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May 1, 2005 - Manchester, New Hampshire
Verizon Wireless Arena

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Sunday Night Heat Match
Tyson Tomko def. Val Venis via Pinfall (5:41)
Notes: Captain Charisma didn't accompany Tomko to the ring, much to the crowd's dismay. The peeps were chanting for Christian. Tyson won with a boot to the chops.

Match #1 - WWE Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin
def. Chris Jericho
via Pinfall (14:30)
Notes: Ugh. I hate Shelton Benjamin. All J.R. ever says about him is that he is arguably "the best pure athlete" on the show. I seem to remember him saying the same thing about Billy Gunn. And if that's the best/only thing you can say about the guy, that is not a good sign. There were a bunch of reversals at the end of this match, and Shelton ended up with the pin. I don't like either guy, so this match did nothing for me. Can someone please step up and make the IC title interesting again?

Match #2 - WWE World Tag Team Championship - Tag Team Turmoil Match
The Hurricane & Rosey
def. William Regal & Tajiri
"La Resistance"
(Sylvan Grenier & Rob Conway)
"The Heart Throbs"
(Antonio & Romeo)
Simon Dean & Maven
via Pinfall (13:43)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- The Heart Throbs started off the match against Regal and Tajiri. Tajiri pinned Antonio at 3:09. Regal pinned Simon Dean at 5:51, eliminating my favorite up-and-comer. Rob Conway pinned Regal with a handful of tights at 9:14. Hurricane went high off the shoulders of Rosey and finished off Conway with a frog splash. Helms made the cover and it was over. I enjoyed the match. Decent moves and a variety of styles. I don't care much for these "Heart Throbs", but it seems that the tag team division is at least getting some new blood shot into it.

Match #3 - Last Man Standing Match
Edge def. Chris Benoit (18:48)
Notes: Why does Edge have to carry around that stupid briefcase? Man, Edge is such a douche. At least the "You screwed Matt" chants could be heard again. I really wish Benoit would have beat the hell out of Edge. Benoit should be elevated a bit more. He lost the world title and has been drifting around ever since. He could school Batista. Anyway, this match was pretty good, aside from Edge being in it and the outcome. Benoit was superplexed right onto a trash can, and Edge was German suplexed off of a ladder. Benoit also missed with the headbutt from the top of the ladder, but in the end it took a brick from Edge's briefcase to finally knock him down and out for the ten count.

IN RING: Jerry Lawler brought out the Raw Divas, including the bimbos from the Diva Search. Well, pretty much all the divas nowadays are from that damn thing. They were showing pictures of each diva from the Divas 2005 magazine when "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters had to interrupt. The divas split, and Masters had to bring some woman out from the crowd to partake in the Masterlock Challenge. I guess they had some time to kill.

Match #4
def. Viscera
w/Trish Stratus
via Pinfall (6:10)
Notes: Viscera back on pay-per-view. And I was looking forward to it! Viscera's date with Trish on Raw was quite hilarious. Well done, I thought. So I was pulling for him to take out Kane and then get a piece of Trish. Viscera almost had a chance, but he tried to force himself on that slut Lita instead of finishing off Kane. Trish was pissed off, because not only did Kane win, but during the match Lita had hit Trish with her crutch. Trish chewed out Viscera after the match, so he shook her around and then crushed her with a huge splash. Trish was stretchered out of the ring.

Match #5
Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels def. Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari via Pinfall (15:13)
Notes: Hogan pinned Daivari. Good to see Hogan at it again, perhaps for the last time. HBK carried most of the load though, which was to be expected. The Arabs tried using a pipe to gain the victory, but Hogan hulked up and took out Muhammad while HBK gave Daivari Sweet Chin Music. Hogan then moved in for the cover. Hulkamania will indeed live forever. The only thing that marred the post-match celebration was when they brought in some disgustingly fat dude with a huge tattoo of Hogan on his hairy back. I could have done without that.

IN RING: The next WWE Champion, Christian, came out with Tyson Tomko to express his thoughts on Batista, Triple H, JBL, and John Cena. And Captain Charisma did it in the form of a rap. It was priceless. I tell you, Christian has really elevated his game in recent months.

Match #6 - World Heavyweight Championship
Dave Batista
def. Triple H
w/Ric Flair
via Pinfall (16:21)
Notes: Chioda took a Batista forearm to the face, and was unable to count after Triple H connected with the Pedigree. Naitch flipped out. Jack Doan ran down, and made it to the ring just as Batista recovered and hit Trips with a spinebuster. The match went on, but then Triple H kicked Doan in the nuts for no reason. He did the same thing to Batista. Whatever. He was beating on Batista in the corner from the second rope when Batista grabbed him and turned it into a Batista Bomb. That was it. Chioda was able to clear the cobwebs right on time and made the three-count.

Commentary:Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
w/Jonathan Coachman, Todd Grisham
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Lilian Garcia
Referees/Officials:Jack Doan, Chad Patton, Earl Hebner, Mike Chioda, etc.

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