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February 2010 (#15)
Special Notes:
    4-9Become a Royal Rumble-bound Rey Mysterio (P.9), totally dominate at school this Valentine's Day (P.8), jam your brain with brilliant facts and figures (P.6), and make the best signs ever seen at a WWE Live Event (P.7)! You might want to stretch first!
    10-17Where will you find MVP and Mark Henry making a picture-worthy entrance, a Superstar-face pizza, Batista in a bumper car, John Morrison and Evan Bourne on snowboards, and the ghostliest grapplers ever? Here's a helpful hint: Not in the Pacific Ocean!
    18GO FOR GOLD!
    18-21Who's ready for a game of Royal Rumbleball--a totally rad, WWE-inspired version of dull old dodgeball? Jack Swagger, Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith and Zack Ryder are! After that, munch on the coolest cold foods. (Frozen nose nuggets not included!)
    22-27Check out these awesome photos of DX, MVP, Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, Hurricane and The Legacy! Wait, The Legacy? Who let them in? Good thing we've got an exclusive John Cena poster--our first of three Road to WrestleMania superpics!--to make up for it!
    28-35Which WWE Superstars are set to break wacky world records? How does WWE bring action from city-to-city around the world? Which WWE rookie is going to make the biggest impact in 2010? And just what is the most awesome pet in the unvierse? Find out here!
    36-41Prepare to have your mind blown by the most awesome assortment of entertainment essentials ever! We've got hand-selected DVDs, movies and video games, guaranteed to double your smile size in no time. Plus, you get to select Kofi Kingston's next outfit!
    42-48Turn your snowy driveway into a WWE work of arctic art (P.42)! Then, maximize your memory mastery with our exclusive matching game (P.44) before giving William Regal the haircut he deserves (P.46) and drawing John Morrison (P.48). Awesome!
    47Answer Key: Check your answers!

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