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WWE Magazine: December 2009 (#45)
Special Notes:
  • Undertaker Poster/Centerfold
    10 By the Numbers: William Regal describes the taste of Christian's boots.
    12 Jerk of the Month: Ted DiBiase, a pampered, pompous punk.
    14 The Miz Q&A: We pull back the curtain on Mr. Awesome.
    18 Superstar Paintjobs: Start priming the walls for this extreme WWE makeover.
    28 You Got the Mic: A whole section devoted just to you, our faithful readers!
    30 Calendar: Find out when WWE's gonna be in your town.
    34 Survivor Series Traditions: Some of the time-honored customs that have made the Thanksgiving classic a gem.
    36 The Roots of Hardcore: At what miraculous point in history did Tables, Ladders and Chairs intersect for the first time? Find out!
    36 Gone, Not Forgotten: A close-up look at the new Jeff Hardy DVD.
    40 Cash For Questions: The generously hair-gelled Zack Ryder dishes about life out on Strong Island.
    42 The Ultimate WWE Music Quiz: When it comes to WWE tuneage, are you a rock star or a rock?
    44 Debating Divas: The beautiful Mickie James and Alicia Fox debate the nuances of relationships, including advice on whether it's OK to use coupons on dates. It's not.
    46 The All-American Truck: Our in-house automotive experts trick out a ride for Sooner alum Jack Swagger that's OK!
    48 Snow Mowers: Plow through the white wtuff with the Polaris Rush and Arctic Cat M8 Sno Pro, and force Old Man Winter into retirement.
    49 What's In Your Travel Bag?: Slam Master J, SmackDown's wannabe thug, lets us peep his carry-all Ya heard?
    52 The First-Ever WWE Magazine Superstar Survey: According to his peers, Undertaker is the most respected man in the business. But you'll never guess whom they voted the most reviled Superstar in the locker room.
    56 WWE Zoology: They're grrrrrrreat! From the Boston Crab to the Five Star Frog Splash, Superstars have drawn inspiration from the animal kingdom to build their arsenal of vicious in-ring attacks.
    58 The Entrance Makers: John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, MVP and seven others explain what it takes to ignite a WWE crowd from the moment a Superstar walks onto the ramp.
    66 Kofi's Boomin' All-Body Workout: Kingston keeps your body guessing with these workout variations.
    68 Shaving MVPs: Trim your scruff in style with our totally ballin' razors; then, craft a beard to complement your strangely shaped mug.
    70 Liftoff!: Hit the slopes with David Hart Smith, Natalya and Tyson Kidd of The Hart Dynasty, who wear this season's coolest snow gear.
    7215 Hottest Holiday Games: Don't know what new titles to spend your holiday dough on? Don't fret, fraggers! We've researched the definitive list of must-have games and gear.
    78Music: All-new albums from KISS and Slayer! Yes!
    80Movies: Paul Burchill rates new releases, Armored and Ninja Assassin.
    82DVDs: Rocky: The Undisputed Collection and Bruno, reviewed by Zack Ryder.
    84 Insider: A month's worth of high-flying, hard-hitting WWE action (including WWE Breaking Point), distilled for easy consumption. Also, results from Raw, SmackDown, ECW and WWE Superstars.
    94 The Hurricane Q&A: ECW's masked avenger recounts his heroic comeback.
    96 You Had to Be There: Evan Bourne explains how a former WWE Superstar nearly became street pizza.

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