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October 26, 2008 - Phoenix, Arizona
U.S. Airways Center

The Advertisement Match - WWE United States Championship (SMDN)
Shelton Benjamin
def. R-Truth
via Pinfall (3:25)
Notes: This match was available for viewing on I like this idea and hope they continue it in the future. They used to put these openers on the DVDs, but don't even do that anymore. I'm a fan of showing all the matches! Both of these guys are really agile and have some great moves. This is what an opener should be. Fast-paced and getting the crowd jacked up. And I think it succeeded. The fans have really taken to R-Truth, although I find his entrance somewhat annoying.

Match #1 - No Holds Barred Match (RAW)
Rey Mysterio def. Kane via Pinfall (10:22)
Notes: Rey Rey came out looking sort of like a snow Stormtrooper from Empire Strikes Back, and headbutted all of his 5-year old fans on his way to the ring. Man, why does Kane always job to losers? This guy hasn't been in a decent feud in years. Kane just couldn't put Rey Rey away, and in usual underdog fashion, Rey Rey pulled it out of his ass.

Match #2 - ECW World Heavyweight Championship (ECW)
Matt Hardy
def. Evan Bourne
via Pinfall (11:04)
Notes: ECW GM Theodore Long and his assistant Tiffany announced the voting results for this match, because Grisham had to run down for commentary. Evan Bourne...this guy's the white Rey Mysterio, but less annoying. Pretty good match here. Matt got a little cocky at one point, and it nearly cost him. But the veteran defeated the youngster.

Match #3 (INTER)
John Morrison
& Mike "Miz" Mizanin
def. "Cryme Tyme"
(JTG & Shad Gaspard)
via Pinfall (10:22)
Notes: I would have went with the tag title match, but these two teams are having a nice little feud. The ref was getting JTG out of the ring when Miz hit Shad's knee. Morrison connected with the Midnight Ride and pinned Shad. Two of the better tag teams on the roster had a decent match. Miz and Morrison work well together.

Match #4 - WWE Intercontinental Championship (RAW)
The Honky Tonk Man
def. Santino Marella
w/Beth Phoenix
via DQ (1:04)
Notes: Honky Tonk Man tried to show Santino how to dance, which was mildly amusing. He did some moves and then smacked Honky to get things going. Match was really a joke. Beth grabbed Honky's foot, and the ref, perhaps sensing the crowd's ambivalence, called for the bell. Piper and Goldust came down and got their shots in. Pretty pointless.

Match #5 - Last Man Standing Match (SMDN)
The Undertaker def. The Big Show (19:25)
Notes: Chavo wheeled out Vickie so she could make the match announcement. Pretty much a brawl. Undertaker did a cool move involving Big Show's throat, a steel chair, and the ringpost. Some really close near 10-counts though. Show chokeslammed 'Taker through the lonely ECW announce table. Another chokeslam, Show's big right hand, a chairshot...couldn't put the Dead Man down. He pulled the triangle choke out of nowhere, and Show was put out.

IN RING: Tazz brought out all the Divas in their costumes, and announced that Mickie James won the diva costume contest, just like last year. I don't know how some of these Divas can do their little promos with a straight face. Me? I liked Maryse the French Maid and Eve the Ninja Turtle. Of course a brawl broke out.

Match #6 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship (SMDN)
Triple H
def. Jeff Hardy
via Pinfall (15:38)
Notes: The WWE Universe was wise for keeping Kozlov out of this. Hmmm..I must say that unlike some other wrestlers, Triple H can make the crossface look realistic. Triple H was mostly in control. Every time Hardy built up some momentum, he'd do another high risk move and it would backfire. It was a pretty decent match, but not their best.

Match #7 - World Heavyweight Championship (RAW)
Dave Batista
def. Chris Jericho
via Pinfall (17:06)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Boy, this election was like Reagan-Mondale. No doubt on who was going to win this one. Jericho was jawing at Austin, and slapped Batista in the face. Jericho began walking to the back when Austin got on the mic and said that countouts or disqualifications would cost Jericho the title. So I guess the ref can throw whatever rules out the window that he/she wants. Oh well, it's Austin. He even grabbed Jericho by the hair when Y2J refused to release the half Boston crab when Batista made it to the ropes. Close observers can see Austin mouth "MF'er". Jericho later dodged Batista's charge, and Batista knocked Austin out of the ring. Jericho hit the Codebreaker, but there was no referee. Shawn Michaels ran down, but he counted slowly and pissed off Jericho. HBK almost superkicked him, but Batista speared him instead. Batista made the cover, but JBL pulled out HBK and took him out with the CFH. By this time Austin had gotten back into the ring but Randy Orton knocked him down again. Jericho used the title belt on Batista, but he kicked out of it. Austin had recovered again, and Stunned Orton right out of the ring. Orton's flailing after the Stunner was very Rock-esque. Austin was going to Stun Jericho, but Jericho avoided it. But he couldn't avoid the spinebuster and Batista Bomb. See you at WrestleMania, Austin.

The FINAL voting results!

Shelton's OpponentKane/MysterioM.Hardy's Opponent
Montel Vontavious Porter: 15%
R-Truth: 59%
Festus: 26%
No Holds Barred: 39%
Falls Count Anywhere: 35%
Two-Out-of-Three Falls: 26%
Mark Henry: 6%
Evan Bourne: 69%
Finlay: 25%
Tag Team MatchSantino's OpponentUndertaker/Big Show
Morrison/Miz vs. Cryme Tyme: 38%
DiBiase/Rhodes vs. Kingston/Punk: 35%
Noble/James vs. Regal/Layla: 27%
Roddy Piper: 34%
Goldust: 31%
Honky Tonk Man: 35%
Knockout: 9%
I Quit: 42%
Last Man Standing: 49%
Triple H's OpponentGuest Referee
Jeff Hardy: 57%
Vladimir Kozlov: 5%
Triple Threat: 38%
Steve Austin: 74%
Shawn Michaels: 22%
Randy Orton: 4%

Commentary:Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW), Jim Ross and Tazz (SMDN), Todd Grisham and Matt Striker (ECW)
w/Todd Grisham
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia, Justin Roberts, Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Mike Chioda, Mike Posey, John Cone, Chad Patton, Charles Robinson, Scott Armstrong, Mark Yeaton, ECW GM Theodore Long, SMDN GM Vickie Guerrero, Raw GM Mike Adamle, etc.

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