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April 29, 2007 - Atlanta, Georgia
Philips Arena

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Non-Televised Match
Carlito def. Johnny Nitro via Pinfall (~6:21)

Match #1 - WWE World Tag Team Championship (RAW)
"The Hardys"
(Matt & Jeff Hardy)
def. Lance Cade &
Trevor Murdoch

via Pinfall (15:18)
Notes: Matt pinned Murdoch. Another solid outing by both teams. They seem to be working well together. Matt was the legal man and delivered the Twist of Fate to Murdoch. Cade pulled Matt out of the ring and they brawled. Meanwhile, Jeff went to the top and landed the Swanton. Matt scrambled into the ring and made the pin.

Match #2 - WWE Women's Championship (RAW)
def. Mickie James
via Pinfall (9:03)
Notes: Crowd was behind Mickie the whole way. Both women were smokin' hot, and they had a good match. They were actually given some time to work with, too. At one point both women were exchanging blows while down in the splits. Never saw that before. Mickie ended up raking the eyes and finishing off Mickie with a reverse DDT.

Match #3 - WWE United States Championship (SMDN)
Chris Benoit
def. Montel Vontavious Porter
via Pinfall (13:10)
Notes: Another good effort here. MVP has really stepped it up, and I'm sure Benoit helped elevate his game. MVP countered a possible Crossface attempt, but Benoit rolled him up in a small package to win it in his hometown.

Match #4 - ECW World Heavyweight Championship - Handicap Match (ECW)
Vince McMahon
Shane McMahon

def. Bobby Lashley
via Pinfall (15:45)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Shane started off and got his ass tossed around. Umaga did most of the heavy lifting in this match, obviously. Vince didn't even get into the ring until Lashley delivered the Dominator to Shane and was about to pin him. They teased Lashley actually getting his hands on Vince, but by the time Lashley was going to do anything, Shane and Umaga had recovered and made the save. Shane grabbed the title belt, and while Vince distracted the ref, knocked Lashley's block off. Vince demanded the tag, and went for the pin, but Lashley kicked out. Vince tagged out, and Umaga splashed Lashley from the top. Vince tagged in and but still could not get a pinfall. One more Umaga splash, and that was finally enough. Vince became the new champion.

Match #5 - World Heavyweight Championship - Last Man Standing Match (SMDN)
The Undertaker
DRAW Dave Batista
Notes: What you'd expect here, and that means it was good. Undertaker dropped his leg on Batista...through the announce table! Parts went flying. Then the action started happening faster, with power moves being traded back and forth. Batista even survived a backdrop onto a chair and the Tombstone. The men started brawling on the stage area, and Batista speared Undertaker off the stage and onto some equipment down below. Sparks flew and some metal columns collapsed as well. Cool spot. The ref counted both men down, and Undertaker retained.

Match #6 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Fatal Four-Way Match (RAW)
John Cena
def. Edge
Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton

via Pinfall (19:21)
Notes: Nice main event. Michaels did a moonsault from the top rope to the outside of the ring. The guy still has it. Cena even did a double legdrop from the top rope on Edge and HBK. Each man had points where he was the dominant combatant. Finishers were fast and furious. Cena almost FU'ed two guys at once. But HBK slid off right into an RKO. Kind of a shit ending when HBK superkicked Cena to the face, and Cena landed on top of Orton. The ref then made the count and that as it. Cena "pinned" Orton.

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW), Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield (SMDN), Joey Styles and Tazz (ECW)
w/Maria Kanellis, Todd Grisham
Spanish: Not Shown
Ring Announcer:Justin Roberts, Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Jack Doan, Chad Patton, Jimmy Korderas, Scott Armstrong, Mickie Hensen, Marty Elias, Mike Chioda, etc.

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