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WWF Magazine
January 1993 - Vol. 12, No. 1
Special Notes:
  • Features
    14 WWF Interview
    Superstars Comment on the Royal Rumble
    20 Battle of the Titans
    Eight-Man Extravaganza
    26 Bret's Dues Pay Off
    His Rugged Road to the WWF Title
    34 Deadly Confrontation
    Undertaker and Nailz Go At It
    40 Betrayal!!
    How Jimmy Hart Conned The Nasty Boys
    44 Slaughter Takes Over
    He's Here to Enforce the Rules
    48 Shawn Michaels
    Takes Bulldog's Belt!
    4 Around the Ring
    Editor's Comments
    6 Fan Forum
    A communications channel for readers
    8 Brainstorms
    Bobby "The Brain" Heenan spouts off
    10 Newsbeat
    Late-breaking developments
    12 Personality Profile
    This month, Head Shrinkers
    32 WWF Trivia
    How well do you know the WWF?
    54 Private Eye
    Sarge in space
    58 Lowdown
    Inside information on the WWF
    60 Viewpoint
    With Mr. Perfect
    62 WWF Crossword
    Grappling with words
    64 Up Close
    And personal with WWF Superstars

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