...a brand new rake.

Match #6
Rey Mysterio
def. Eddie Guerrero via Pinfall (15:37)
Notes: Rey Rey brought his kid down to ringside with him, and the kid looked really scared or really stupid. There were quite a few pro-Eddie chants during the match, even after Eddie used the space-case as a shield. Eddie grabbed the Rey's son's neck like he was going to break it. Taz even called Eddie an A-hole. Well, it is pay-per-view. Eddie was in control and landed the Frog Splash when he went for a cover. His cockiness did him in, because Rey Rey rolled him up and got the pin. Eddie was ticked off, but was true to his word. He lost, so he didn't reveal the deep, dark secret that we've had to hear about repeatedly for the last few weeks.

Match #7 - Bra and Panties Match
Melina def. Torrie Wilson (3:52)
Notes: Well, I got what I wanted out of the match, that being Melina winning and still losing her clothes. Candice Michelle was the guest "referee." Candice raised Melina's arm in victory, and Melina lowered the boom on Candice. Torrie knocked down Melina, and Candice then took off Melina's pants. And then, Candice took off what little clothes she was wearing, and she and Torrie paraded around the ring in their underwear. I don't get it: on SmackDown, Candice was so humiliated when Melina stripped her. Now, she takes her clothes off herself and has quite a good time of it. Women.

Match #8 - World Heavyweight Championship
John "Bradshaw" Layfield
def. Dave Batista
via DQ (19:20)
Notes: JBL came to the ring with his motorcade, and lots of confetti filled the arena. Not as much as during his awesome victory speech on the SmackDown prior, but it was still cool. All that was missing was a downpour of that JBL money, what I like to call "Bradshaws". You know, the fake $100 bills with JBL's face on 'em. JBL also had his Uncle Sam hat filled with little American flags that he distributed to the fans. Crowd exploded when Batista entered, but when the match got started, it seemed to die down. JBL did get some heat when he made the "longhorns" with his arms, but the crowd was pretty dead, I thought. Anyway, JBL knocked down the referee, allowing OJ to run some interference. JBL went for a cover, but Batista kicked out. JBL then hit the Clothesline From Hell, but the referee was still out of it. Batista ended up fighting off JBL, and then OJ again when OJ brought a chair into the ring. Batista took the chair and waffled JBL with it just as Nick Patrick recovered. Patrick saw it and promptly called for the bell. Batista went apeshit and beat down both men. Batista did two things in this match: jack and shit. And jack left town. Disappointing match.

Commentary:Michael Cole and Tazz (SMDN)
w/Josh Mathews, Steve Romero
Spanish: Carolos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Nick Patrick, Brian Hebner, Jimmy Korderas, Charles Robinson, etc.

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