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April 30, 2006 - Lexington, Kentucky
Rupp Arena

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Heat Match
Goldust def. Rob Conway via Pinfall (3:41)
Notes: Goldust picked up the win after a powerslam. Too bad for the Con-Man.

Match #1
Carlito def. "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters via Pinfall (9:59)
Notes: Carlito started things off with a slap to the kisser. Masters was in control early, but Carlito hung in there with the help of some sneaky tricks and a springboard into a reverse elbow. Carlito took his apple and threw it past Masters, and when Masters' eyes followed the apple, Carlito had his opening and went to work. There was a very questionable count, and it was Masters' fault, if you know what I mean. Carlito connected with a moonsault, was able to escape a Masterlock attempt, and then hit the back cracker. He pinned Chris and stuck his feet on the ropes in an Eddie Guerrero-like maneuver to secure the victory. After this match, Maria f'ed up by saying Masters defeated Carlito.

Match #2
w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
def. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair via Pinfall (3:29)
Notes: Armando introduced his lousy, well...client, I guess. Or maybe handler would be a better word. Umaga jumped Naitch outside the ring before the match was officially underway. Flair used the three moves he has left in his arsenal, and was no match for Umaga. Even with his severly diminished skills, it was still a little sad to see Flair go down like this, especially to a total tool like Umaga. You're telling me there was no low-level Superstar in the back to do this instead? How about Conway--ooops, he was on Heat. But you're telling me that Lance Cade, Snitsky, or Dupree had better plans? And Umaga, you know you're a tool when your big finishing maneuver is a jutting, taped up thumb.

Match #3 - WWE Women's Championship
Trish Stratus
def. Mickie James
via DQ (4:06)
Notes: Mickie James is awesome. I just wanted to go on record with that. She's very attractive and she can wrestle, and that fact alone makes her a rare commodity in WWE these days. Anyway, the match was really over before it began. The ladies were going at it for a few minutes, and Trish had Mickie in the corner, and went to the second rope to lay in some shots. But Mickie dumped her over the top rope to the outside, and in the process, Trish was hurt. Legitimately. The referee gave the crossed forearms signal, so that means it is for real. Trish's shoulder looked terrible, and we were told later it was dislocated. She toughed it out for a bit while Mickie kicked and choked Trish. Mickie took a piece of clothing and choked Trish, and did not let up within the referee's five-count. So he DQed Mickie, and the crowd, not knowing what had happened, was surprised.

Match #4 - WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam
def. Shelton Benjamin
via Pinfall (18:43)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Damn it. I hate RVD, and now the a-hole has the IC title for the 6th time. I hope he goes away to this newly-revived ECW to die, but I doubt it. And he had to have the briefcase spray-painted, and now it looks like he's carrying around a case of Sprite. In this match, both the "Money in the Bank" title shot and the IC title were up for grabs. And I couldn't believe it, but JR and King actually brought up that horrible skit where Vince played a proctologist removing stuff from JR's ass. Shelton seems to be turning into a Terrell Owens-type character. They should go with that, and drop this dumb "mama's boy" thing. This was a very good match, but could have been so much more. They should have made this a ladder match. I guess they just had one at 'Mania, so they didn't want two in a row. RVD messed up the ref bump, but the ref went down anyway. Shelton brought in the briefcase, but it was knocked away. STD picked it up, and to the surprise of no one, tossed it at Shelton, he caught it and STD kicked it into Shelton's face. One Five-Star Frog Splash later, new champion.

Match #5
The Big Show DRAW Kane No Contest (9:30)
Notes: The match went on until the ring was bathed in red light, and Kane's voice came over the PA system. I think it was supposed to be a peek into Kane's tormented mind, because the voice kept on mentioning "May 19th" and "You can't stop it" and crap like that, all the while Kane was rolling around the ring. Big Show grabbed a chair and nailed Kane with it, putting an end to both Kane's misery and our's. The arena resumed it's normal lighting, and Big Show walked off. There was no bell, but I timed until Show left the ring. Kane sat up like he always does. I think I've been fair to both of these guys over the years, but this match was garbage. On second thought, the match might have been barely passable except for this totally lame and shitty ending. It made no sense and the crowd booed.

Match #6 - No Disqualification Match
Vince McMahon
& Shane McMahon
def. Shawn Michaels
& "God"
via Pinfall (19:58)
Notes: I know it is fashionable to bash Christianity these days, but this whole angle was lame. Do we really need to see Vince introduce God, and then have a spotlight move down the ramp while some angelic music was playing? And then have Vince criticize God's entrance and tell God to get jiggy with it? This doesn't offend me as a Christian, it offends me as a wrestling fan. How could Shawn go along with this? For nearly 20 years McMahon was a straight-laced, relatively unbiased commentator/owner. Now ever since the late nineties, he just seems to make his on-screen persona into the biggest asshole in history, each angle just turning into a way for Vince to sink to a new low. How many times do we need to see Vince molest the female talent? If you saw WrestleMania, you pretty much saw this match. Shane's involvement, and knowledge of some moves, only meant that Shawn actually took some punishment here, unlike at WrestleMania. Shawn did his best, and set up both McMahons on two tables. He then took out a tall ladder, but instead of jumping on the McMahons, turned and jumped onto the Spirit Squad, who had at that moment ran down to ringside. The Spirit Squad turned the tide, and put Shawn through a table. Vince made the pin on Shawn. Half the damn "match" was Vince talking to "God" and Shawn setting up all the equipment.

IN RING: Matt Striker ripped on the crowd and introduced Eugene in a forgettable promo. I take that back, I'll remember it for how lame it was. I hate Eugene. He ended up picking his nose nearly ate it himself, but the booger ended up in Striker's craw. Maybe I'm being too harsh. God's pay-per-view debut is a tough act to follow.

Match #7 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match
John Cena
def. Triple H

via Pinfall (17:35)
Notes: "The Champ" may have retained, but he sure didn't look like a winner after the match. Edge took a breather and let Cena and Trips start things off. But they both brought in Edge soon enough. At one point, Cena and HHH were exchanging right hands. When Cena punched, the crowd booed. When HHH punched, they cheered. Cena and HHH also tried to one-up each other by taking turns bashing Edge's head into the announce table. But Edge had some revenge when he DDTed HHH onto the announce table, which didn't break. There was a lot more action in this one, and of course the sledgehammer got involved. Triple H went for the Pedigree, but Cena countered and rolled up Triple H for the pin. Triple H was pissed. He laid out everyone with the sledgehammer and gave a few DX crotch chops, much to the delight of the Kentucky crowd. Triple H, the uncrowned king.

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW)
w/Maria Kanellis, Todd Grisham
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia
Referees/Officials:Mike Chioda, Mickie Hensen, Jack Doan, Chad Patton, etc.

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