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WWE Magazine: September 2006
Special Notes:
  • Bagged with Trish Poster
    12 By the Numbers: We break down HBK's elbow-dropping antics.
    13 Actual Size: Drinking milk from Andre the Giant's leg cast.
    14 From the Vault: Sports-entertainment, '90s style. Urban Legends: Macho Man once batted for the White Sox?
    15 Moment of Impact: What happens when a giant boot meets your throat?
    16 Oh No You Ditn't!: Check out Brutus's beefcakes! May We Speak to Chris Benoit, Please?: Meet the other Chris Benoit, a chiropractor from Plattsburgh, NY. My Three Favorite Matches: Matt Hardy's top picks.
    18 What Were You Thinking?: John Cena shares his deep post-WrestleMania 21 thoughts.
    20 You Got the Mic: Your letters, arena signs and creepy fan art.
    22 Annoying Game-Day Accessories: Get ejected from the big event!
    24Randy Orton: discusses frozen excrement.
    26Gene Snitsky: gives Granny an oral pedicure.
    27Matt Striker: manhandles the mentally challenged.
    28Tommy Dreamer: suffers yet another concussion.
    30Carlito: scores some beachfront sushi and goes bowling.
    32Finlay: dines with a wee person.
    34Paul London: blasphemes.
    36"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan: goes shopping, then gets misty-eyed.
    38Trevor Murdoch: chews tobacco and urinates off his front porch.
    40 Feast and Furious: Products you need to throw the ultimate WWE screening party.
    42 Slammin' Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: Lashley's secret recipe. Melina's Hot-Pot Action: The WWE Diva celebrates fondue.
    44 Superstar Eating Contest: Snitsky takes on Trevor Murdoch in Round 2 of our Binge Bowl matchup.
    46 Cash For Questions: Mr. Kennedy fields your eager queries.
    48 Genius Advice: Shelton Benjamin brings the wisdom.
    50 How To Do Everything: Open a beer anywhere; fight dirty.
    52 Divas Uncensored: Melina, Maria and Ashley sound off.
    54 The Ultimate Tag Team Quiz: Can you tell the Rockers from Tekno Team 2000?
    56 Peasant-For-A-Day: King Booker abuses a willing manservant.
    62 The Trish Stratus All-Bets-Are-Off Questionnaire: The Diva answers our obnoxious questions, and promises not to slap us.
    66 Diary of a Female Fan: She's just like one of your buddies. Only she's a girl. And cute.
    72Games: First looks at Enemy Territory: Quake Wars; also, the greatest video game weapons of all time.
    75Music: New tracks from Stone Sour, the Roots, Outkast; also, Weird Al Yankovic makes peace with Coolio.
    76DVD and Movies: Star Wars Trilogy, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2-Disc Ultimate Edition, plus a preview of Jackass: Number Two.
    78Gadgets: Editors beat the hell out of a Toshiba Gigabeat S, Sony's Alpha 100 and the Belkin TuneTalk.
    79Even More Reviews!: Rocky action figures, the ultimate frat-boy DVD boxed set and a website featuring 1,000 music videos.
    80 Need A Spot?: Kurt Angle delivers the definitive endurance workout.
    82 How to Treat a Broken Jaw: Beth Phoenix's sore mouth.
    84 Shaving Grace: Vito picks the best razors for guys (and girls).
    86 Between the Ropes: A month's worth of action, featuring ECW's Philly return and the Spirit Squad's craptacular night.
    87 The Sac: Backstage gossip.
    88 All Access: Rey Mysterio makes a hit with the Cincinnati Reds. Arena Scout: The Hammerstein Ballroom, MSG's dorky little brother.
    89 Fantasy Warfare: Hide the fine china--Umaga hits the mat with George "The Animal" Steele.
    90 Beef of the Month: Batista is looking for some payback. Tale of the Tape: Just how many tables did we break this month?
    91 Casmo: Fool your girl into watching Raw and SmackDown.
    92 Guess the Match: Test your wrestling memory and win a prize.
    94 Calendar: See when WWE is coming to your area, and more.
    96 What It Feels Like: Edge turns our writer's chest into burger meat.

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