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April 26, 2009 - Providence, Rhode Island
Dunkin' Donuts Center

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Non-Televised Match (RAW)
Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall

Match #1 - ECW World Heavyweight Championship (ECW)
def. Jack Swagger
via Pinfall (11:00)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Christian comes up big in his return. Very enjoyable match. Swagger was dominant but could not finish off Christian. Swagger resorted to taking the turnbuckle pad off, but the referee caught him. At the same time, Christian was doing the same thing on the other side of the ring. Swagger charged, hit the steel, and one Killswitch later, there was a new champion.

Match #2 (SMDN)
Chris Jericho def. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat via Submission (12:31)
Notes: Crowd chanted "you still got it" to Steamboat, and they were right. Better than expected, I think. Steamboat did himself proud. Jericho was a little taken aback by the amount of success Steamboat had against him. Ricky nearly pulled it out on several occasions, but in the end Jericho was able to finish him off by using the Walls of Jericho for a second time.

Match #3 (SMDN)
Kane def. CM Punk via Pinfall (9:25)
Notes: CM Punk had a good strategy for the match, attacking Kane's right arm to take away the chokeslam. He was able to use his speed, agility and quickness to keep out of the reach of Kane for most of the match. But his luck ran out when he went to the well one too many times by kicking Kane. Kane just grabbed Punk's leg with one arm and chokeslammed him with the other.

Match #4 - I Quit Match (INTER)
Jeff Hardy (SMDN) def. Matt Hardy (RAW) (19:06)
Notes: Fine, Jeff won. But Matt will always have the 'Mania victory. Kind of disappointed here. Went back and forth for a while but Jeff eventually taped Matt's hands and feet, tied him to a table, and then stood atop of a ladder while Matt told him that he loved him and all this other jazz. He ended up saying that he quit, ending the match. Which is why I don't really care for I Quit matches, but I digress. Jeff jumped off anyway and Matt was hurting.

IN RING: The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh came to the ring and called out Santina Marella, as Khali was quite taken with "her" and "she" had to kiss him. Santina confessed that "she" and JR were an item, and Khali was going to let "her" out of the deal if "she" and JR kissed. Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes came down, quite angry with this, bringing along a referee. Beth demanded a match for the Miss WrestleMania crown, but first berated Khali for being attracted to Santino/Santina. She insulted him so he ended up hitting her. When she hit the mat, Santina called for the bell, which brings us to...

Match #5 (RAW)
Santina Marella def. Beth Phoenix
w/Rosa Mendes
via Pinfall (0:03)
Notes: Santina was elated, but Khali ended up ripping "her" top off.

Match #6 - Six-Man Tag Team Match - WWE World Heavyweight Championship (RAW)
Randy Orton
Ted DiBiase
Cody Rhodes
def. Triple H
Dave Batista
Shane McMahon
via Pinfall (22:48)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Orton pinned Triple H, just as he predicted. Brawl kicked things off, before the bell even rang. Triple H chased Orton to the back, so when things officially began, it was 3-on-2. Orton appeared about five minutes later, and Legacy took turns beating down Batista and then Shane. Triple H eventually got in there and was going to give Orton the Pedigree when he saw Batista on the outside about to deliver a chairshot. He had to stop and grab the chair because in this match countouts or DQs would give Orton the title (and so would any Legacy member pinning any of the other team). This gave Orton his chance for the RKO, and he did not let it go to waste. That led to a two-count only, but it was so close some dope rang the bell. So Orton punted Triple H's head. Crowd seemed to like Orton, and I heard some "hey hey goodbye" chants as Triple H was carted off.

Match #7 - World Heavyweight Championship - Last Man Standing Match (INTER)
Edge (SMDN)
def. John Cena (RAW)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- The ending was beautiful. They were duking it out on the stage and Cena lifted up Edge for the Attitude Adjustment when The Big Show ran out and put Cena into a spotlight. Sparks flew, flames were burning and Cena was out of commission. Decent match overall as well. Crowd was really hot.

Commentary:Michael Cole, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
w/Todd Grisham
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia, Justin Roberts, Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Aaron "Goose" Mahoney, Marty Elias, Mike Chioda, John Cone, Charles Robinson, etc.

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