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December 18, 2005 - Providence, Rhode Island
Dunkin Donuts Center

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Heat Match
Jamie Noble def. Sho Funaki via Submission (3:29)
Notes: The returning Jamie Noble comes back with a win. He was full of piss and vinegar, and delivered some vicious chops to Funaki.

Match #1
John "Bradshaw" Layfield
w/Jillian Hall
def. Matt Hardy via Pinfall (6:44)
Notes: What the hell happened to Mattitude? Well, Hardy could have used a little because his neck got wrapped up in the ropes. JBL laid in some shots and then got outside the ring and pulled on Hardy's legs. Hey, do whatcha gotta do to win. JBL caught him with a mean Clothesline From Hell and then flipped off the crowd as he made the pin. It was pretty sweet.

Match #2
"MNM"(Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro)
def. "The Mexicools"
(Psicosis & Super Crazy)
via Pinfall (8:56)
Notes: Mercury pinned Super Crazy. Good match. Melina is great. WWE could use more people in a managerial role like her. She's probably the best female manager since Sunny. And Mercury and Nitro are the best tag team on SmackDown, since they pretty much are the only tag team on SmackDown.

Match #3 - WWE United States Championship - Match #4 in a Best-of-Seven Series
Chris Benoit def. Booker T
via Submission (20:11)
Notes: The lovely Sharmell introduced her man. She was hoping for the sweep, and carried around a broom. Yep, Benoit was down 3-0, his back against the wall. Very good match. Lots of technical moves and things really got exciting at the end. Some of these moves looked like they were straight out of the Kama Sutra, but maybe you like that. What ever trips your trigger. But I digress. Sharmell interjected herself on several occasions, but Benoit battled back and was able to overcome. Booker T tapped out to the Crossface.

IN RING: Theodore Long and Palmer Cannon came to the ring to thank the fans for making SmackDown the number one brand. Although SmackDown defeated Raw at Survivor Series, they couldn't have done it without us. How touching. Palmer then introduced Santa Claus, who was actually Vito. And he was accompanied by Nunzio, dressed as an elf. Eventually the Boogeyman made an appearance and shoved worms down Vito's throat.

Match #4 - Handicap Match
Bobby Lashley def. William Regal &
Paul Burchill
via Pinfall (3:39)
Notes: Lashley pinned Burchill. Regal and Burchill had a sound strategy, and it seemed to be working for a while. Lashley took out Regal with a running powerslam and then nailed Burchill with the Dominator to pick up the win.

FRIENDLY TAP: At the infamous Friendly Tap bar, Josh Mathews talked with former referee Tim White about the Cell. Tim White said his life was a mess, and then walked off camera and shot himself. Yeah.

Match #5 - WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Kid Kash
def. Juventud
via Pinfall (9:26)
Notes: -TITLE CHANGE- Eh. I didn't really get into this match when I watched it live, and I didn't really get into it the second time around. Kid Kash kind of looks like Owen Hart.

Match #6 - Inter-Promotional Match
Kane &
The Big Show
def. Dave Batista &
Rey Mysterio
via Pinfall (8:38)
Notes: Rey was wearing white lipstick. I can't believe it. He deserves a beatdown for that. And Kane and the Big Show were happy to do it. The big men singled out Rey Rey, and went to work. They were beating him down in front of Batista, who entered the ring and started brawling with Show. The two of them flipped out of the ring and brawled over the announce table. Meanwhile, Mysterio connected with the 619 and went for the springboard. But as usual, he was caught. Kane tossed him in the air and when he landed, hit the chokeslam and made the pin.

Match #7 - Hell In A Cell Match
The Undertaker def. Randy Orton
w/Bob Orton
via Pinfall (30:28)
Notes: Undertaker went to work dismantling Randy, using the Cell, a chair, and a steel chain. Randy bled early and often. But he did manage to land an RKO to stop 'Taker's initial assault, and even managed to bloody the Dead Man. Cowboy Bob even held 'Taker's hair while Randy laid in some shots. But Undertaker grabbed Bob's arm through the cage and yanked it, and Bob's face crashed into the Cell. Randy also splashed Undertaker through a table. Undertaker accidentally punched the ref, so the door was opened so a new one could come in. The door was left open for Cowboy Bob to enter and make a save after Undertaker gave Randy the Last Ride. Randy reversed a Tombstone into his own Tombstone, but Undertaker would not stay down. He ended up giving Cowboy Bob a Tombstone and then had one left for Randy, and it was over.

Commentary:Michael Cole and Tazz (SMDN)
w/Kristal Marshall, Josh Mathews
Spanish: Carlos Cabrera, Hugo Savinovich
Ring Announcer:Tony Chimel
Referees/Officials:Nick Patrick, Charles Robinson, Jimmy Korderas, Chris Kay, etc.

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