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WWE Magazine: Holiday 2006
Special Notes:
  • Bagged with WWE Bingo Cards
    10 By the Numbers: Breaking down Orton and Carlito's donnybrook.
    12 Oh No You Ditn't!: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat; May We Speak to Gregory Helms, Please?: Meet the other Greg Helms, an EPA official from Washington, D.C.; Amuse Us!: Victoria makes us laugh..at another Superstar's expense.
    14 WWE's Secret Video Vault: Company archivist Dan Piro leads us through WWE's vast tape library.
    15 Very Bad Santas: Naughty Christmas moments; From the Vault: Hogan steps into the cage.
    18 Are You Filled With XXX-Mas Spirit?: A Rated-R holiday libation; My Three Favorite Matches: Trevor's faves; Fashion Red Alert: What's up with MVP's teal duds?
    19 Urban Legends: The truth behind the squeegee incident; Mock Covers: Mr. Money in the Tank?; Foley vs. Foley: It's Mick vs. Mark. One's written many pages, one's written too many pages. Who will win?
    20 They Came With What?: Chris Benoit, now with leaf-blowing action!
    22 Moment of Impact: Big Show gets a cane, and it's not candy!
    24 Would You Buy This?: The spudly Undertater; Did You Buy This?: George's stuffed animal; Are You Buying This?: Nice tats.
    26 Female Superstar of the Month: Your dream date awaits you.
    28 You Got the Mic: Your letters, signs and mediocre fan art.
    32Sylvester Terkay: throws young Japanese boys off bridges.
    34You Had to Be There: Chavo's run-in with Lynyrd Skynyrd.
    36Balls Mahoney: recalls singing in choir and partying with his harem.
    38Iron Sheik: explains his beef with the Hulkster and those curly shoes.
    40 Cash For Questions: Lashley dominates our mailbag, and answers your inquiries.
    42 Under the Hood with Maria: Our resident car geek determines what's hot or not on the road.
    44 Ultimate WWE Merchandise Quiz: Remember that Adam Bomb T-shirt? You will.
    46 Divas Uncensored: A new round of questions, and a new round of Divas.
    50 Genius Advice: Tips from a girl who gave her number out on national TV.
    58 The Music Fanatic: Angus Young's signature guitar; Nirvana action figures and other stocking stuffers for your favorite audiophile.
    60 The Rich Man: Got money to burn? Then you'll have no problem shelling out for a hi-def TiVo, fighter pilot lessons or a $1,000 bottle of Scotch.
    64 The Smooth Criminal: A relatively inexpensive plasma, faux-vintage action figures and a $200 digital camera for the budget-minded.
    66 The Weekend Warrior: Gear for the cold-blooded, including extreme ski kites and a pro-approved snowboard. Plus, apres ski beanies!
    68 The Manly Man's Stuff: Hey, tough guy--get a load of this Rocky DVD box set and a lumberjack saw.
    71 The Big Kid: For the man-child in your life, might we recommend a semi-auto Nerf gun and full-size Golden Tee coin-op?
    74 The Home Improver: The newest George Foreman grill, professional-grade BBQ sauce and a cordless drill for Mr. Handy.
    76 The Plugged-In Man: Nerd-tastic widgets, including a Bluetooth watch and 3D gaming monitor.
    79 The Lady in Your Life: Upscale and downmarket gifts for her.
    82 Between the Ropes: Cena crashes SmackDown; the Divas go all-in during a rousing round of poker.
    83 The Sac: Locker room gossip.
    84 Beef of the Month: Jeff Hardy gets intercontinental with Johnny Nitro; Tale of the Tape: Fascinating stats for the month of October.
    86 All Access: Behind the scenes at The Marine premiere; Arena Scout: Doin' it West Coast-style at L.A.'s STAPLES Center.
    87 Fantasy Warfare: The Highlanders take on the Bushwhackers.
    90 The Night the Title Changed Hands: When Lita ruined Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's billion-dollar dreams; They Said What? Quotables that actually made it on the air.
    92 What A Maneuver: Randy Orton's RKO; In This Very Ring: Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms.
    94 Guess the Match: Answer correctly and possibly win an autographed sign from the Iron Sheik.
    96 What It Feels Like: Our writer tastes the steel steps, courtesy of Big Vis. It ain't pretty, folks.

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