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October 28, 2007 - Washington, D.C.
Verizon Center

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Non-Televised Match (SMDN)
Jesse & Festus def. Deuce & Domino
via Pinfall
Notes: Jesse pinned Domino.

Match #1 - Stretcher Match (SMDN)
Rey Mysterio def. Finlay (9:45)
Notes: Finlay seemed pretty pleased with the choice of match. He took it to Rey Rey. Rey only had about two moves. He did a modified 619 to get Finlay onto the stretcher, and then vaulted himself over the top rop and onto Finlay. A TV cord saved Finlay, however. The stretcher was caught on it, and Rey couldn't push it over the line. Finlay got his shillelagh and charged Rey, but Rey ducked and lifted Finlay back onto the stretcher. He kind of fell backward and pushed the stretcher over the line. A nice match and I liked it. Except for the result.

Match #2 - ECW World Heavyweight Championship (ECW)
CM Punk
def. Mike "The Miz" Mizanin
via Pinfall (8:51)
Notes: Hmm...The Miz...oh well. People sure love CM Punk, though. Sounded like a Y2J chant broke out at one point, like they were bored. But the crowd went nuts when Punk put down Miz with the Go To Sleep. OK match. A lot better than anything that Big Daddy V could have come up with.

Match #3 (RAW)
Ken Kennedy def. Jeff Hardy via Pinfall (9:08)
Notes: These two lost in the poll to be the #1 Contender, so they faced off in a match. Kennedy kept to the ground early, so the first part wasn't too exciting. But Hardy eventually got into his game a bit, hitting his big moves. But he couldn't put Kennedy away. Kennedy picked up the win after Hardy charged him in the corner and missed his move.

Match #4 - WWE United States Championship (SMDN)
Kane def. Montel Vontavious Porter via Countout (6:39)
Notes: Matt Hardy was still injured from his match on SmackDown, so they had an impromptu vote to see who MVP would face. Kane was pretty dominant, and did some damage to MVP's ribs by standing outside the ring and pulling MVP's arm and leg on either side of the ringpost. MVP was unable to recover from this damage, and was counted out. Too short and bad ending.

Match #5 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship (RAW)
Shawn Michaels
def. Randy Orton
via DQ (15:53)
Notes: Match started off with some brawling, but Michaels then went technical, using different wristlocks and such to work on Orton's arm. Orton fought though, at one point back-suplexing Michaels on the security wall. The action kept building, with Michaels going for big moves like his elbow drop from the top rope, but he missed. Orton went for the RKO after that but HBK reversed it into a backslide. I thought he had it there. He was able to connect with the elbow later on, and after that he began warming up the band. Orton dodged Sweet Chin Music, but went for the low blow and was disqualified. Orton was then going to punt HBK's head off, but Shawn was playing a bit of possum. He quickly got up and superkicked Orton in the kisser.

Match #6 - Street Fight (RAW)
Triple H def. Umaga via Pinfall (17:23)
Notes: Great match. Brawling started early and went all over the place. Trips took Umaga through a wall of the set and then took a cool shot into the steel steps. I think the best part was when Umaga ran across all of the announce tables and splashed Triple H through the last one. Triple H managed to dodge the Samoan Spike and hit Umaga with the sledgehammer. He then connected with the Pedigree.

BACKSTAGE: Mickie James won the diva costume contest. Mickie James-21%, Kelly Kelly-17%, Torrie Wilson-15%, Melina-12%, Maria-12%, Layla-7%, Jillian-5%, Victoria-4%, Brooke-4%, Michelle McCool-3%.

IN RING: JBL entered the ring and was confident that he was going to be announced as the referee for the main event. Mick Foley came into the ring as well, and after the results were shown, the two started brawling. This brought out Steve Austin, who ended up delivering Stunners to both of them.

Match #7 - World Heavyweight Championship (SMDN)
Dave Batista
def. The Undertaker
via Pinfall (17:24)
Notes: Lawler joined Cole for commentary, since JBL was taken out. Batista tried to end it early, going for the spear right as the bell rang. He missed, of course, but it was a nice change of pace rather than just having them lock up. But right after that, they started grappling. Touche. I'd say the Undertaker took control of the match, but Batista was able to avoid the big move that would put him away. Batista started to turn the tables when he turned 'Taker's Old School into a spinebuster. Batista then kicked out of the chokeslam and reversed a Tombstone into a spear, but 'Taker would not die. 'Taker reversed the Batista- Bomb, but Batista pulled a drop toehold out of his ass and 'Taker hit the corner. Batista started laying in some chops, but 'Taker turned that into a Last Ride. But Batista countered another Tombstone into a spinebuster, but that wasn't enough. Batista finally connected with the Batista-Bomb, but THAT even wasn't enough. Batista kinda hulked up and connected with another one, and that did it. Fantastic match, and Batista got the monkey off his back.

The FINAL voting results!

Mysterio-FinlayPunk's OpponentMVP's Opponent
Stretcher: 40%
No DQ: 36%
Shillelagh on Pole: 24%
The Miz: 39%
John Morrison: 33%
Big Daddy V: 28%
Kane: 67%
Great Khali: 24%
Mark Henry: 9%
Orton's OpponentHHH-UmagaReferee
Shawn Michaels: 59%
Jeff Hardy: 31%
Mr.Kennedy: 10%
Street Fight: 57%
Steel Cage: 26%
First Blood: 17%
Steve Austin: 79%
Mick Foley: 11%
JBL: 10%

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW), Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield (SMDN), Joey Styles and Tazz (ECW)
w/Todd Grisham, Anastacia Rose
Spanish: Not Shown
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia, Justin Roberts, Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Mickie Henson, Mike Posey, Chad Patton, Charles Robinson, Mike Chioda, Marty Elias, Raw GM William Regal, SMDN GM Vickie Guerrero, etc.

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