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WWE Magazine: The Untold History of the WWE
Special Publication 2009
    The '80s Boom - P.10
    p.12The Chairman purchases Capitol Wrestling from his father and takes wrestling national; the Rock 'n' Wrestling connection is forged on MTV; Snuka takes flight.
    p.14Hulk Hogan wins the WWE Championship as Hulkamania runs wild; "Piper's Pit" launches a talk show craze; Superstars are immortalized as action figures for the first time.
    p.16Hogan takes over The Grammys and Saturday Night Live; WWE sees big-time debuts!
    The Dawn of WrestleMania - P.18
    p.20WrestleMania takes off; Superstars are animated on Saturday mornings.
    p.22WWE Wrestling Challenge and WWE Superstars dominate the airwaves; Andre turns on Hogan.
    p.24The Silverdome sets records for WMIII; The Mega Powers form; pay-per-views expand; the WWE Championship is vacated.
    p.26SummerSlam heats up; Savage cheap-shots Hogan; No Holds Barred lands in theaters.
    p.28Destrucity erupts!
    The New Generation - P.30
    p.32The Deadman is, um, born; Mr. Perfect battles Bret Hart; Ric Flair appears in WWE.
    p.34The Rockers split; fans witness the first-ever WWE Ladder Match; Raw debuts.
    p.36Yokozuna is slammed; the Hart brothers feud; Hulk Hogan joins WCW.
    p.38Shawn Michaels wins the Rumble; WWE's new PPV, In Your House, debuts; Nitro kicks off.
    p.40Steve Austin debuts as "The Ringmaster"; HBK defeats Bret Hart in an Iron Man Match!
    The Attitude Era - P.42
    p.44"Austin 3:16" becomes gospel; ECW invades Raw; WWE enters the digital age.
    p.46Bret is screwed; Mankind makes hardcore history at King of the Ring.
    p.50Austin vs. McMahon heats up; The Rock wins gold.
    p.52SmackDown debuts; The Rock relives his unusual life.
    p.54WWE meets TLC; WCW bombs at the movies.
    p.56ECW takes its final bow; the XFL debuts!
    The Postwar Era - P.58
    p.60The Chairman defeats WCW; The Invasion!
    p.62WWE crushes The Alliance; Ric Flair and The nWo return.
    p.64The brand extends; WWE introduces the Draft; HBK finds his smile; Bischoff is announced as GM.
    p.66Evolution evolves; Austin calls it quits; Kane unmasks!
    p.68Tribute to the Troops airs; Eddie Guerrero steals gold.
    p.70The WWE Diva Search kicks off; "The Age of Orton" begins; Cena and Batista battle for supremacy!
    The Modern Era - P.72
    p.74Cena and Batista win gold; ECW reunites for one night only.
    p.76Raw returns to USA; Rey wins the big one.
    p.78ECW invades SyFy; DX reunites.
    p.82K-Fed gets an Attitude Adjustment; The Chairman is shaved bald.
    p.88Naitch retires; fans smell what Barack Obama is cooking.
    p.90Vickie Guerrero gets hitched.
    p.92Triple H wages war on The Legacy; WrestleMania turns 25!

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